Episode One « The Caliente Affairs

Act 3: What’s Juan With Don?

One morning after that night, unable to stand the silence in her house no longer, Nina came and joined Dina for breakfast. Before she could begin to talk Nina stopped her. “I’m not mad at you,” Dina was shocked, she really thought the other night was the final straw. “I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days and if you really want to know, I actually expected you to do this. All our lives you competed for love. Whenever dad was around, you had to be the one sat on his knee. I felt like a constant disappointment. Whatever I had you took, whoever I had a crush on at school you dated. I know that my first love broke up with me because of you. So no, I’m not mad at you, you were just acting like you’ve done all your life.”

Dina was confused, was this good or bad? “Well it ends now.” Nina got up and pulled her sister out of her chair. “Stop acting like a spoilt little brat and grow-up. We are not twelve years-old anymore. You need to stop being such a kid and finally realise that you don’t have to compete with me.”

Nina sat down but Dina stayed standing. “I love you, I will always love you. But right now, I don’t like you. I don’t like what you’ve become. This whole thing with Mortimer and your boyfriend, and now Don,” Dina let out a sigh of relief inside, Nina hadn’t figured out that the ‘boyfriend‘ she was seeing whilst seeing Mortimer was Don. “I will not live with you whilst you keep messing up your life and the lives of other people.”

“What do you want me to say?” Dina burst out. “I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again? Well I can’t.” Dina went to sit at the counter away from her sister, as she found herself beginning to cry.

Nina joined Dina, and showed her she was also crying, and there was nothing to be ashamed about.
“You don’t think I know what I do is wrong? Well I do. Everyday I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t recognise the girl staring back. Ever since…”

“Ever since Dad died.” Nina finished Dina’s sentence.
“It stupid isn’t it, all that crap they tell you at counselling about how it’s unhealthy to suppress grief, and how it’s wrong to try and find a replacement for something you’ve lost. It all turned out to be true.” Dina revealed.
“Yeah, but I never thought that’d be you.” Nina admitted.
“Michael! I should have seen it back then.” Dina told Nina.
“Are you saying you married Michael because he reminded you of dad?” Nina asked.

“Maybe, I don’t know. In some ways it was just having that feeling of being loved, and the constant reassurance. You know, we only ever had woohoo once.” Nina had never seen Dina open up like this; she had finally gotten through to her sister. “I loved him, but I wasn’t in love with him.”
“And what about Mortimer, is he just another replacement?”
“He’s my saviour.” Dina revealed. “I thought he was a replacement, but now I see that if I want things to change – and I do… I need to hold onto him.”
“Good. But don’t just tell him you love him because you think he wants to hear it. Say it when you’re ready.” Dina smiled and stood up to leave. “And Don?” Nina added. Dina breathed in and told Nina what she needed to hear.
“I was getting back at you for throwing me out, and I’m sorry. He didn’t say he loved me, and I don’t have any feelings for him.” Dina felt that on some levels, that was true. She just hoped that that was enough to salvage things.

When Don came downstairs for breakfast he spied Dina outside speaking to Mortimer. He wondered if they were breaking up. But all thoughts of Dina were pushed out of his mind when Nina was sat at the table, waiting for him. “I’m so…”
“I don’t care. What you did is unforgivable.”
“What I did, what about..?”
“Don’t try to blame Dina, she didn’t hold you at gunpoint and say ‘kiss me or die‘. I know she was just using you and I know, given our situation, that maybe in some ways this is my fault.”
“No, Nina, it’s…”
“Shut up! I’m not done. We are having an affair, which makes me feel cheap and stupid. But I can’t help the way I feel about you.” Nina stood up, “I’ve scheduled a session at the salon for me and Dina. Whilst we’re out I want you to make up your mind. You’re either with me or you’re not.” An ultimatum; there was at least some hope that he and Nina had a future together, but perhaps Nina was better off without him, despite their love.

