Episode Thirteen « All Cleared Up

Act 2 – JAMES stands outside the laboratory, waiting for THE PROF. to answer the door… at least JAMES hopes he’ll answer. After JAMES knocks a third time, THE PROF. opens the door and stares emptily at JAMES.

JAMES: Hello, I just thought I should…
THE PROF.: I know; here.

THE PROF. holds out his cupped hand and JAMES instinctively places his under it. Two capsules fall into JAMES’ hand and THE PROF. attempts to close the door.

JAMES: What’s this?
THE PROF.: Antidote, for your dad.
JAMES: Thanks, but I didn’t come for that. I thought I’d better see if you were okay.

THE PROF. sighs as JAMES nervously shifts his weight, waiting to be invited in.

THE PROF.: Well, you’ve seen now, goodbye.
JAMES: Professor!

JAMES pockets the capsules and barges past THE PROF..

JAMES: She’s sorry; she didn’t mean what she said.
THE PROF.: Really not.
JAMES: Really, she was just shocked.
THE PROF.: James, not only did she mean it, my opinion of you has drastically fallen for believing she didn’t mean it.

THE PROF. ignores JAMES and starts to walk off.

JAMES: Hey! Part of being friends with someone means you accept their faults, you learn to forgive them when they’re being complete jackasses and you stand by them when they’re going through a tough time.
THE PROF.: But Jamie and I aren’t friends!
JAMES: I wasn’t talking about Jamie, I was talking about you.

THE PROF. stops and turns to face JAMES.

JAMES: I came here because I was worried about you. You haven’t been yourself since Paolo left; and instead of talking about your feelings, like a normal person would, you bottled it all up until you exploded at the nearest Foolish Whore.

THE PROF. lets out a small laugh as JAMES walks over to him.

THE PROF.: I know she didn’t mean it. Yes, I miss Paolo, but he had to leave.
JAMES: You could have let him stay; I would’ve gotten over it eventually.
THE PROF.: No, you don’t understand; there’s something I’ve been keeping from you… about me and Paolo.

THE PROF. walks over to his comfy beanbags by the bookshelf and collapses onto one as JAMES gracefully sits on a chair.

JAMES: Go on.
THE PROF.: This is hard for me; I’m not used to talking about myself.

JAMES reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He switches it off and looks at THE PROF..

JAMES: Go ahead.
THE PROF.: Are you sure? I think once I open up I’m not gonna stop; you might be here a while.
JAMES: Meh, so I start “War And Peace” another night; it’s no biggie.

THE PROF. bashfully smiles and takes a deep breath.

THE PROF.: I guess I should start from the beginning.