Episode Nine « All Cleared Up

Act 4In the main hall of the laboratory, JAMIE and CALISTA are frozen in fear after seeing JAMES get shot by THE PROF.. JAMIE screams at him.
JAMIE: I don’t understand, why are you doing this?
THE PROF.: It’s all quite simple really… Mom-Bot.
MOM-BOT walks into the room.
JAMIE: Mom, untie us – please!
THE PROF.: Oh she won’t obey you. She’s my mother now.
JAMIE: You’re sick in the head.
THE PROF.: I’d be careful what you say, sweetheart. Don’t forget who’s holding the gun.
CALISTA: The gun… from Costco! YOU started the fire.
THE PROF.: Very clever, Calista. Care to explain the rest?
CALISTA: You ran into the house screaming that Mom-Bot was trying to kill me, but she wasn’t. But you thought she was, but she hadn’t, but that was your plan, because it was YOU who programmed her to knock over the fridge-freezers!
THE PROF.: Wi-Fi, wonderful invention.
JAMIE: You’ve been controlling Mom-Bot to hate Calista from the start, going so far as to try and kill her. You thought that if I found out Mom-Bot had left Calista to die in that fire then I would give her back to you. But what you didn’t plan on was Mom-Bot actually saving Calista.
THE PROF.: What can I say, a glitch of the mother-motherboard I overlooked.
CALISTA: So you had to change your plan – and quickly. When you were alone in the basement with Mom-Bot you distracted James with your hypnotic butt and re-wired Mom-Bot, causing her to malfunction in the hopes she’d drop Jamie and kill her! But that didn’t work either! So for the third and final time you came up with a fool-proof plan – lure us into your laboratory where, in the comfort of your own home, you could carry out your evil plan.
THE PROF. sarcastically claps his hands.

JAMIE: And what is your evil plan.
THE PROF.: As if I’m going to tell you. Where do you think we are, in some badly scripted Scooby Doo movie?
JAMIE: But what’s your motive.
THE PROF.: Motive? D’you hear that Mom-Bot, she wants a motive.
MOM-BOT: It is the Millennium, motives are incidental.
THE PROF.: Incidental, I like that word.
THE PROF. takes a syringe that is filled with a blue-liquid from the table. He flicks it with his fingers a few times before slowly approaching JAMIE.
CALISTA: No, you stay away from her, you bastard!
THE PROF.: Mom-Bot, see to it that Calista finally gets to the play the role she’s been dying for ever since this series began.
CALISTA doesn’t have time to react as MOM-BOT clamps her first over her mouth and nose, suffocating her. JAMIE begins to cry as THE PROF. holds the syringe to her neck and starts eerily singing.
THE PROF.: And it’s just the little things, pure incidentals… it’s like you wouldn’t even notice…

JAMIE feels herself becoming sleepy as the room around her begins to spin. THE PROF.’S voice begins to fade into the distance and soon everything goes dark and silent. From the nothingness, JAMIE reawakens, as if stepping out her own body. Her eyes slowly adjust to the scene around her and she realises she’s back in her own house.