Episode One « The Caliente Affairs

Act One: Three Little Words

“Good Morning, Nina!” Mortimer grinned, a smile across his face as big as the sun. Nina knew why, she had just watched Dina leave to go see her boyfriend but not before planting a big kiss on Mortimer Goth’s lips. She couldn’t stand her sister’s constant flings, she had to warn Mortimer in the nicest possible way that, truth be told, her sister was a bit of a slut.
“Mortimer, are you sure that you and Dina should be getting so close. I mean, she is a lot younger than you.” Nina reasoned.
“What are you trying to say? That because I’m old I should just be left to wither and die alone!” Mortimer accused.
“No! I just mean, I think Dina’s playing you to her own advantage.”

“I see what this is, you’re just jealous of your sister.” Mortimer told Nina.
“What?!” Nina cried.
“I bet you always have been. After all, it’s obvious that the egg wasn’t equally split.” Nina was shocked. But love makes people do crazy things sometimes; she only had to look at her own relationship to see that.

“Dina loves me.” Mortimer claimed.
“All she loves is your bank account!” Nina let slip.
“Well, I wondered when the jealous twin would rear its ugly head.” Mortimer said, walking off.
“Ugly! Fine, be with Dina, see if I care,” Nina kept on shouting, “I don’t, you two can continue your sham of a relationship. But it won’t be under my roof.” And with that, Nina went out and got the locks changed. When Dina came back, she tried to reason with her sister but Nina was adamant either Mortimer apologised or Dina stopped cheating on him. Dina knew which option she preferred, but Mortimer was stubborn when it came to arguments. It’s what kept Cassandra from breaking the two of them up. Admitting defeat, she left the Caliente lot to try and sort this mess out.

“Dina, you’re not coming in!” Nina shouted to her sister outside. When she looked out of the window though, no one was there.

“Huh, that’s funny. I could have sworn I heard somebody.” Nina said to herself. Feeling a little on edge, Nina decided to make her self some cocoa to help her sleep.

As she sat in her house all alone, Nina felt a little unsafe. Of course she had reason to, but surely she was just being paranoid. It had been months since Nina had seen her stalker, but then again, stalkers tend to generally stay hidden, Nina thought to herself. She wished to herself that Don was here, everything in her life just felt safer when Don was around. But he was on a night shift at the hospital. Still, she could always call him at work.

Just for a little chat before bed. Nina stood up and began to make her way to the phone. But she stopped when she heard breathing coming from the other room. She could pick up the phone; dial the police before he even knew Nina was onto him. But what if she was hearing things again, she’d feel like a complete fool calling the police out at this time for nothing. Just a little peek was all she needed, she thought to herself. Slowly edging towards the door Nina was on her tip-toes, trying not to make a sound. She could still hear the breathing. Becoming so tense, Nina squeezed hard on the mug in her hand. It cracked and the loud noise caused Nina to scream and jump.

She fell in front of the door and saw her stalker, just standing there with his eyes wide and menacing.

He smiled and walked forward. Nina screamed like last time, but obviously he had come prepared for that and it did nothing to stop him coming for her.

“Stop, please. Just leave now and I won’t tell anyone. Just get out, NOOOW!” Nina screamed. The stalker lunged at Nina…

“AARGH!” Nina cried, as she jumped back and put her arms up in defence. Nina lost her footing and before she could balance herself, she fell backwards…

And smacked her head on the dining table.