He couldn’t believe it when he saw Dina and Nina leaving together in a cab. How did Dina keep doing it, he wondered. But it was time to stop thinking about her and anyone else for that matter; he had to think about where his future lay. Once upon a time, Don Lothario hadn’t a care in the world. He sailed through life like a leaf in the breeze. It wasn’t all fun and games though, as when he was a young adult in college, his mother passed away. Don felt Adriana had single-handedly raised him, and now felt a great loss without her. Don’s relationship with his father was distant and cold, and it didn’t help matters that after the funeral, Don watched Nicolo leave Pleasantview – for good. Shortly afterwards, Don’s girlfriend Cassandra introduced her parents to Don, and he found an unlikely father figure in the shape of Mortimer Goth. It was just a shame that he couldn’t see himself staying with Cassandra – not after finding Nina. She found Don at a very sensitive time, when his life was out of balance. In Don’s eyes, Nina restored that balance. But now, he found himself falling for Dina. If she stuck around, who’s to say he wouldn’t revert back to his old, womanising ways? After all, it didn’t appear to Don that Dina was going to change at the click of her heels, despite what she might have told Nina.

With all these thoughts in his head, Don decided to relax on Nina’s bed and see if the answer came to him in a dream. Unfortunately, he had the matter of a scorned maid to attend to.

“I KNEW you were here” Kaylynn yelled.
“Sweetie, I can explain!” He charmed.
“Don’t sweetie me, you pig! You cost me my job, not to mention the stigma of being branded a thief. Do you know how few houses they’ve put me on now?!”

“What was I supposed to do, you wouldn’t leave me alone!” Don pleaded.
“Are you saying I can’t take a hint, because I’m not just your run-of-the-mill school girl. I’m a college graduate now!” Kaylynn said with pride.
“Good, then ‘door‘ is to you as ‘leave‘ is to… Get the heck out of here!”
“Oh that’s just what you want isn’t it. You’d like me to leave, and then when I least expect it you’ll be up to your old tricks again. Strutting around in your underwear. That perfectly toned body all on show. You always made me walk in on you in the shower! Your wet, soapy body, it just made me wanna…”

With that, Kaylynn threw Don onto the bed and kissed him.
“I can’t.” Don protested, which was a first for him.
“Just, just give me this one last time. I swear, just one more time and you’ll never see me again.”
“I can’t trust you.” Don said, knowing full well of Kaylynn’s past promises.
“Trust this…” Kaylynn said, as she began to run her fingers up Don’s naked body underneath his shirt. Don caught his breath and looked into Kaylynn’s sweet young eyes.
“You’ll never come back!”
“That’s what I said.”
“It wasn’t a question.” Don began to kiss Kaylynn. How he had missed his most sweet, guilty pleasure. “It was an order.”
“Oh, I like it when you get all dominant.” Kaylynn joked, but Don wasn’t in the mood. Quickly, he let her live out her last little fantasy. Sure he enjoyed it too, but he knew this was just payback.

But luckily it wasn’t too long before Kaylynn tired out, but Don didn’t let her catch her breath. “Get out.” Don said, as he threw her clothes on the bed. “Now!”

Kaylynn got dressed with a feeling of cheapness. She knew she couldn’t accept her wages for today without feeling like some sort of a common hooker. Luckily though, she was leaving for good, and it’s Don who has to stay and be the one to clean up the mess now, she thought to herself.

“What do you mean you had to fire her?” Nina said, as she and Dina sat down for lunch after their trip.
“You wouldn’t believe it, I caught her stealing!” Don lied. “When I confronted her she went crazy and hit me!”
“Oh, you poor thing!” Nina touched Don’s face. Her touch felt so loving, Don hoped Nina’s hair wasn’t the only thing that had changed. Nina pulled away and went to sit down, embarrassed she had let her feelings show.
“Well it doesn’t surprise me,” Dina said, “She never used to show up the last time we hired her; she always said another house in the town was paying her more for some extra services.” Don blushed. Dina joined her sister and Don suddenly felt awkward, he could sit next to Dina or he could sit next to Nina. They both looked at him, waiting. Don quickly walked to the kitchen counter and sat there. Behind him the sisters shared a quiet giggle.

