Episode Ten « All Cleared Up

Act 4 – It’s the night of the Winter Formal, JAMIE is sat at one of the many tables filled with students. There’s loud music playing and people are dancing. JAMES comes over with two drinks in his hands.

JAMES: This party is über-rocking; I wish I could have thrown something like this for my birthday.
JAMIE: I can’t believe MTV rejected your application to be on Super Sweet Sixteen. I mean you’re a dumb, hot looking, rich, spoilt, gay teenager – what more could they ask for.
JAMES: Apparently someone who was willing to sleep with the director. Never mind, I can try again next year.
JAMIE: Um, it’s called “My Super Sweet Sixteen“.
JAMIE: Wow, I cannot believe they rejected you.
JAMES: I hope Paolo turns up soon.
JAMIE: And Brandon; if he doesn’t show up soon I’m gonna have to go the girls’ room and reapply my make-up.
JAMES: Speaking of which, did you change your lipstick colour?
JAMIE: No I… my lipstick’s changed colour?
JAMES: Yep… I think it’s doing it again.
JAMIE: Oh thank god!
JAMES: Where d’you get that from?
JAMIE: The Professor, he gave it to me yesterday because… I guess he was testing it.
JAMES: Share!
JAMIE: Ooh, not now, Brandon just walked in!
JAMIE and JAMES stand up and watch BRANDON wander in. Suddenly, a barrage of girls surrounds him.
JAMES: Wow, look at all the attention he’s getting.
JAMIE: I better go over there, one look at Tiffany Brantford and I can kiss Brandon goodbye.
JAMES: I don’t think you’re gonna be doing any kissing tonight.
JAMIE: Bry nomt… by mips! Bwert’s bapperming to by mips?!
JAMES: They’re all swollen.
JAMIE grabs JAMES and quickly runs to the girls’ room before BRANDON can see her. JAMIE gets lots of shocked looks from the other girls in the bathroom before JAMES pushes everyone out and blocks the door. He grabs a handful of paper-towels and wets them.

JAMIE: I c’not berleeb dis is bapperming!
JAMES: Hold still, maybe the swelling’ll go down if I wipe the lipstick off.
JAMIE: Carbull, day beelike dare bout to bob!
JAMES: If this doesn’t work I’ll call The Professor, ask him what to do. Actually, maybe I should call him now; if Paolo’s still there they might be able to come together.
JAMIE: Bwoodernt surbrise me!
JAMES: What’s that supposed to mean?
JAMIE: Muffin!
JAMES: No, you meant something by that. Why would The Professor give you an invention he’s still testing… unless he was bribing you to stay quiet?
JAMIE: Dernt brewerdiculous!
JAMES: When you came over last night, you said you saw Paolo kissing something… was he kissing The Professor?
JAMES presses down hard on JAMIE’S lips and she cries out in pain.
JAMIE: Maybe. Ow! Albwight, yes they were kisbing. But he said he was testing ber libstick.
JAMES: Did it look like that to you; an experiment?
JAMIE: It looked… intibate.
JAMES pauses for a second and hangs his head down in shame.
JAMIE: I’m sorry.
JAMES: No, it’s my fault. I knew this was coming.
JAMIE: You weren’t to know.
JAMES: I did, I knew Paolo had feelings for The Professor. It’s why I didn’t want to ask him out directly; I thought if I could just keep fooling myself long enough then maybe there was a chance he’d like me like he likes him.
JAMIE: When did you find out?
JAMES: You know what; I don’t wanna talk about this.
JAMES starts wiping JAMIE’S now normal looking lips again until JAMIE brings up her hand to stop him.
JAMIE: Talk… trust me.
JAMES: I trust you, I’m just embarrassed.
JAMIE: Nothing you say shocks me anymore, I’ve become so desensitised hanging around you!
JAMES: Very funny! It happened the night you invited Danny over; me and Paolo were left alone and things kind of got… intibate!
JAMIE: You never said!
JAMES: That’s because I was so embarrassed.
JAMIE: I almost get raped that night and you’re the one that’s embarrassed?!
JAMES: Because, when we were kissing… he called me ‘professor’.
JAMES: I stopped things there; he told me it was just a slip of the tongue and then we heard all that commotion going on downstairs. I just blocked it out of my mind, kept on fooling myself and hoping for the best. But I knew; deep down I knew it was worthless.
JAMIE: I should have told you.
JAMES: I understand why you didn’t, I’m not mad.
JAMIE: Well I’m mad. He calls himself your friend but The Professor knew how you felt about Paolo.
JAMES: I was stupid for thinking nothing would ever happen between them. They live together, they work together… they were bound to fall for each other.
JAMIE: But he shouldn’t have lied to you; getting your hopes like that – what were they playing at?!
JAMES: I’m not gonna dwell on it; and you shouldn’t either. You should go back out there and have an awesome time with a guy who’s totally into you.
JAMIE and JAMES walk out of the bathroom.
JAMIE: I don’t wanna leave you by yourself.
JAMES: It’s alright, I’ll just head on home.
JAMIE: No, I told you; if you didn’t have a date then we both weren’t going.
JAMES: You can’t just tell Brandon to go home; I’m not gonna let you ruin another relationship just because you feel sorry for me being single.
JAMIE: You don’t have to… it looks like he left.
JAMES joins JAMIE in scanning the room. The group of girls has dispersed and BRANDON is nowhere to be seen.

JAMIE: So much for being ‘totally into me’.
JAMES: Maybe he’s just outside.
JAMIE: Jamie…
JAMES: No, come on, we have to look!