Episode Eight « All Cleared Up

Act 4 – At school, JAMIE is sat at one of the computers in the library. She taps away on the keyboard as the librarian sits in the corner and watches her diligently, since there are no other students in sight. 

JAMIE (typing): Well thanks for your concern but I’m fine, I just had to stay behind to type up this week’s new routine. 
TATUM: How was your first practice session as captain? 
JAMIE: Complicated, Ms. Fairchild left behind a lot of work. 
TATUM: Hmm, I’m sure had she known she was going to be brutally butchered she would have appointed one of the other girls to take her place instead but, what’cha gonna do? 
JAMIE: I know I might regret it later but I’m going to make Nicole co-captain. She is worthy of it and I could use the help. 
TATUM: Well, on your head be it. 
JAMIE: I’ll send her a message now; I think she’s still in my friends list. 
JAMIE navigates the pointer on the monitor to open up a message to send to NICOLE. At the same time, a bulletin pops up. 

JAMIE: I just got a pop-up when I started a new message. 
TATUM: That’s like an answering machine message; you can make it say whatever you like when you’re offline. 
JAMIE: Yeah… and Nicole turned it into a scathing attack on my cheerleading. 
TATUM: Still want to make that bitch co-captain. 
JAMIE: Maybe she should just be captain, I don’t even want to be on the squad, the school’s team sucks and what’s the point in cheering for a bunch of losers? 
TATUM: But you’re really good at it and it will make a difference when it’s time for you to apply for colleges. 
JAMIE: Whatever. 
TATUM: Why don’t you come over tonight? You sound like you’re in need of some cheering up. I could swing by the video store and pick something up with Tom Cruise in it? If we pause it just right maybe we can see his Scientology tattoo! 
JAMIE: I don’t really feel up to it. I’m just going to go home and rest. 
TATUM: Suit yourself. Ta-Ta! 
JAMIE saves her work and leaves the library feeling depressed. Stopping off to go to the bathroom, she is alarmed to hear the voices of NICOLE and TIFFANY BRANTFORD coming from the toilet stalls. She rushes into the stall nearest the far wall just before they come out to wash their hands. 
NICOLE (voice): I can’t believe what happened to Ms. Fairchild. You know there’s gossip it was Jamie’s uncle who murdered her. 
TIFFANY BRANTFORD (voice): No way, Jamie probably made that up herself. 
NICOLE: Why would she lie about that? 
TIFFANY BRANTFORD: For attention. The girl has some serious issues. What if she did it, what if Jamie killed Ms. Fairchild? 
NICOLE: Why would she do that? 
TIFFANY BRANTFORD: Hello!? It’s a common fact Jamie’s a straight A student, she probably flipped when Ms. Fairchild gave her that F and waited until Halloween to exact her revenge. 
NICOLE: Why wait? 
TIFFANY BRANTFORD: Because, that’s how the mind of a psychopath works. Don’t you watch C-S-I? 
NICOLE: Cut her some slack, her mom died of cancer. 
TIFFANY BRANTFORD: Yeah, and it fucked her up royally. Think about it, her mothers death left her disturbed and hostile in a cruel and inhumane world. She’s delusional… where’s God…? Etcetera! She’s completely suicidal. One day she snaps. She wants to kill herself, but finds out that teen suicide is out this year and homicide is a more healthier, therapeutic expression. 
NICOLE: Where do you get this shit? 
NICOLE: You are pathetic! 
JAMIE wipes away her tears as she hears the girls leaving and she too exits the stall, stopping to look at herself in the mirror. 
JAMIE: Pathetic. 
As she touches up her eye make-up, JAMIE hears a faint whisper. 
WHISPER: Jaaaaaaaaamieeeee… 
JAMIE: Is someone there? 
She looks around and sees a whirring vent in the ceiling. 
JAMIE: God, maybe I am delusional. 
WHISPER: Jaaaaaaaaamieeeee… 
JAMIE: Or not! 
JAMIE crouches down on the ground and looks underneath the doors of the toilet stalls. It’s then, in the one furthest from her, right next to the exit that someone steps down off the toilet and JAMIE hears the lock of the stall door begin to turn. In a bold move, JAMIE runs to the door and pushes it open, pinning the person to the wall on the other side. Through the crack where the hinges are, JAMIE sees a lone eye and hears a chilling voice. 

CHILLING VOICE: Jamie? It’s me, Billy. 
JAMIE: Billy Loomis? 
CHILLING VOICE (confused): No. 
CHILLING VOICE: Don’t you recognise my voice, Jamie? Don’t you know your own uncle when you hear him? 
JAMIE (shocked): No! You’re dead. 
UNCLE BOGEYMAN: Not dead enough… or, at all. Now, don’t scream, I’ll try and be as gentle as always. 
UNCLE BOGEYMAN pushes the door closed and sends JAMIE flying back into the tiled mirror, which smashes as JAMIE falls to the floor. Hurt, she is unable to move as UNCLE BOGEYMAN looms over her. 
UNCLE BOGEYMAN: Come on, I’d expect this from an eight-year-old but you’re fifteen now, aren’t you gonna fight back? 
JAMIE looks up and sees something which makes her smile. 

JAMIE: If you insist. 
Before he realises it UNCLE BOGEYMAN is knocked out on the floor, having been attacked from behind by a high-kick from PAOLO. He helps JAMIE onto her feet. 

JAMIE: Nice entrance. 
PAOLO: ¡Buenos retort! 
JAMIE: I thought you’d gone already. 
PAOLO: I was on my way, but I heard a crash as I walked through the halls so I came to see what had happened. 
JAMIE: It’s lucky you did, I thought everyone else had gone home after cheerleading practice. Thank you for saving me Paolo, you were so brave. 
PAOLO: It was nothing, now come on. We must report this bastard paedophile to the police so he can be locked away and punished for his indecencies. 

JAMIE and PAOLO link arms and march out of the toilet as the American national anthem plays in the background.