Episode Nine « All Cleared Up

Opening – JAMES and JAMIE are walking to JAMIE’S house. 
JAMIE: Hurry up, we’re gonna miss it. 
JAMES: I don’t see why we couldn’t have just watched TV at my house. 
JAMIE: Because, I told you, I forgot to set my Tivo and I’m recording them all. 
JAMES: All of what? 
JAMIE: The O-C. 
JAMES: You’re still watching that? 
JAMIE: You’re not? 
JAMES: Yeah; me and like, six-million others. 
JAMIE and JAMES reach JAMIE’S house and go inside. 
JAMIE: What are you trying to say, you don’t think it’s as good since Mischa Barton left? 
JAMES: Well let’s take a look, shall we? 
JAMES grabs the TV remote and switches on the TV. 
SUMMER (on TV): Why do you all think just because I’m unbelievable gorgeous I don’t have any problems? 
RYAN: You think you have problems? My girlfriend just shot someone! 
SUMMER: Marissa?! 
RYAN: No; she’s dead, remember? 
SUMMER: I know, but I just can’t make it through one day without saying her name and letting the cold, harsh wind carry it across the beach. 
JAMES: See, they just keep repeating the same old plotlines, it’s completely unoriginal. 
Suddenly, THE PROF. bursts into the house. 
THE PROF.: Mom-Bot’s trying to kill Calista again. 
JAMIE: No she’s not, they went to Costco. 
THE PROF.: Really not? 
JAMIE: Really; Mom-Bot can’t seem to get enough of their bulk-bargains. I swear, she’s like a maniac when she gets in there. 
Suddenly, MOM-BOT and CALISTA burst into the house looking frightened and dishevelled. 
JAMIE: Ohmigod! What happened? 
CALISTA: Oh, nothing; except Mom-Bot burned down Costco! 
Dramatic music appears out of nowhere. 

JAMES: Now that’s original!


Various pre-filmed footage of the character’s jumping around a park intercut with future scenes from the show. Each character’s name is pulled on by a hoping CGI bunny.

“Every birthday, my mom would say to me,
You’re another year older and you’re still getting spottier.

But then she died and I moved in with my sister,
I’m called Jamie, she’s Calista and our Mom is a robot!

All Cleared Up!
I really wanna scream it loud!

All Cleared Up!
I want them all to know!

All Cleared Up!
I really hope that things will be,

All Cleared Up for me!”