Episode One « The Caliente Affairs

Act 2: Twin Denial

Nina was instantly knocked-out cold. Unbeknown to her though, this was not what her stalker had intended. He didn’t want to hurt Nina – why would he want that. He was in love with Nina, and he wanted Nina to love him back. He couldn’t take her like this, so in order to cover his tracks, he decided to steal a few things and make it appear as if a simple robber had frightened Nina.

It was morning when Nina woke up on the cold hard floor of her kitchen. The phone was ringing, dazed but otherwise feeling okay, Nina got up to answer it.
“Hi, you! How was your night?” Don’s sweet voice asked her. She burst into tears and told Don everything that had happened. Don told Nina to phone the police and he would be right there, just to give him a minute.

The police had advised a paramedic to come and see if Nina was hurt. It felt like ages she was waiting for someone to come. She hoped it would be Don first, but the police turned up before him and asked Nina what had happened.

When Don got to the top of Nina’s street, he was alarmed to see an ambulance outside Nina’s house. He leapt out of his car and ran as fast as he could, worried Nina had suffered a turn for the worst.

“Please, Miss Caliente, if it is a head injury you must refrain from touching it.”

“By it, I mean your head.” The doctor told Nina.
“Are you sure you can’t give me anything for the pain?” Nina asked.
“It is vital you don’t take any pain killing medication, such as painkillers, otherwise you could fall unconscious again or even worse… Something could happen that I don’t know how to treat.” Nina rolled her eyes and went to sit down. Just then Don burst through the door.
“Nina! Oh, God, are you okay?”

“Don!” Nina went to hug her boyfriend.
“Who is this man?” The doctor asked.
“This was who I was telling you about, my boyfriend. I told you he was on his way; he can look after me now.”
“Nina, I…”
“Can’t you, Don!?” Nina nudged Don, “There’s no need for Doctor Proctor to stay any longer now you, the trained paramedic, have arrived.” Nina quickly showed the Doctor out and laughed in astonishment. “I need a drink.” she cried out, as she walked upstairs to the rooftop deck.

Nina sat down at the bar and told Don how she had mistaken a common burglar for her stalker. Another house had been robbed two blocks over and all the stuff was found in an abandoned factory just outside the city centre. “I felt like such an idiot. And then he comes over in that big ambulance with the sirens on and I was just sorry that bump didn’t knock me out longer.”
“Don’t say things like that. I was really worried about you.” Don said, as he touched Nina.
“I fell over and banged my head.” Nina said in a less than impressed voice.
“Nina, you were unconscious and alone in a house with a strange man. Anything could have happened; do you know how lucky you are?” Nina sighed and let Don wrap his arms around her. “Dina should have never left you alone; I should have never left you alone. Why did I..?”
“You couldn’t help it, you were working. And I don’t need Dina.”
“Well you can’t exactly stay here by yourself tonight; and what about the next night?” Nina smiled and looked into Don’s eyes…

As Don left, he bumped into Dina on the front lawn. “How is she?” Dina asked.
“Fine, you can ask her yourself. I’m going back to my place.” Don said, trying to walk past Dina. She grabbed his arm and smiled.
“I’ll see you there then.” Don frowned at that remark.
“Are you insane? Your sister was almost attacked and you still think I’m just gonna let you sleep at my place tonight?” Don asked.
“Oh I know you will.”

Dina grabbed Don and kissed him with a fiery passion, the same passion he had shown her last night. Don couldn’t pull away, despite what he said it didn’t change how he felt. Dina had become a part of his life now in some twisted way. As their lips parted, Don blurted out, “I’m moving in.” Dina looked at Don with a cold, hard glance. Her eyes squinted and Don swore a small laugh escaped her throat. “You can go back to my place tonight but rest assured I won’t be there to tuck you in.”
“You spineless bastard. She’s got you wrapped around her little finger, hasn’t she?” Don walked away. But he isn’t getting away with anything, Dina thought, as she went inside to see her sister.

