Episode Fourteen « All Cleared Up

Opening – JAMIE is stood at THE PROF’S doorstep, knocking on his door. She’s shocked when JAMES answers it.

JAMIE: Jamie, thank God, I’ve been trying to phone you all night.
JAMES: Sorry I turned my phone off.
JAMIE: What happened, are you okay?
JAMES: I’m fine!
JAMIE: Is The Professor okay?
JAMES: Yeah.
JAMIE: Are you gonna let me in?
JAMES: I am… but first I think you should know… something happened last night.

JAMIE’S eyes widen.

JAMIE: Go on.
JAMES: I guess I should start from the beginning…


Various pre-filmed footage of the character’s jumping around a park intercut with future scenes from the show. Each character’s name is pulled on by a hoping CGI bunny.

“Every birthday, my mom would say to me,
You’re another year older and you’re still getting spottier.

But then she died and I moved in with my sister,
I’m called Jamie, she’s Calista and our Mom is a robot!

All Cleared Up!
I really wanna scream it loud!

All Cleared Up!
I want them all to know!

All Cleared Up!
I really hope that things will be,

All Cleared Up for me!”