Episode Eleven « All Cleared Up

Act 5Back in the laboratory, JAMIE and CALISTA come rushing inside. JAMIE runs to hug JAMES and CALISTA runs to hug THE PROF. but he recoils.
THE PROF.: Alright, that’s enough, everyone calm down.
JAMES: Where’s Lisa?
CALISTA: She wouldn’t leave the dope.
THE PROF.: Foolish Whore, the police have probably caught her by now.
CALISTA: What about Jamie and me, won’t they come looking for us?
JAMES: Check it out!
JAMES grins and turns on the TV. The familiar news channel flickers on and JAMIE is astonished to see MOM-BOT standing on their house’s front porch, right next to herself JAMIE and CALISTA.
JAMIE: Hologram! But I thought it didn’t work.
THE PROF.: Mom-Bot managed to patch it into her system; the source is coming directly from her memory.
JAMIE: So I guess it’s a good thing I never returned it to you!
CALISTA: Is there anything you can’t do?!
THE PROF.: Oh believe me, there is.
JAMIE: Give it up, Calista.
CALISTA: What?! I was just complimenting the man on a job well done.
JAMES: So, how are Jamie and Calista going to get back home now?
THE PROF.: They can use the sewer tunnels.
JAMIE: Or, we could just have our sleepover here!
THE PROF.: Excuse me?!
CALISTA: Hold on, either I’m gonna have to move out or look for a new roommate.
JAMES: Hey, why don’t you move into Paolo’s old room?!
THE PROF.: Excuse me?!
JAMIE: Do you have any ice cream?
THE PROF.: Sure, do you need a kidney while you’re at it?!
JAMES: Come on, these guys have been through hell tonight, let them stay; you were gonna let me stay anyway.
JAMIE: Excuse me?!
THE PROF.: Fine; but you are not moving in here, this isn’t a motel you know!
CALISTA: We’ll see! Come on, Jamie; let’s go raid The Professor’s kitchen.
JAMIE: Yeah, I think we should leave these two alone anyway!
JAMIE and CALISTA let out a high-pitched giggle and run off.
THE PROF.: Those jars labelled ‘specimen’; feel free to eat their contents!
JAMES: I’m sorry.
THE PROF.: No, its fine, I’m used to giving into the chaos by now.
JAMES: You really did save the day tonight.
THE PROF.: Hmm, what did you call me again? MacGyver!
JAMES: No, I was wrong, you’re ten-times better than he is.
JAMES smiles at THE PROF. and begins to walk off to the kitchen.
JAMES: And you’re way cuter than Richard Dean Anderson!
THE PROF. blushes and slowly follows the others into the kitchen.


“All Cleared Up” © 2005-2007 & 2013 Thomas John McNab. “James, The Professor & Jamie” Concept Art based on artwork created by Butch Hartman.