Episode Eleven « All Cleared Up

Act 4 – JAMES and THE PROF. continue to watch the TV as JAMIE cries out for help over the phone.
JAMES: What do you expect me to do?
JAMIE: I don’t know; where are you right now, maybe I could jump out of the car when Lisa passes your house.
JAMES: I’m at the professor’s.
JAMIE: Even better; put him on the phone.
JAMES hands the phone over to THE PROF..
JAMES: She wants to talk to you.
THE PROF.: Hold on, this looks interesting.
ANCHORWOMAN: …The youngest passenger of which is fifteen-year-old Jamie Foster, who last year was reportedly brought in for questioning following the arson attack on the local fast-food restaurant, Pizza Hutch, which burnt down in October of two-thousand and six. Just minutes ago our cameraman captured this astonishing footage when our roving-reporter went to interview the girls’ foster mother.
The TV cuts to shaky handheld camera footage which shows the outside of the JAMIE’S house. JAMES and THE PROF. recognise the silhouette of MOM-BOT standing by the window, right before a huge blue ray shoots through the window and narrowly misses the cameraman.
ANCHORWOMAN: Following this it’s believed police are in the processes of contacting the mother for information regarding the situation. Though no official word has been released, it’s likely that the two girls’ involvement in the felony is now considered suspicious.
THE PROF. walks off and back to the observatory.
JAMES: But Jamie!
THE PROF.: I know; I’m going to help them.
JAMES: Oh, he says he’s going to help you.
JAMIE: Thank god! How?
JAMES: Yeah, how?
THE PROF.: I’m not sure yet, but I need to act quickly. This trail leads back to me now and I cannot deal with another police investigation in my laboratory.
THE PROF. looks through the telescope as JAMES looks into the sky at the helicopter.
JAMES: How are we gonna help them?
THE PROF.: First of all we’re gonna guide them away from the roadblock they’re setting up; pass me the phone.
JAMIE: What’s going on?
THE PROF.: Jamie, I need you to tell the driver to turn at the next left.
JAMIE: I thought you were gonna get me out of here?!
THE PROF.: Do as I say, hurry!
JAMIE: Turn left, turn left!
Without a second thought LISA makes a sharp turn left and continues down the road.
LISA: I can’t navigate these small streets, they’re gonna trap me.
JAMIE: Hold on, Professor, I’m gonna put you on speakerphone.
THE PROF.: Hello?
LISA: Hey, science-dude, you trying to get me arrested?
THE PROF.: You’re doing a fine job of that without my help, I just thought you might like to know if you turn right next you can keep going for about twelve-hundred yards without anyone following you.
JAMES: Except the helicopter.
THE PROF.: That’s just the news-copter, I can scramble their live-feed and… oh!
THE PROF. suddenly jumps up and shoves the phone into JAMES’ hands before running back inside the laboratory.
LISA: What happened?
JAMES: Either he really needed to go pee or he just had an idea.
Suddenly, the laboratory is plunged into darkness and THE PROF. runs back onto the observatory holding a small, chunky-sized laser gun.
JAMES: What happened?
THE PROF.: I killed the lights.
THE PROF.: ‘Cause I don’t want anyone to see what I’m about to do.
THE PROF. aims the gun into the sky.
JAMES: Jesus, you can’t just shoot it down!
THE PROF.: I wasn’t going to, look.
JAMES watches as the helicopter suddenly starts to fly off, back towards the city.
JAMES: How d’you do that?
THE PROF.: I hacked into the helicopter’s satellite on the computer downstairs; its camera’s worthless now.
JAMES: Then what’s the gun for?
THE PROF.: To disable the cop cars.
JAMES: You’re gonna shoot their tyres out from all the way up here? What is this, an episode of MacGyver?!
THE PROF.: No, this gun emits a concentrated electro-magnetic-pulse and, in theory, it should completely disable the cars and their communications equipment.
JAMES hands the phone back to THE PROF..
THE PROF.: Listen to me–
LISA: Tick-frickin-tock, science-dude!
THE PROF.: Just do as I say, pothead! Take the next two lefts and head towards the house on top of the hill.
JAMES: Here! You’re guiding them here?
THE PROF.: Take the phone and watch them through the telescope; tell me when they turn onto Con Way.
JAMES: I hope this theory of yours works, otherwise when we get thrown in jail I’m making you my bitch.
THE PROF.: Be quiet! I need to concentrate; this thing’s a bitch to reload.
THE PROF. takes aim and hovers his finger over the trigger.
THE PROF. shoots the gun and a high-pitched noise pierces the air. JAMES watches as nothing happens. The noise fades and THE PROF. lowers the gun.
JAMES: Did it work?
THE PROF. grabs the phone from JAMES.
THE PROF.: Ditch the car now, run to the laboratory on foot.
THE PROF. hangs up and breathes heavily.
JAMES: Well, did it work?
THE PROF.: Take a look.
JAMES looks through the telescope and sees the immobilised police cars on the road; confused police offers stand around and trying desperately to contact their station. Away from the laboratory, JAMIE, CALISTA and LISA exit their car. JAMIE and CALISTA begin to run but LISA opens the trunk and starts taking out the “potted plants”.
CALISTA: Are you insane?
LISA: I just risked my life because of this stuff, there’s no way I’m leaving this here.
CALISTA: You’re crazy, come on Jamie.
LISA: I’m crazy? Honey, I am the original one-eyed chicklet in the kingdom of the blind.
JAMIE and CALISTA run off and leave LISA. Suddenly, CALISTA runs back and holds out her hands.
CALISTA: What does that even mean?!