Episode Eleven « All Cleared Up

Act 1As the afternoon sun slowly sets, JAMES walks up to the laboratory and knocks on the door before letting himself in.
JAMES: Hello?
JAMES enters the main hall and is confused to see lots of cardboard boxes all around the room on the floor, but THE PROF. is nowhere to be seen.
JAMES: Hello, Avon calling!
JAMES laughs to himself but then screams as THE PROF. pops up from behind one of the boxes, holding a pair of scissors.

JAMES: Wasn’t expecting that! Geez, look at this place; you ever thought about hiring a maid.
THE PROF. scowls at JAMES before he ducks back down, leaving JAMES to scold himself.
JAMES: I am so sorry.
THE PROF.: Are you actually here for a reason, other than to annoy me?
JAMES: Hey, can’t a guy come over and see his purely-platonic boyfriend once in a while?
THE PROF.: Oh… sure. Let me just finish up what I was doing.
THE PROF. tapes shut one of the boxes and stands up.
JAMES: So what are all these things on the floor that look like boxes?
THE PROF.: Those would be boxes.
JAMES: You’re leaving?! But you can’t leave, I wanted to–
THE PROF.: They’re not mine, they’re Paolo’s things; I’m waiting for them to be picked up and shipped off to New Jersey. Why, what did you come over here for?
JAMES: Hmm? Oh, nothing. So, Paolo’s really gone for good?
JAMES: And he’s never coming back?
THE PROF.: Never.
JAMES: And you’re okay with that?
THE PROF.: Why wouldn’t I be?
JAMES: I’m just saying, you two had a lot of history and–
THE PROF.: Nothing happened between me and Paolo… not intentionally anyway.
JAMES: Then why do you look so depressed?
THE PROF.: I’m not depressed; I’m just a very complex individual who masks his emotions with a stoic façade.
JAMES blinks at THE PROF. who rolls his eyes and begins to walk off towards the staircase.
JAMES: Huh?! Wait, where are you going?
THE PROF.: To the observatory; I just remembered I need to… observe… things.
JAMES: Well can I help?
THE PROF.: No no, you stay down here.
JAMES frowns as he is left alone. His eyes wander over to one of PAOLO’S boxes with a giant red ‘DO NOT OPEN’ label. Discreetly, JAMES rips open the top and peers inside.
JAMES: What a strange looking pogo-stick… oh, that’s not a spring… ooh, it’s Bop-It!
JAMES reaches in and touches the object. Suddenly the box jumps to life and begins to vibrate.
JAMES: Uh-oh… that’s not Bop-It!
JAMES reaches in and touches the object again. The box stops jittering.
JAMES: So need to wash my hands now.