Episode Eight « All Cleared Up

Act 1 – In the FOSTER’S living room, CALISTA and MOM-BOT are all looking up the stairs as JAMIE slams her door with a scream. JAMES appears on the staircase. 
JAMES: She wouldn’t let me in, slammed the door shut right in my face.
MOM-BOT: I should go up and check on her. 
JAMES: I wouldn’t do that, you’re likely to get your arm bitten off. 
MOM-BOT: I am made from reinforced titanium; Jamie would break her jaw if she tried to bite my arm off. 
CALISTA: For crying out loud, it was a figure of speech. 
MOM-BOT: Quiet, bitch. 
CALISTA pouts and looks her hurt as PAOLO appears at the door. 
JAMES: She’s learning, at least she didn’t try to kill you. 
PAOLO: Where Jamie? 
JAMES: She’s upstairs… but I don’t think you’re going to be able to see her. 
PAOLO: I must see her, Jamie devastated. 
CALISTA: We know. 
PAOLO: No, you don’t understand. She cut. 
From out of nowhere, an ominous piece of music echoes around the room. 
JAMES: She’s cut? 
CALISTA: Cut what? 
PAOLO lets out an exasperated sigh and rushes off upstairs. 
JAMES: He’ll be back down, there’s no way… 
Suddenly, the sound of a door opening and being slammed shut causes the ominous music to return. 
JAMES: She let him in? 
MOM-BOT: You do not suppose she is hurt, do you? 
CALISTA: Well I’m going to find out. If she let Paolo in then she’ll obviously let me in. 
As CALISTA rushes upstairs, MOM-BOT creeps to the bottom of the staircase and peers up. 
JAMES: What? 
MOM-BOT: I am just checking… I do not trust her incentive. 
JAMES: You could give Calista a break you know. 
MOM-BOT: I know I could, but Jamie would not be pleased if I injured Calista. 
JAMES: Again, a figure of speech. What I mean is don’t be so hard on Calista, you’re her mother too. 
MOM-BOT: Yes, I suppose you are right. I have to be a mother for all three of my children. 
MOM-BOT opens her eyes wide as JAMES looks around, oblivious to the sudden plot revelation. 
MOM-BOT: I said: I have to be a mother for all three of my children. 
This time, the ominous music makes JAMES realise what MOM-BOT said.
JAMES: What do you mean three? 
MOM-BOT: Forget it. A slip of the tongue, I meant to say two. 
JAMES: Oh alright. 
MOM-BOT: Stop it! I cannot take anymore of your interrogation, I confess. 
JAMES: Confess what? 
MOM-BOT: There was no way I could have known. I do not even think my all-knowing creator, the great Professor, knew of Calista’s secret. 
JAMES: Calista’s secret. What are you talking about? 
MOM-BOT: The reason why I have been so borderline-homicidal towards Calista, why I must watch her every move around Jamie or else keep her locked up from hurting her. 
JAMES: How many times do I have to tell you? Calista is not going to hurt Jamie. 
MOM-BOT: Calista wouldn’t… but her evil-twin Clarissa just might. 
The ominous music grows louder and causes the glass in the windows to vibrate. 
JAMES: Evil twin. Okay, you’ve been watching way too much Twilight Zone. 
MOM-BOT: I do not lie. Back when I had Calista cornered behind the sofa, just before I was about to obliterate her… 
JAMES: Right, you decided to obliterate me instead. 
MOM-BOT: You were new and unfamiliar, for that I am sorry. But if you had only seen what I saw, you would know why I chose to almost kill Calista… 
MOM-BOT raises her third arm and a yellow light pulsates from it. JAMES sees it is projecting a picture on the wall. It is of the FOSTER’S living room. He can see CALISTA and MOM-BOT. 
JAMES: Cool. 
MOM-BOT: Watch…

CALISTA (on projection): But guys, I’m right… 
CALISTA looks around and stops mid-sentence when she realises she’s back at her house. 
CALISTA: Oh crap! 
MOM-BOT: Identify? 
CALISTA: OhMiGod! Mom? 
MOM-BOT: Scanning DNA… Identified. Calista. Error, visual data does not correspond with DNA data. Threat: Maximum threat. DESTROY! DESTROY! 
CALISTA dodges the rays of death that shoot from MOM-BOT’S plunger-like arm and hides behind the sofa. 
CALISTA: I guess I can forget asking you to buy me a car. 
Slowly, CALISTA peers over the top of the sofa. 
MOM-BOT: Identify. 
CALISTA: It’s me, Mom-Bot. It’s your daughter Calista. 
MOM-BOT: Visual data does not correspond with DNA data. You are not Calista. 
MOM-BOT: You are not. 
CALISTA: Please. 
MOM-BOT: Identify, before I shoot. 
CALISTA ducks back down behind the sofa. MOM-BOT slowly creeps over to see what’s going on. All of a sudden CLARISSA jumps out from behind the sofa. 
CLARISSA: You just had to keep on asking, didn’t you? 
MOM-BOT: Identify. 
CLARISSA: Oh don’t you recognise me, Mom-Bot? It’s your darling daughter… Clarissa. 
MOM-BOT: Scanning DNA… Identified, Clarissa. 
CLARISSA: Now you know who I truly am, I guess something has to be done. 
MOM-BOT: Error. Visual data resembles that of one, Calista Foster. 
CLARISSA: Don’t you get it, I am Calista… or at least, a part of me is… I cannot exist without Calista, just as she cannot exist without me. 
MOM-BOT: Does not compute. 
CLARISSA: Ugh, you know Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well I am the Hyde to Calista’s Jekyll. That’ll teach Calista to think twice before she drinks water out of a beaker in The Professor laboratory… then again, I suppose I should thank her. Now I can carry out what she has always secretly wanted to accomplish, though she’d never admit. No, Calista’s too good for that. She’s too kind and generous; Oh, Calista what a darling you are, looking after your bratty little-sister. Everyone takes pity on poor, defenceless Jamie-Lynn. All the hatred and resentment building, until finally she snapped! And I was born… her alter-ego. All it took was a little science and here I am, in the flesh… or at least in her flesh.

JAMES looks at MOM-BOT with his mouth wide open. 
JAMES: Can you get free cable on that? 
MOM-BOT: Do you not understand? Whatever Calista drank at The Professor’s laboratory caused all of her negative emotions towards Jamie to bind together and form a separate entity, Clarissa. 
JAMES: And what, she exists inside of Calista? 
MOM-BOT: Exactly. 
JAMES: Come on, there’s no way me and Jamie would have mistaken her for Calista. 
MOM-BOT: In a few moments you and Jamie will come in just after Clarissa collapses behind the sofa. When she emerged, as you know, she appeared to be Calista… but I knew the truth. Luckily, Jamie decided to have me lock Calista up and as time went on the evil-twin never emerged again. But I know, someday, she will. 
CALISTA: Is that right? 
CALISTA appears on the staircase and shocks everyone. 

CALISTA: Well I think it’s about time we all met this elusive Clarissa.