“So are you saying that he’s forgiven?” Dina asked, as the sisters tried on new clothes in Dina’s bedroom.
“No, I hate him. He can never be forgiven. Him and that gorgeous six-pack of his can just sleep on the roof!” Nina giggled, as she looked through Dina’s wardrobe. She had grown tired of her typical black halter-top and pink cargo pants, and admired her sister’s new low-necked, short black dress. “I don’t know. I can’t just let him back in, as if nothing ever happened. But he lives here too now, and I really do love him so much.”
“I can tell. That’s why I felt so bad about what happened.” Dina sighed and thought about what she almost lost the other night.
“I know. I told you I understand. But I’ve seen him look at you, Dina, the way he began to look at me when we first met. Considering what happened shortly after that, I can’t trust he won’t…”
“You can trust me, can’t you?” Nina looked at Dina. She could tell her sister was trying to change; even her natural blonde locks had been chopped off and styled with dark lowlights. Accepting this, Nina hugged her sister for the first time since their falling out.
“I trust you. But it still doesn’t change his feelings. I think, Dina, I may have to use Plan B” Nina said mysteriously.
“Can we really afford it?” Nina reached into her pocket and pulled out a photograph, then smiled.

During his day off from his job in the Medical career, Don spent some time in the bathroom to fashion a new look, feeling left out of the sisters closeness. He emerged from the bathroom and Dina was lying on his bed. “We need to talk.” She said. Don sat on the bed but didn’t get comfy.
“Oh don’t worry, I’m not trying to seduce you. I may spank you but it will not feel pleasurable!” Don looked confused. “Why won’t you just let Nina back in, you’ve been sharing a bed now for the past two nights but she’s told me you’ve been like ice.”
“I can’t. I don’t want to let her down again.”
“Are you really that weak? Who else could possibly be left in your little black book?” Dina joked.
“It’s not that, I can stay faithful. But I don’t know if…”
“If you love her?” Dina queried.
“No. I don’t know if I love you.” Dina’s eyes widened. Just like Nina had said, but she couldn’t believe it.
“Well let me make it easier, I don’t love you. I never will as long as my sister loves you.” Dina left Don alone.

After what seemed like forever, Nina went up to check on Don. He was still in the same place as before, so Nina joined him.
“Are you okay? You look nice, you didn’t show me your new glasses.” Nina gently touched Don’s arm. Don looked into her eyes and asked,
“Why do you still love me?”
“Why? Don’t you love me?” Nina said, her voice going ever so quiet she was almost whispering.
“I have never felt this before, the way I feel about you. I love you, so much.” Nina leaned over and hugged Don. The two looked into each others eyes…

Nina softly kissed Don. She began to caress him but he stopped.
“Nina, I can’t.” Don said sadly.
“But, why. Is it, do you love..?”
“What you said the other day made me think. She’s the reason I’ve been so nervous about devoting myself to you. I have to break-up with her.”
“Oh god. I hadn’t even thought about this. Are you going to tell her..?”
“No! I couldn’t, she’d be devastated, I think it might kill Mortimer if he finds out his girlfriend’s sister is having woohoo his daughter’s fiancé.”
“Oh, God! I guess you’re right. Okay then. When?”
“Now?! But it’s seven PM.”
“It won’t take long. I just want to do it and get back to you.” Don kissed his girlfriend again, then called up Cassandra. She was over the moon to finally here from her fiancé! He asked if he could come over and she told him that she was alone tonight, as her father and brother were out. Nervous about what he was going to say, Don took one last look at his reason for doing this – Nina. He ordered a taxi, and left.