“Dina!” Nina said in a surprised tone.
“I came as soon as I heard.” Dina cried, hugging her twin.
“How did you hear?” Nina asked, confused.

“Don told me.” Nina looked confused. “Oh, didn’t he tell you?” Dina paused and looked at her sister with the same cold stare she had left Don with. But with a small groan she sighed and put a smile on. “He wants us to make up. He managed to reach me on my cell when he heard about your attacker this morning.”
“Trust me; there was no risk last night. The only damage done was the bruise to my head, and even that I managed to do all by myself.” Nina sighed.
“Well, as long as you’re okay, I’d really like to talk to you.”
“Go on.” Nina said, unsure whether or not a whole twenty-four hours had changed Dina.
“Look, I understand now why you were so mad. I kissed Mortimer right before I was going to see another guy. What I did was wrong… Oh god, what I’m doing is wrong.” Dina sighed and sat down.

“What do you mean? Dina, what’s wrong?” Nina sat down next to her and gently touched her sister’s hand. Dina fell forward into Nina’s shoulder and began sobbing.
“It’s my boyfriend. It turns out he was seeing someone else too.”
“Oh, Dina! I knew something like this would happen.” Dina looked at Nina with a fake look of honesty.
“I broke it off. I got a taste of my own medicine and it is sour, I don’t want to hurt Mortimer like that. I’m sorry I had to put you through this.” Nina smiled, as Dina smiled back. She was telling her sister exactly what she wanted to hear.

“I’m sorry I did what I had to do, but I guess we both paid the price. Listen to me, Dina, you can totally have your old room back.” Dina stood up and cried.
“You mean it?” Nina nodded and the sisters hugged. Out of Nina’s view, Dina’s smile turned into a scheming grin.

The next morning Don, after spending one last night at his apartment. came over with his belongings and Nina made him some breakfast. She had kept quiet about Dina moving back, so as to surprise him when he got here. And boy was it a surprise! “Dina! What are you doing here so early?”
“Don’t act surprised, I know you got us both to have a good old chat yesterday.” Nina said, “Oh look at you, I knew you’d be happy.” Don looked at Dina who just smiled.
“Thank you, Don. Really, I mean it!” And with that Dina innocently kissed Don’s cheek. Don looked as white as a sheet but Nina could only see happiness in his eyes. Standing up, Don picked up the cereal bowls to clean, hoping to take his mind off of things.
“Oh don’t bother; the insurance from the burglary is due to come through in a couple of days so I thought we could do with some extra help around the house.” Don’s face became whiter than white, as he closed his eyes in disbelief.

He had never told Nina, but before he met her, he had been having a fling with a very sexy, young maid, Kaylynn Langerak. It was only temporary, just while he and Cassandra got through a bad patch. Then he met Nina and realised he might not feel the way he used to about Cassandra. But Kaylynn couldn’t accept that she was not what Don was looking for. So Don got out of their ‘relationship‘ the only way he could think of – he told the cleaning company that Kaylynn had stolen from him! The last he heard she was unemployed, and he just prayed the maid Nina had hired wasn’t… “Kaylynn!” Nina welcomed the maid, as Don opened his eyes and almost fainted. Without her seeing, he crept quietly up the stairs to hide.

That night, Don relaxed on the roof and marvelled at his attempts to dodge Kaylynn. But his calm and relaxed state was disturbed when Dina came up the stairs in her bikini and fired up the hot-tub. “Care to join me?” She asked.
“What the hell kind of twisted game are you playing?” Don asked.
“What game am I playing? That’s rich coming from you.” Dina shot back.
“Stunts like that kiss this morning cannot happen again.” Dina raised out of the water like a swan and walked towards Don.
“What kiss, the one in the kitchen?” Dina said before once again kissing Don passionately, “Or the one we just shared now?”
“This ends now!” Don said, pushing Dina away. “I love Nina! For God’s sake, look at what I’m giving up to be with her. Anyone who knew would think I’m crazy. But you don’t understand anything when it comes to love, do you?” Don said, as he stormed off downstairs. That last comment had hurt Dina more than she’d like to admit. With her ego bruised, she went to bed, only to be disturbed a few minutes later by…

