Episode Seven « All Cleared Up

Act 6– CALISTA parks outside of the Laboratory, which is blasting music and flashing lights out of the windows, and leads JAMIE – dressed in her clown costume – and JAMES to the front door.

JAMES: I still say we shouldn’t have just shown up unannounced.
JAMIE: It’s a party, people are expected to gatecrash.
CALISTA: And besides, this is a life or death situation.
JAMES: Yeah, most probably death.
CALISTA: Someone’s gonna die tonight.
JAMIE: Knock it off you two.

CALISTA and JAMES apologise as JAMIE knocks on the door. Rather suddenly, THE PROF. pops his head out of the door, standing in the way of it.

THE PROF.: Hmm, what do you want?
JAMIE: I’m trick ‘r treating, what do you think? We wanna come in.
CALISTA: Like, now! Come on, let us in.
THE PROF.: No, you’re already two-hours too late. You’re not coming in.
JAMES: I told you so.
THE PROF.: You too, Jamie.
JAMES: I don’t need to come in; I could just as easily stay at home to escape Jamie’s psychopathic uncle.
THE PROF.: Jamie’s who?
CALISTA: Our uncle, he escaped from a mental institution last night and killed Jamie’s teacher. Now he’s after Jamie.
THE PROF.: Is this true.
JAMIE: All of it. He tried to kill me on Halloween night five years ago and now, unless you let us all in, he’s gonna try again and this time he’ll succeed.
THE PROF.: And you’re basing this on…

CALISTA, JAMIE and JAMES all look around and shrug their shoulders.

THE PROF.: Have any of you actually seen him?
JAMIE: The lights went out at my house…
JAMES: But you said that could have been caused by the weather.
THE PROF.: It’s true; I heard a report on the radio… Uh, which I was listening to on the toilet.
JAMIE: I guess none of us have actually seen him.
CALISTA: But I’m not taking any chances, I underestimated that sick bastard last time and I won’t let it happen again. Now out of my way!

CALISTA barges past THE PROF. and into the main hall where the party is going on, only to find it almost completely empty. JAMIE and JAMES follow her in as THE PROF. looks ashamed.

JAMES: What happened? On the outside this place looked as if it was ragin’.
THE PROF.: Nothing but a smokescreen.
JAMIE: I don’t understand it; this party was the talk of the town.
THE PROF.: That’s just it, it was all talk. When it came down to it, nobody had the guts to actually to show up to a Halloween party thrown by The ‘Crazy’ Professor up in his Laboratory on the hill overlooking the town.
CALISTA: How ironic, when this may be the safest place in town tonight. What with a psychotic killer on the loose.
MOM-BOT: Psychotic killer, what on earth are you talking about?
CALISTA: I’ll explain it all over by the punchbowl.

CALISTA takes MOM-BOT over to the punchbowl as JAMES goes off to dance with PAOLO.

JAMIE: I guess we all over exaggerated tonight.
THE PROF.: Maybe not…

THE PROF. edges over to the front door as everyone in the room stops to watch. They all hear it now, a scratching, someone’s at the door. As steadily as he can, the professor grabs the handle and in one swift motion yanks it open.

EVERYONE: Aaaaaarrrrggghh!!!
TIN MAN: Trick ‘r treat?

Everyone laughs as the little girl holds out her goody bag. THE PROF. gives the girl some candy and closes the door.

THE PROF.: I thought for a second there that…

The lights suddenly cut out and there’s another knock at the door.

JAMES: You don’t think…?
THE PROF.: I’m sure it’s nothing. It’s probably the little girl again, wanting more sweeties.

As THE PROF says this, a huge figure bursts through the door, knocking THE PROF. to the floor. It walks in and slams the door shut, plunging the room into total darkness. Everyone screams in panic as a bright burst of light erupts from the centre of the room… it’s a gunshot.

THE PROF.: I think I’ve found the fusebox.

An electrical buzz can be heard as the lights come back on. It takes a while for everyone’s vision to adjust, but when they do, they see it in the centre of the room… a body laying in a pool of blood. Everyone looks over to the person standing next to it and gasps.

JAMES: No, it’s not true.
CALISTA: I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.

CALISTA falls to her knees and drops the gun from her hands next to the lifeless body… dressed in a clown costume.