Episode Fourteen « All Cleared Up


Act 3 – JAMES sighs and folds his arm as THE PROF. answers the door. After a few seconds JAMES hears laughing and he looks over at the door to see a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes walking into the laboratory. Cautiously, JAMES gets out of his chair and walks over.

THE PROF.: Nicky! Oh, it’s so good to see you.

NICKY smiles as she hugs THE PROF..

THE PROF.: It’s been so long and… are you chewing gum?
NICKY: No, actually, it’s Tyra Banks’ new fragrance.
JAMES: OhMiGod, really?!

JAMES rushes over and starts sniffing NICKY. He realises he hasn’t been introduced yet as THE PROF. lets out a cough.

JAMES: Hi, I’m James.
NICKY: Nicky, nice to meet you.

There’s an awkward silence.

NICKY: Oh, you may resume sniffing.
JAMES: Thanks!

Just as JAMES is about to bury his nose into NICKY, THE PROF. pulls him back.

THE PROF.: James, this is Paolo’s sister.
JAMES: Oh?! Well I can see where Paolo gets his good looks from.
NICKY: Um, well we’re actually not blood-related and even if we were he’d have to be my son in order to get his good looks from me.
JAMES: Oh, right! So, what, you’re step-siblings?
NICKY: Nope. All three of us were adopted.
JAMES: Oh, that’s coincidental!

JAMES laughs as he looks at THE PROF., who is biting his lip. Slowly, JAMES realises what NICKY means.

JAMES: Wait, you and her are related?
THE PROF.: Nicky’s my sister.
JAMES: Which would make…?
THE PROF.: …You understand what I’ve been trying to tell you all night. Paolo was my brother.
THE PROF.: Err, did he not explain to you what happened?
NICKY: I haven’t heard or seen anything from him, that’s the whole reason I came up here.
THE PROF.: What do you mean you–?
JAMES: Excuse me, can we get back to the fact that you’re brothers.

THE PROF. rolls his eyes and drags JAMES away from NICKY.

THE PROF.: Maybe you should just go home.
JAMES: I’m not going anywhere until I found out what the hell is going.
NICKY: Excuse me!

THE PROF. and JAMES turn their heads and see NICKY with her hands on her hips, tapping her foot.

NICKY: Could I possibly find out where the hell my brother is, or should I just leave you two to flirt with each other some more.

THE PROF. and JAMES turn their heads back and immediately repel away from one another.

THE PROF.: I’m sorry, Nicky, but I was under the impression Paolo was staying with you.
NICKY: Well he was supposed to be, but when he didn’t turn up I figured he’d just managed to sort things out with you. Then, when he didn’t reply to any of my twenty-three e-mails, I got a bad feeling and decided to come here; find out exactly what’s been going on.

JAMES stands next to NICKY and mirrors her pose.

JAMES: So come on, Professor; tell Nicky exactly what’s been going on.

THE PROF. bites his lip and gulps as the scene cuts to black. 

*End Flashback*