Episode Seven « All Cleared Up

Act 2 – CALISTA is bent over the Halloween box, unable to move because a zombie has grabbed her hand.

CALISTA: Aaaaaarrrrggghh!!!
JAMES: Hahaha!!!

CALISTA turns her head and sees JAMES standing at the door with a remote control in his hand. She scowls and yanks the robotic arm out of the box.

CALISTA: Let’s give Jamie a round of applause!

CALISTA claps her hand against the fake zombie hand and proceeds to throw it at JAMES.

JAMES: Thanks for lending me a hand.
CALISTA: Okay, that’s enough; you scared me half to death.
JAMES: I couldn’t resist!
CALISTA: Will you please just go and take care of Jamie. Is Mom-Bot around?
JAMES: Nope, she left early to help The Professor set up his party, what with her being a robot and all. Why do I need to take care of Jamie?
CALISTA: Did I say that? I didn’t mean…
JAMES: What’s wrong? You never come to Jamie’s unless something’s really up.
CALISTA: Well something is really up, but I don’t want you telling Jamie.
JAMES: Ooh, a secret? Are you pregnant?
CALISTA: No I’m not pregnant. If you must know I received a call this afternoon from the police. Our Uncle escaped from the sanatorium last night and is missing.
JAMES: OhMiGod! Why’s your Uncle in an insane asylum?
CALISTA: I know Jamie never told you this, but you have to know what happened in order to understand why it’s so important that he doesn’t find her.
JAMES: He… touched her, didn’t he?
CALISTA: It’s even worse than that.
JAMES: Did she get pregnant?
CALISTA: No! Alright, nobody is pregnant. Stop watching those crappy daytime soap operas!
JAMES: Sorry, go on.
CALISTA: A few years ago, when Jamie was about nine, I came home from school one day and found Mom asleep on the couch, this was before we knew she had a brain tumour, and she told me she’d forgotten to pick Jamie up. So I offered to go pick her up, but when I got there she’d already gone.
JAMES: Uncle Bogeyman…?
CALISTA: Kidnapped her. The police found him at his old house wearing a Halloween mask and trying to push Jamie off the roof. When they managed to grab Jamie, he made a run for it and jumped off the roof himself.
CALISTA: He survived, but fell into a coma. Our family managed to get him committed to a sanatorium until such time that, if he ever wakes up, he’ll be put on trial. That’s the last I ever heard of him; we got Jamie counselling, and pretty soon afterwards we found out Mom was ill so the whole thing was ignored.
JAMES: So what happened last night?
CALISTA: The police told me over the phone that the Sanatorium had a totally power outage after it was struck by lightning. They said the Nurse who was looking after him reported seeing all of his monitors jump to life, right before the power went out. When it came back, he was gone.
JAMES: Jesus, is that why she’s been so on edge today?
CALISTA: Yeah, that all happened five years ago, on Halloween night. And I just know he’s going to come back here and try to take her again. I thought we’d put all of this behind us, Jamie. Oh God, where’s Jamie?
JAMES: Shit! She must have gone ahead to the Drugstore without me.
CALISTA: Come on, we have to find her. We can’t leave her alone.
JAMES: Shouldn’t we just try to reach her on the phone first.
CALISTA: No! She can’t know he’s escaped, she’ll totally freak out. You don’t know how messed up she was after he kidnapped her last time.
JAMES: On some level, I’ve always known she wasn’t a hundred percent sane!

CALISTA shoves JAMES to the floor as she rushes out of the door. JAMES shakily stands up to follow her, limping out of the door with a cry of pain.

JAMES: I fell on my bottom!

At the Drugstore, JAMIE has cheered up a bit and is browsing the rack of Halloween costumes. From fairies to witches and skeletons to mummies, they’re all there. But JAMIE can’t decide what she wants. Then, she sees it; a dazzling red and silver costume. She pulls it off the rack and looks at the mask. It’s designed to cover the eyes and nose… it’s a clown’s costume.

JAMIE: Wow impressive!

JAMIE walks over to the full length mirror and tries to imagine what she’ll look like. As she does, she notices someone watching her in the reflection of the mirror. She quickly spins around, and realises it was just a row of scary masks. Scolding herself, JAMIE takes the outfit to the cashier and doesn’t notice the man, the one who was really looking at her, creep out of the building.