Episode Fourteen « All Cleared Up

Act 1 – JAMIE is stood on THE PROF. doorstep with JAMES.

JAMIE: Go on.
JAMES: I guess I should start from the beginning…
JAMIE: Yeah, you’ve said that three fucking times already!
THE PROF. (off-screen): Who is it, James?

JAMES hesitates as JAMIE unclasps her hands and looks at JAMES with wide eyes.

JAMES: I’ll just get rid of them.

JAMES steps out and closes the door behind him. JAMIE shakes her head in disbelief.

JAMIE: Hasn’t he forgiven me yet?
JAMES: Well, we sort of got side-tracked.
JAMIE: Yeah, I heard! He kicked Calista out last night and she almost ruined things between me and my mom.
JAMES: Ooh, how’d that go?
JAMIE: Really well, actually. She’s thinking about – Hey, don’t change the subject! What happened between you and The Professor?
JAMES: Well, he was really hurt last night.
JAMIE: And?!
JAMES: And so, I comforted him.
JAMIE: Oh. My. God! You slept with him?
JAMES: Well, sort of.
JAMES: Stop screeching, you sound like a bat!
JAMIE: How do you sort-of sleep with someone?
JAMES: I got tired! It was a very late and interesting night.
JAMIE: And?!
JAMES: Like I said, I really should start from–
JAMIE: The beginning, yes, please do!

JAMES takes a deep breath and is about to start when THE PROF. opens the door.

THE PROF.: Are you oh…kay?

THE PROF. fixes his eyes on JAMIE and she attempts to approach him.

JAMIE: Hi, I wanted to say–

JAMIE steps forward and THE PROF. slams the door shut inches from her face.

JAMIE: Sorry!

JAMIE looks off into the distance, deep in thought. Suddenly a noise, similar to that of a jet plane engine, whooshes by and the scene cuts (this noise occurs at the beginning and end of every flashback). 


JAMIE is sat in her kitchen at the table with CALISTA.

CALISTA: Mmm! Mom, the frittata is amazing!
MOM-BOT: Thank you, Calista. I wanted to make sure you both got a filling and nutritious breakfast before you set off. Here…

MOM-BOT hands CALISTA a basket.

MOM-BOT: Try one of my homemade rolls.

JAMIE smiles as she watches MOM-BOT and CALISTA getting on like a house on fire. CALISTA takes a bite out of one of the rolls and moans in delight. Seeing this, JAMIE reaches over to get one but CALISTA suddenly knocks the basket off the table.

JAMIE: Calista!

JAMIE laughs and looks at CALISTA; but she’s not laughing. CALISTA grabs onto the table and wheezes furiously.

JAMIE: Mom! Mom!

MOM-BOT rushes over and realises CALISTA is choking. JAMIE watches as MOM-BOT stands CALISTA up and takes a few steps back.

MOM-BOT: Razzle Dazzle!

MOM-BOT runs forward a high kicks CALISTA in the stomach. JAMIE opens her mouth in shock as CALISTA flies backward and the piece of bread shoots out of her mouth.

JAMIE: Oh my God, I was so scared. Are you okay?
CALISTA: It’s… okay.
MOM-BOT: I’m sorry, Calista.
CALISTA: What do you have to be sorry about? It’s not as if you could have done it on purpose.

CALISTA says bitterly as MOM-BOT sighs and walks off. She sits back down on her chair and slowly breaths.

JAMIE: Calista, it was an accident.
CALISTA: I know that, but I just can’t help it. I come back and she’s different again; I can’t keep up with it.
JAMIE: She’s not different; she just got a little…
CALISTA: Razzle-frickin-Dazzle..!

JAMIE watches as CALISTA picks up a diamond bracelet from off the floor.

JAMIE: It must have been in the basket.
CALISTA: Then that means…

CALISTA groans and rushes out of the kitchen. She stops as she sees MOM-BOT sat in silence on the sofa.

CALISTA: Did you buy me this?
MOM-BOT: It was my way of saying sorry; for everything I put you through in the beginning.
CALISTA: Mom-Bot, you shouldn’t have.
MOM-BOT: Well I can give it to Jamie…

CALISTA pulls the bracelet tight to her chest.

CALISTA: I love it, thank you.
MOM-BOT: I’m just looking out for my daughters.

MOM-BOT opens up her arms as CALISTA and JAMIE rush into them. JAMIE sighs with content and closes her eyes. 

*End Flashback* 

JAMIE is brought out of her flashback by JAMES pushing past her and barging through the front door. JAMIE quickly follows him in.

JAMES: She was trying to apologise to you!
THE PROF.: I thought I made myself quite clear about where I stand on silly, little, homophobic girls.

JAMIE stops cowering behind JAMES and shoves him to the floor, coming (almost) face-to-face with THE PROF..

JAMIE: I may have stepped out of line last night and hurt your feelings, but don’t you dare call me homophobic even for a second.
JAMIE: It takes a certain kind of character to look into the eyes of the boy you think you know and love after he tells you he’s gay and embrace him without any hesitation.

JAMIE points to the floor at JAMES, who’s nursing the wound on his knee.

JAMIE: That boy there, has been my best friend my entire life and I have never once shown him any resentment, least of all towards his sexual preference. I am sorry. What I said last night I said out of confusion and shock. I thought my mom being a lesbian meant that things were going to change… and I was right.

JAMIE takes a few breaths and JAMES stands back up, smiling.

JAMIE: They’ve changed for the better. I finally feel like I have real mother… and I have you to thank for that.

THE PROF. slowly begins to smile, as does JAMIE. For a second, it appears as though they might hug, but JAMES speaks up and spoils the moment.

JAMES: You’re saying you like her better now she’s gay?
JAMIE: I mean yes!
JAMIE: I like… that we have no secrets. I feel like I can be honest with her and she can be honest with me.
JAMIE wipes her brow as the tension in the room fizzles out.
JAMIE: Speaking of honesty, now we’ve gotten that out of the way, can you two please tell me what the hell happened last night?
THE PROF.: It’s nothing, really.
JAMES approaches THE PROF. and directs his conversation towards him, even though JAMIE can still hear.
JAMES: I think we should tell her.
THE PROF.: It hasn’t really got anything to do with her.
JAMES: I think she’d like to know.
THE PROF.: Well I think–

Everybody goes quiet and JAMIE is shocked to hear the voice of a woman coming from across the room – even though there’s nobody else in sight.

JAMIE: Who said that?
JAMES: Like I said, it was an interesting night.

THE PROF. directs his question toward the back of a big, black-leather chair.

THE PROF.: Nicky, are you sure?
JAMIE: Who the hell’s Nicky?!

JAMIE watches in shock as the chair revolves around to reveal a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes.

WOMAN: Sure baby, it’s just business!
THE PROF.: Jamie, I’d like you to meet Paolo’s sister… Nicky!
JAMIE: Sister! Paolo’s sister from New Jersey?
WOMAN: Pretty and smart… what a shame.

JAMIE’S face contorts into a look of sheer confusion as the scene cuts to black.