Episode Seven « All Cleared Up

Act 5– JAMES takes his seat next to JAMIE again and sighs.

JAMES: Where was I? Ah yes, Mabel.
JAMIE: Come on.
JAMES: Where are we going?
JAMIE: We’re going to The Professor’s party.
JAMES: But, Calista said…
JAMIE: I don’t care what she said. I can’t live my life in fear anymore.

As JAMIE says this the lights go out and the room is plunged into darkness.

JAMIE: Well I guess a few more years wouldn’t hurt.
JAMES: Jamie, what happened?
JAMIE: It’s just a power cut. The wind must have knocked down a line or something.
JAMES: I’m calling Calista.
JAMIE: No don’t!
JAMES: I can’t… the phone’s dead.
JAMIE: Okay. Don’t panic, Jamie. Just keep calm, everything’s alright. I said don’t panic!
JAMES: I’m not.

As JAMES says this a loud thump from upstairs can be heard.

JAMES: Okay, now I am.
JAMIE: We have to get out of the house.
JAMES: Are you kidding me? At night, with no car, you might as well just slit your throat right now.
JAMIE: Well we can’t very well just sit here and wait for him to get us.
JAMES: The basement. We can lock ourselves inside.
JAMIE: Yeah, cos that worked so well for Jess!

JAMES and JAMIE run into the kitchen and into the basement staircase.

JAMES: Black Christmas?
JAMIE: 1976.
JAMES: Good reference.
JAMIE: Thanks.

JAMIE pushes JAMES inside and slams the door shut. At the same time, the front door opens and CALISTA slowly walks in.

CALISTA: Jamies?

CALISTA hears noises coming from the kitchen and approaches it with caution. She narrows the noise down to the basement. As she approaches the door, she pulls out a handgun from her back pocket for protection; she opens it to see JAMIE standing there with a shirtless JAMES.

JAMIE: Oh, that’s right, Calista busted the lock when she broke out of the basement.
CALISTA: What are you two doing in there?
JAMES: I don’t wanna talk about it!
JAMIE: We were hiding.
CALISTA: From who?
JAMIE: We thought you were The B-O-G-E-Y Man.
CALISTA: What?! Somebody is pregnant?
JAMES: That’s O-B-G-Y-N, you Foolish Whore. She’s talking about her psychotic Uncle.

CALISTA steps back as JAMIE and JAMES walk out into the kitchen.

JAMES: What are you doing with a gun?
CALISTA: I figured it was about time I had some real protection.
JAMIE: Why, what’s happened?
CALISTA: Nothing, I’m just overly cautious.
JAMES: Is that why you’re back from the police station so soon?
JAMIE: Police station?
JAMES: Oh, excuse me for being the only one here who’s honest enough to tell the truth.
CALISTA: You wanna talk about the truth? What were you doing without a shirt on in the basement with my sister?
JAMES: …This isn’t about me. This is about your maniac Uncle trying to kill Jamie.
JAMIE: Speaking of which, can we get the fuck out of here?
CALISTA: I think that’s a good idea. The police phoned me when I was on my way to say they’ve made a positive I-D.
JAMIE: He’s killed somebody?
CALISTA: …Ms. Fairchild.
JAMIE: My science teacher! Oh, thank God.
JAMIE: No, you don’t understand, I thought Mom-Bot had something to do with her disappearance.
JAMES: Why would he kill Ms. Fairchild?
CALISTA: The police told me they found loads of information on Jamie at her house where her body was found.
JAMES: That bitch, she must have stolen it from school after Mom-Bot attacked her.
CALISTA: It gets worse. The police say they have a witness who can place her in the sanatorium at the time of Uncle Bogeyman’s disappearance.
JAMIE: You’re telling me she helped him escape? Ohmigod, he has my address, my photo… everything!
CALISTA: It’s going to be okay, Jamie. I’m gonna drive us all down to the professor’s laboratory and we’ll be safe.
JAMES: And here…

JAMES reaches over to his box and passes over JAMIE’S new mask.

JAMES: You can wear this in case he’s watching you.
CALISTA: It’s hardly the best disguise but I guess it’ll have do, we need to get going. Uncle Bogeyman means business this time, and if he finds us we’ll be lucky to escape with our lives.
JAMES: Yeah, cos he’s watching you.
CALISTA: And he wants to kill you.
JAMES: He wants you dead, Jamie.
JAMIE: Uh, guys?
CALISTA: If he gets hold of you it’ll be worse than death.
JAMES: If he finds you, you’ll be begging for him to kill you, rather…
CALISTA: …Than have him do what he plans to do to you.
JAMIE: Guys! You’re so not helping.
CALISTA: Well he won’t give me the last-fucking-line of the cliffhanger.
JAMES: That’s because it was my line. It said so in the script: point out that Uncle Bogeyman’s watching Jamie.
CALISTA: I didn’t think you did a good enough job.
JAMES: So you admit you stole it?
JAMIE: Calista, Jamie, stop it. Don’t you understand that none of this matters? What matters is protecting me. It’s all about me, so if anyone gets the last line, do you know who it’s gonna be? ME!