“Don!” Dina said, trying to sound surprised, “What’s up?” He came in, and Dina shut the door. As soon as she had let go of the handle, Don grabbed her and began kissing her all over. The two collapsed onto the bed and Don began to slip off Dina’s bikini. But for once, Dina stopped him.
“I don’t know if I can.” Dina said, not believing she had turned Don down.
“Would you STOP! Why do you keep doing this? Do you hate your sister that much?” Don cried.
“Hate her? It’s because she’s my sister that I can’t do this.”
“It didn’t stop you earlier.”
“I wasn’t thinking straight. When we lived separate lives it was easier to forget you were engaged and dating my sister. But now you’re here, and it’s like my guilty conscience is on display for the whole world to see. But I don’t care… Don, I…” Don put his hand to Dina’s mouth to stop her saying those three little words.
“That word gets thrown around too much in this house.” Dina began to softly kiss Don’s fingers. He pulled her close and the two kissed passionately once more.

After an eternity they finally stopped kissing and Dina lay in Don’s tight embrace, feeling like the two were floating on air. Don began thinking about how Dina was feeling. How can she love me, he thought.

I’ve told her that I’m in love with Nina, Why on earth would she still let herself feel this way? Then he stopped and realised that there was no-one to blame but his self. If he truly loved Nina unconditionally then he wouldn’t be here right now, holding her sister in his arms. Unless…

Dina began to kiss him again and he stopped reading into things so much. He began to enjoy the moment for what it was, and with that. He began to unbutton his shirt.

As Don was about to undress, a knock interrupted them, and before either of them had time to think, Nina walked in.

She stopped dead, seeing her sister in a swimsuit and her boyfriend with his shirt unbuttoned. There was no doubting it, and Don knew it too. Nina had just caught Don cheating on her.

“Nina, this wasn’t meant to…”
“What ARE YOU DOING?” Nina yelled, tears forming in her eyes.
“It isn’t… It’s not…” For once Don knew that no lying could get him out of this situation. But Dina on the other hand…
“I kept telling you, Don, NO!” Don looked at Dina and a look of total cluelessness came across his face.
“What. What do you mean, Dina?” Nina sobbed.
“Nina, my heart hurts so much right now. I cannot believe someone you trusted, someone I trusted, would put me in this position.” Dina felt like her nose was beginning to grow!
“No… Don, No. Tell me she isn’t…” Nina couldn’t speak, neither could Don.
“He came into my room and told me how messed up he was. He had agreed to move in with you because I wasn’t here. Nina, Don told me he loves me.”
“WHAT?!” Nina yelled, tears rolling down her cheeks.
“Dina, stop it,” Don yelled. “Stop lying for once in your…”
“SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU!” Nina cried. She turned to Don, “Look at me, Don, look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love her.” Don stared at his girlfriend. And then looked at Dina. That was enough for Nina, and she stormed out of the room crying, locking herself in her bedroom across the hall. Don kept looking at Dina. Dina opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn’t. She left her bedroom and went upstairs to relax on the roof. Don sat down on the bed where just two minutes ago he was so happy. He wondered why he couldn’t lie anymore. Maybe he couldn’t lie because he loved Nina too much to hurt her. Or maybe he loved Dina more than he loved Nina. Confused and tired he quickly fell to sleep on Dina’s bed.

Late that night, Nina crept downstairs to have a snack. She had been crying most of the night, so confused as to why Don had cheated on her with her sister. Mortimer’s remarks about her being ugly came rushing into her head but she knew that wasn’t the reason. If she were honest with herself, nothing was as perfect as she had hoped it would be. Her fairytale romance was tainted to begin with. Don wasn’t hers, he was Cassandra’s. So this was it, it was either admit defeat and let Don walk all over her. Or take charge, and for once in her life be the one to call the shots. Sobbing once more, Nina knew she had a tough time ahead, but she was certain that everything eventually would be right again.