Episode One « The Caliente Affairs

Act 4: A Love Lost

When Don arrived at the Goth’s beautiful mansion in Pleasantview, he was transported back to when he first visited. Cassandra, who was nearing the end of her teenage years, sneaked downstairs at midnight to let an attractive, young male into her house. Don had been dating Cassandra for a long time. He was her first boyfriend, and she always had to sneak around in fear of her father banning her from seeing him. He was, after all, the College stud, dating Mortimer Goth’s sweet and innocent daughter. Innocent, he laughed, thinking back, after that night she was anything but! On her birthday, she finally felt mature and independent enough to introduce her parents to Don (Mortimer remarked that Don reminded him of a naked burglar he once saw leaping out of his window at night). That evening, drunk on love, he asked Mortimer if he could make an honest woman out of his daughter. And when it was time to give Cassandra her present, he presented her with a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

And now he’d come to take it back. Don had to admit things had changed. Ever since the Caliente twins had crashed into his life like a meteor, Don’s mind just seemed to be elsewhere. And then his affair started…

“Cass? Are you here?” Don said, letting himself in. His key was new and hardly used. He left it on the table, knowing he’d need it no more.
“Come upstairs.” He heard Cassandra say, following her voice. “In here.” he heard from the bathroom.
“Cassie?” He peered into the bathroom and his mouth opened wide. Cassandra was posing seductively, in her underwear, waiting for Don. She obviously thought there was another reason he wanted to see her so badly. She came over and began to kiss him. Don made her stop. “Cass, it’s a bad time. There’s something I’ve…” Cassandra interrupted.
“Don’t worry, were alone. Just you, me and true love!” Cassandra led him to her bedroom and she lay on the bed.
“True love?” Don felt something stirring inside. We are engaged, and I can’t just let her humiliate herself… so he joined her!

When she had finally fallen to sleep, Don quietly got out of bed and went downstairs. He began thinking, his mind flashed back to earlier. His passion-fuelled moment with Cassandra, his total disregard for… Nina. He began to cry. I’ve lost her, he thought. She’ll never understand. Don was still breaking up with Cassandra, but knew he couldn’t lie to Nina. Since he wouldn’t be back at the Caliente house until after his shift at the hospital, Nina would know he’d stayed the night, and…

He eyed the phone across the room and suddenly picked it up. He checked the time and was shocked to see it was coming up to one AM. Did we really spend all that time… he thought. He began to dial the number, hoping Nina would be waiting.
“Hello!” Nina answered.
“Nina, it’s me.”
“I was hoping you’d call, what happened. Is it taking longer than you..?”
“I slept with her.” Don blurted out.
“Oh,” Nina said quietly, “I see.”
“But it’s over! Me and her, the engagement, our relationship is through… but she greeted me, and thought I’d come over to… And I couldn’t let her humiliate herself like that.”
“It’s okay, I get it, you met her years before you met me, you’re her fiancé. I know there’s feelings still there, despite what you say. I get it, I believe you, I know.” Nina said, Don could here her voice choking up. “Look I’m really tired so if you’re not coming back tonight I’m just gonna hit the hay, ‘kay?” Without letting him answer she hung up. Don sat on the sofa and began to cry again.

Early next morning, Don woke to find himself still on the sofa. He crept around getting dressed, managing to avoid Cassandra. He pulled on his coat and quietly opened the door. He turned around, and walked out of the house backwards, carefully and quietly shutting the door behind him. When he turned to face forward, Don let out a little yelp and saw Cassandra standing in front of him on the porch.
“Cassandra!” He yelped in a high pitched voice.
“Are you leaving so early?” She questioned.
“Um, no. I was going to head to work. It’d be quicker to walk then go back to get my house and wait for,”
“I know your shift doesn’t start for another two hours yet. I woke up and came downstairs and I saw you asleep on the sofa. What’s going on?”
“Um, maybe we should go back inside.”
“No. You wanted to tell me something last night but then you changed your mind and decided it could wait until after we’d had woohoo.” Don could see Cassandra’s eyes begin to well-up. “So tell me – now.” She knew, he thought.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you last night but I didn’t want you to humiliate yourself.”
“Humiliate myself!” Cassandra cried out loud, as the tears began to fall slowly down her face. “No, because that would have been devastating. All this month I’ve been looking at wedding dresses and at wedding cakes, and through all our time together you were… you were having woohoo with that slut Kaylynn! You don’t think that’s humiliating? Well thank you for finally thinking about my feelings for once.” Don began to calm a little, she only knew about his fling with Kaylynn, that’s all.
“If you knew then why didn’t you,”
“Say something. Like you should have said something the first time it happened? Maybe I was a little lost for words. ‘Don could never do that to me,’ I tell her, then she tries to save her own ass by claiming it wasn’t her you were having the affair with.” Don gasped, Kaylynn must have also been hired at the Goth’s house. She obviously was going to tell her about him and Nina.

“What did she say?”
“I was talking with her, gleaming that married life was going to be wonderful. I even,” She began to cry even more, “I told her about us, what we used to do. Do you know how I felt? And you were worried about me humiliating myself?!” Cassandra raised her hands to hit Don in anger. He let her, she began pounding his chest and she pushed him away. “After I told her about our first time, She suddenly burst out laughing and said, to my face, ‘What did you think when you saw his tattoo‘. And then it hit me. Where your tattoo is, there’s no way she could have seen it, unless… she knew it, too; she tried to deny it, saying she accidentally walked in on you coming out of the shower. But I knew. And so I fired her and threw her out before she started lying again.”

Don looked at his feet. “But if you knew then why did you go through that whole charade last night?”
“Because I needed to know if you still loved me. And I needed to know if I still loved you. And I thought things were going to be fine when you kissed me and we… But then I saw you asleep on the sofa. And it all came clear that last night wasn’t just regular woohoo, it was pity woohoo.”

“Well I don’t need anyone’s pity,” Cassandra slipped off her engagement ring and grabbed Don’s hand, “Especially not from you.” She placed it in his palm and walked away, as Don began to wipe the tears from his eyes. She looked back and couldn’t help but ask…

“Why are you crying? Do you still pity me?” Cassandra asked.
“No, I think you’re amazing,” Cassandra rolled her eyes. “Really! You are so beautiful and you are so much stronger inside then I am. I’m crying because I can’t believe I let myself treat you so bad. And I’m also crying because I’m happy.” Cassandra laughed in astonishment. “Happy that now you’ll finally be able to find someone who’ll love you forever, not like me, who only loved you once.” Cassandra looked at her ex-fiancé and suddenly felt a little sad. She always knew, in the back of her mind, that they would never be married. But she wanted to believe it so much. She just wanted to make her father happy and let him walk her down the aisle. This was all for him, she never wanted anything other than to make him happy. But maybe now she could focus on herself, on actually finding love.

“I guess, goodbye then. And again, I’m sorry.” Don said, wondering why all his break-up’s couldn’t be this easy.
“I’m sorry too. I don’t think you’re going to be able to find another girlfriend so quickly after last night!” Cassandra let an evil smile cross her face and Don shivered, remembering how she had dug her nails into his back during their woohoo, scratching him deep. “Actually I’m lying, I’m not that sorry at all.” She smiled and went back inside her house. Don thought that maybe it wasn’t such an easy break-up. After all, last night might have cost him Nina. And he really didn’t want to lose her.