Episode One « The Caliente Affairs

Prologue: Once Upon a Time Ends Here

“Once upon a time, two baby girls came into the world together. Dina and Nina were exactly the same in every way.”

Well, that’s not quite how the story goes!

The beautiful daughters of Nighat and Flamenco Caliente were greatly loved. Unfortunately for Dina, her role as daddy’s little princess was unfulfilled, due to Flamenco’s long shifts at his job. Denied the attention she should have received, Dina always felt incomplete and had a need to be loved which grew even stronger in her later teenage years after Flamenco’s death.

As soon as she became a young adult, she manipulated her current, much older boyfriend, the wealthy Michael Bachelor, into proposing. Their wedding followed five days after, with Dina moving out of her parents’ house in Pleasantview, and into a new apartment in the heart of Sim City – leaving Nina without her sister for the first time since they were born.

Despite being closer to their mother than Dina ever was, Nina felt like she should also fly the coup and move away from Pleasantview. It was a decision she would soon come to regret, as Nighat died alone in the Caliente’s childhood home shortly afterwards. And, with Dina loved-up with Michael, Nina felt like she was out on her own.

However, Nina soon found companionship in the arms of a young man named Don Lothario. They had a whirlwind romance until it was shattered when Don revealed that he was engaged to the young, rich, beautiful socialite of Pleasantview, Cassandra Goth. How could I compare to her, she thought to herself. Despite her fears, Don admitted his love for Nina had grown too strong to ignore. He promised Nina he would break-off his engagement, and sealed it with a kiss.

Almost a year after Nina had lived on her own, a mysterious prowler began stalking her and stealing her possessions. One night he even approached Nina in her bedroom. Nina screamed, frightening the strange man away before he could harm her. Scared and alone, Nina begged her sister to move in. She and Michael had been arguing but Dina was adamant she wouldn’t give up on their marriage.

But she didn’t have to. Michael died the day after their first anniversary, and Dina moved in with her sister, unable to stay in their apartment, for it was now full of memories which only brought sadness to Dina.

Months passed, but unfortunately Dina felt out of place in her sister’s life now. And then she found out about Nina’s affair with Don Lothario, leaving her with a surge of jealousy. On impulse, she planned to seduce him, then run to her sister and claim he had tried it on, with hopes that it would split the two up, and Dina could fit back into Nina’s single life. The first part of her plan worked, but what Dina then experienced with Don was an enthralling new passion she’d never tasted before, and before she knew it, they were waking up together the next morning in each other’s arms. Dina began to wonder whether or not an affair with Don would be of some use. After all, he was engaged to Cassandra – the daughter of Mortimer Goth, one of the wealthiest men in Pleasantview. Dina was already familiar with him. His wife, Bella, had been Dina’s sister-in-law. However, when Bella didn’t show up to her own brother’s funeral, Dina heard whispers that Bella Goth had since disappeared from Pleasantview with no explanation, leaving behind her two children and Mortimer. Now, with his overprotective daughter looking out for him more than ever, there was no way Dina could get anywhere near Mortimer to make her move.

If she could just separate the two for a while, she was sure that Mortimer would fall for her. So, Dina told Don that he should take a trip away with Cassandra in order to make Dina feel better about betraying her sister. Don was confused, but if it kept Dina quiet, he would do it.

And just like that, everything fell into place. Dina began dating Mortimer, and no matter what Cassandra said, it couldn’t stop his love. With Cassandra busy trying to separate her dad and Dina, Nina saw an opportunity to take her relationship with Don further. Dina didn’t see that coming. Again, she felt jealous of her sister, especially now that she knew what Don was like as a lover. It wasn’t long before Dina found herself back in Don’s bed. But this time Nina became suspicious, and Dina had to invent a boyfriend for an alibi. This made Nina worry about Mortimer; she couldn’t stand back and let her sister cheat on such a nice man.

But could she really go behind her sisters back to warn Mortimer of Dina’s loose ways – especially when it came to men?