Episode Nine « All Cleared Up

Act 2 – JAMIE blinks a few times, trying to recognise the sights around her. She’s on the floor, and looming above her are JAMES, CALISTA and THE PROF..
JAMIE: I fell on my bottom.
JAMES: Oh thank god, at least you landed on something big and soft.
CALISTA: Does anything hurt?
THE PROF.: Can you move?
JAMIE: I think I’m alright, where’s Mom-Bot? The mob didn’t get her, did they?
THE PROF.: She’s alright, I hope. I think her circuits must have got wet from the sewer.
CALISTA: Speaking of which, help me lift Jamie up
CALISTA grabs JAMIE’S arm and THE PROF. goes to grab her other, but JAMIE flinches.
JAMIE: You let me go?
THE PROF.: I slipped, I’m sorry.
JAMIE: But you just…
JAMES: Jamie, The Professor didn’t drop you on purpose, he’d never do anything to hurt you.
JAMIE: I know; it was just scary is all.
THE PROF.: Please, accept my apologies.
THE PROF. holds out his hand and JAMIE hesitates a little before grabbing it and standing on her feet.

JAMIE: So where are we?
JAMES: Right below The Professor’s lab.
THE PROF.: I hope.
CALISTA: Don’t start that again, or do I need to give you another one of my sewer pep-talks?
THE PROF.: Oh, the one sufficed enough.
JAMIE: Did you carry me?
CALISTA: We tilted Mom-Bot on her back and used her like a gurney!
JAMES: Which no-one still has answered my question as to why she has wheels on her back in the first place?
JAMIE: So, what about the mob? There was a big crash.
CALISTA: They broke down the door, but I managed to get into the sewer before they found us all.
JAMIE: I hope the house is okay.
THE PROF.: With any luck they’ll have given up by now.
JAMES: Knowing the type of crowd that shop in Costco at three-thirty in the afternoon, the majority of them probably had kids to pick up from soccer practice!
CALISTA: Those soccer-moms are freakishly strong for such little women.
JAMIE: I guess we can’t go home for a while then.
THE PROF.: It’s alright, gives me the opportunity to fix-up Mom-Bot.

THE PROF. ascends a ladder and JAMES follows.

JAMES: Wow impressive.
THE PROF.: Stop looking at my butt!
CALISTA: Do you need any help?
JAMIE: How are we gonna get Mom-Bot up there?
CALISTA: Don’t worry; I’m sure The Professor will figure something out. After all, he is a genius.
JAMIE: Calista, am I crazy to think that The Professor would want to hurt me?
CALISTA: Very! Now come on, I’ll help you up.
JAMIE: Okay, but don’t you go checking out my butt either!

The sisters laugh as they climb up into the laboratory, leaving the powered down MOM-BOT all alone in the sewer. Yet eerily, her steel eyes suddenly begin to glow a piercing red.