Episode Eight « All Cleared Up

Act 2 – MOM-BOT’S projection stops and JAMES cowers behind her. 
JAMES: Don’t come any closer, I know all about you, Clarissa. She explained it all! 
CALISTA: You bitch. 
MOM-BOT: I know you are, but what am I. 
CALISTA: You know that never happened. I didn’t drink any concoction and I certainly don’t have an evil-twin – that bears a strikingly similar resemblance to Melissa Joan Hart – lurking inside of me waiting to kill Jamie. 
JAMES stands up straight and he appears as though a light-bulb has illuminated above his head. 
JAMES: Oh yeah, no wonder she looked so familiar. Mom-Bot! 
CALISTA slowly walks down the rest of the stairs as JAMES comes back out from behind MOM-BOT. 
JAMES: Ooh, awkward! I would not want to be you right now, you must feel like shit. Speaking of which I’m gonna go to the bathroom, you could cut the tension in here with a rusty chainsaw and I do not want to be around when that goes off. 
JAMES passes CALISTA and mutters under his breath as he leaves. 
JAMES: Dead bitch walking. 
CALISTA: Yeah and it’ll be you if you don’t shut up. 
MOM-BOT: Calista, I am sorry. 
CALISTA: No you’re not; you’re just sorry you got caught. 
MOM-BOT: I cannot lie. You needed to hear that, you need to know my… my… 
CALISTA: Feelings? 
MOM-BOT: I do not feel. My theory is based on calculations and they prove you will, at some point, turn against Jamie. I am her guardian, and therefore it is my duty to protect her by any means necessary. 
CALISTA: If that were true, then why not just kill me right now. 
MOM-BOT: Because, Jamie looks up to you. She would never forgive me.
MOM-BOT walks towards the kitchen. 
CALISTA: So, we’re okay. 
MOM-BOT: We are. 
As JAMES returns from upstairs, MOM-BOT looks back at CALISTA with her steel-blue eyes. 
MOM-BOT: For now. 
JAMES: Dum-dum-dum! 
CALISTA: Did you check on Jamie? 
JAMES: No go, she still won’t answer the door. And I don’t understand a word Paolo is saying. 
CALISTA: We should call The Professor, maybe he’ll understand him. 
There is a knock at the front door. CALISTA opens the door and THE PROF. greets her. 
CALISTA: Whoa, are you like, psychic? 
THE PROF.: Yes, I predict you’ll give me a headache by the end of this conversation. I’m looking for Paolo, is he around here? 
JAMES: Jamie’s got him locked in her bedroom, we were hoping you could perhaps talk them into coming out. 
THE PROF.: What in God’s name does Jamie want with Paolo in her bedroom. 
CALISTA: Not like that! She came storming home from school… 
JAMES: School, that’s it! Maybe if I go retrace Jamie’s steps I’ll find out what happened. 
JAMES rushes out of the house and shouts back. 
JAMES: I’ll be right back, make sure you keep your evil-twin under control. 
THE PROF.: What is he talking about? 
CALISTA: I’ll explain it all. Come on, I’m in desperate need of some caffeine.