Episode One « The Caliente Affairs

Act 5: The End of The Old

Nina stood there, ready to make the final change to her old life. She pulled out the picture she’d been looking at all week. It was a picture that made her remember happier times, and she so desperately wanted them back.
“Are you ready?” Asked the man.
“Definitely! Make it happen.”

“I hope you like it. I’m not good in the kitchen but I’ve been studying and watching The Yummy Channel just for you.” Dina said, as she began to cook more food for Mortimer. He sat there with his mouth full already.
“I’m sure it will be lovely. After all, it has the best ingredient.” He smiled
“What’s that?”

“It was made by you.” Dina smiled and felt her heart begin to race. She couldn’t believe how fast her relationship with Mortimer was going. She was happy that finally she could relax and fall in love without any worries… Except for the fact her sister was in love with a man in love with her! Nina rushed into the house and Dina stopped her cooking and ran to her sister.

“Did you do it?”
“I did it, it’s ours!” The two sisters shrieked and began hugging.
“What on earth is going on?” Mortimer asked, his face stuffed full again.
“I’ll tell him the good news, you’ve got a visitor waiting to speak with you.” Nina paused and didn’t look so happy anymore. She went upstairs, opened her door and forced a brave smile.

“How was your day.” She asked Don, as they embraced on her bed. She was nervous inside, Nina was adamant that nothing would happen so soon after his betrayal. Sure, on the phone she said it was okay but she hoped that Don would realise the mistakes he’d made and let her come to him before he tried to get so close with her again.
“I might be getting that promotion I mentioned.”
“Really?” Nina asked, avoiding what she really wanted to tell Don. “Listen, I need to tell you something, about our future… If you think we have a future, that is. I used to live in a great house on the edge of Pleasentview when I was little. Well, it’s been empty for a while now and… Don, I’m going to move back there.” She smiled, Don didn’t.
“Oh, I see.” Nina was still smiling.
“I mean, we’re going to move there. All three of us!” Don looked at Nina and she began to kiss him.
“But I thought you were mad.”
“I am. But I want us to try and get it right this time, I want to look at this as a new start for all of us.”

“This is going to be great,” