Episode Four « All Cleared Up

Act 1 – The next day, JAMIE & JAMES are sitting outside the school grounds, hanging around waiting for classes to start.

JAMES: So I says to her, I says, ‘Mabel’…
JAMIE: Jamie you already told me this story.
JAMES: Oh I did? Well, I do love it; it has such a great ending. I was telling it to Paolo the other day and he couldn’t stop laughing. He’s so cute when he laughs, his nose wrinkles up and he closes his eyes with delight. I bet he makes that same face when he climaxes.
JAMIE: Did you ask him?
JAMES: No I didn’t ask, don’t be ridiculous. Anyway, where were you yesterday?
JAMIE: I wasn’t here?
JAMES: No, you obviously weren’t that’s why I was asking where you were.
JAMIE: Oh. Well I wasn’t feeling well, spent the day at home, mostly in bed.

JAMIE looks away and avoids eye contact with JAMES, who knows that she did venture out yesterday to a location he’d never been to before. JAMIE quickly changes the subject.

JAMIE: So you and Paolo, do you think something more than friendship could ever come to be.
JAMES: Oh maybe, I don’t know. I think it’s just harmless flirting, sometimes I see him staring at The Professor the same way that I look at him.
JAMIE: You look at The Professor?
JAMES: …No! I was… talking about Paolo. Anyway, why did you change the subject? What was wrong with you?
JAMIE: It’s nothing, honestly. It’s basically over now anyway.
JAMES: Basically?

JAMES backs up and covers his mouth.

JAMES: You’re not contagious, are you?
JAMIE: Don’t be ridiculous, I’m fine.
JAMES: Then why did you lie to me?
JAMIE: What?
JAMES: You said you didn’t leave the house but I saw you after school yesterday coming out of the Pharmacy. I called your name but you didn’t hear me.
JAMIE: Oh, right. Well I’m sorry; I just had to pick up some medication on prescription.
JAMES: Okay, so why didn’t you go home afterwards?

The bell interrupts their conversation as JAMIE stands up.

JAMES: Jamie?
JAMES: Class, Jamie, I’ll speak to you afterwards.

JAMIE hurries off inside as JAMES frowns and slowly follows, knowing full well he won’t see her after class.