Episode Ten « All Cleared Up

Act 1 – JAMIE arrives at the laboratory just as the sun begins to set. She knocks on the door and waits for somebody to answer it but nobody does. She then tries to open it and finds it unlocked.
JAMIE: How odd.
JAMIE peeks in and calls out.
JAMIE: Hello?
Hearing only the echo of her voice, she walks in and shuts the door behind her. JAMIE walks around and has a look up-close at all the experiments laid out on various tables.
JAMIE: How can he afford all this stuff? I wonder if he’s a pimp!
JAMIE manoeuvres her way around some cabinets filled with countless test tubes of blue, pink and purple liquids. She spots what she was looking for, the corridor that lead to the bathroom she went in once before. Opposite the bathroom door is another door with a sign on it that reads ‘Private’. Thinking nothing of it, JAMIE tries the door and it opens.
JAMIE: Ohmigod!
JAMIE gasps as she sees THE PROF. and PAOLO kissing in the middle of the room. She immediately shuts the door again but is unable to move. When she finally walks forward THE PROF. exits the room and quickly shuts the door behind him, rushing to catch-up with JAMIE.
THE PROF.: Jamie!
JAMIE: I’m sorry, I’ll come back later.
THE PROF.: Jamie, stop. I need to explain.
JAMIE: You don’t have to explain, I understand. It’s okay.
THE PROF.: No, it’s not okay. You don’t know what was going on.
JAMIE: I think I can guess.
THE PROF.: I was trying out my new invention.
JAMIE: And I guessed wrong. Huh?
THE PROF.: My new invention, it’s a lipstick that changes colours.
JAMIE: Right!
JAMIE rolls her eyes as she walks towards the front door. THE PROF. grabs her by the arm and looks her in the eyes.
THE PROF.: I’m telling you the truth. I was testing it on Paolo, I needed to see if it still worked after drinking and smoking and… kissing.
JAMIE: And was this his idea?
THE PROF.: It was for scientific purposes.
JAMIE: You don’t have to lie to me; I always thought you two had something going on.
THE PROF.: There is nothing going on between me and Paolo, just because two gay men live together it does not mean they’re involved with each other.
JAMIE: But you do have to admit it’s kind of weird?
THE PROF.: To you perhaps, with your rampant and juvenile little mind.
JAMIE: Rampant? I wasn’t the one with my tongue-shoved down the maid’s throat now, was I?
THE PROF.: You saw the experiment completely out of context.
JAMIE: I know what I saw, and it didn’t look like science.
THE PROF.: Weren’t you just leaving?
THE PROF. pushes JAMIE towards the door but she fights him off.
JAMIE: But I promised Jamie I’d ask Paolo to our school’s Winter Formal for him.
THE PROF.: Why can’t he ask Paolo himself?
JAMIE: He has a huge crush on Paolo; he told me he’s too shy.
THE PROF.: James, shy?!
JAMIE: I know, I was as shocked as you are. But maybe he’s thinking along the same lines as I am; that you two seem to spend all this time together and now you’re kissing…
THE PROF. widens his eyes and grabs JAMIE by the arms.
THE PROF.: You can’t tell James that.
JAMIE: I wasn’t planning on it.
THE PROF.: Good.
JAMIE: Fine.
THE PROF.: I’ll tell Paolo to call James.
JAMIE: Good.
THE PROF.: Fine.
JAMIE: Now are you gonna give me this damned miracle lipstick or what?
THE PROF.: Oh… alright, I’ll go get some.

THE PROF. walks back into the ‘Private’ room to get some lipstick for JAMIE. PAOLO is sitting down, but stands up when THE PROF. walks in.

PAOLO: Did you get rid?
THE PROF.: Almost, I just have to give her some of this lipstick.
PAOLO: But you still testing it.
THE PROF.: I am, but that’s what rude little girls get for walking into rooms where they don’t belong.
THE PROF. begins to leave but PAOLO pipes up.
PAOLO: Speaking of which, para decirle probaban solamente su invención en mí, cosas conseguían muy caliente.
THE PROF.: Not you too, it was in the name of science.
PAOLO: Even so, I can’t help but wonder…
THE PROF. walks up to PAOLO and stands a few inches away from him. PAOLO half-tilts his head before the professor shoves a box of tissues in his face.
THE PROF.: Keep on wondering.
THE PROF. leaves the room and PAOLO looks with widened eyes at the box of tissues. He takes one from the box and begins to wipe the lipstick off of his lips before turning to face the camera.

PAOLO: Well, what you think I use them for?!