Episode Four « All Cleared Up

OpeningIt’s another typical sunny day in Sitcomland, JAMIE is stood outside an apartment door wearing a baseball cap and some very large sunshades, as if she’s trying to conceal her identity. Suddenly someone opens it, but only a crack.

JAMIE: Oh, you’re still in. I know it took a little longer to get here than I said but I had to sneak out. My mom’s been suspicious of me lately, and she has every right to be. I don’t like keeping secrets.
SOMEONE: Never mind, you’re here now. Did you bring the stuff?
SOMEONE: Come on in then.

The door opens a bit more, enough for JAMIE to squeeze in. As soon as she’s inside the door slams shut. Parked across the apartment in a taxi cab is JAMES who is holding a pair of binoculars. He brings them down from his eyes and begins to look intrigued.

JAMES: How odd.


“Every birthday, my mom would say to me
You’re another year older and you’re still getting spottier

But then she died and I moved in with my sister
I’m called Jamie, she’s Calista and our Mom is a robot!

All Cleared Up!
I really wanna scream it loud!

All Cleared Up!
I want them all to know!

All Cleared Up!
I really hope that things will be,

All Cleared Up for me!”