Episode Fourteen « All Cleared Up

Act 4 – JAMIE stands there with her mouth wide open. NICKY pulls back her hand to slap her but is stopped by THE PROF..

NICKY: Would you start focusing; it feels like I’ve been here for six days not six hours!
THE PROF.: I’m sorry, Nicky, but you did come at rather a bad time.
JAMES: Her lesbian mother just came out of the closet.

Finally JAMIE speaks.

JAMIE: Paolo’s your brother?
THE PROF.: He was the first child my parents adopted; Nicky was the second and I was the third.
JAMIE: Who are your parents, Brangelina?
THE PROF.: If all you’re going to do is make fun of me then you can leave; right now, we have bigger things to deal with.

THE PROF. walks over to NICKY and they both sit down at the computer as JAMIE pulls JAMES away for a private chat.

JAMIE: You knew about this.
JAMES: I only found out last night.
JAMIE: And you didn’t think to tell me?
JAMES: I was trying to!
JAMIE: Well try harder next time! Wait a minute, this means that when I saw Paolo and The Professor kissing they were…
JAMES: Stop right there, I was exactly where you were last night.
JAMIE: Eww, gay-incest?! What is this, a freakin’ telenovela?
JAMES: Yes, Paolo had a crush on The Professor; but you know Paolo, he tried to hump anything with a pulse… or without a pulse; your lesbian-mum being a prime example of the latter.
JAMIE: Would you stop calling her that?
JAMES: Oh? Do I detect a little residual hostility toward the subject?
JAMIE: I’ll show you hostility!

JAMIE is about to start on JAMES until the professor distracts her by crying out.

JAMES: Ooh, have you found him? He’s not whoring out his body on the streets is he? I’ll kill you if he is.

JAMES jabs his finger into JAMIE as THE PROF. spins the monitor round.

THE PROF.: I hacked into his e-mail account and found several recent e-mails to a person who calls himself The Snake.
JAMES: The Snake huh? I wonder why he calls himself that?!
THE PROF.: Yes… anyway, I traced the I-P address and found out they came from California.
NICKY: More specifically, Hollywood.
JAMIE: Do you think he could be living with this Snake person?
NICKY: He’s gotta be. I have to at least try.
JAMES: You’re going there?
THE PROF.: James’ right, Nicky, we don’t know anything about The Snake or what kind of trouble Paolo was in.
JAMIE: What makes you think he was in trouble?
NICKY: The e-mails constantly make reference to something The Snake calls The Big Job.
JAMES: Oh my days, this just gets better and better!
THE PROF.: I can’t let you go by yourself, not until we know more about what we’re dealing with.
NICKY: Then come with me! I could really use your smarts.

THE PROF. hesitates and looks at JAMES. JAMES stares into THE PROF.’S eyes for a moment before looking away as NICKY asks again.

NICKY: Come on, what’s stopping you?

THE PROF. looks off into the distance and the scene cuts to the night before. 


THE PROF. kneels down and gently taps JAMES, who’s fallen asleep on the beanbag chair. Slowly, JAMES wakes up.

THE PROF.: James, I think you should go home.
JAMES: Hmm, what? Have you found anything?
THE PROF.: No. We tried phoning some people but they haven’t heard from him. We’re trying to log into his e-mail account now.
JAMES: I’ll… *yawn* help, just give me a second.
THE PROF.: I think you should go home; it’s really late, aren’t your parents going to be wondering where you are?
JAMES: My dad was on a date with another woman tonight, and my mom… God knows what she got up to with the house to herself. They won’t realise I haven’t come home; even if they did they wouldn’t care.
THE PROF.: Really not.
JAMES: Just… let me stay.
THE PROF.: Alright; but go back to sleep, there’s nothing you can do.
JAMES: Right, cos I didn’t know Paolo at all.

JAMES turns away but THE PROF. puts his hand on JAMES’ shoulder and pulls him back to face him.

THE PROF.: I’m sorry you had to find out like this. I wanted to tell you…
JAMES: I’m fine; I get why you didn’t tell me, it turned out to be a lot more complicated than I thought. So, Paolo liked you?

THE PROF. nods.

JAMES: But, you didn’t like him?

THE PROF. nods again.

JAMES: Did he like me?
THE PROF.: He liked that you liked him. With Paolo, it’s always been about control. He only liked me because he wanted control over me. He liked you because you were so innocent.
JAMES: I’m not that innocent!
THE PROF.: Compared to some of the things Paolo’s done, you’re a saint. That’s why I didn’t want him to be with you; you’re too good for him.

JAMES looks into THE PROF.’S eyes as he squeezes JAMES’ shoulder with affection. Slowly the two lean forward, but THE PROF. can’t help but let out a yawn. JAMES nervously laughs and pulls back.

JAMES: Why don’t you rest awhile; I’ll go help Nicky.

JAMES gets up and THE PROF. sighs as he walks away. 

*End Flashback*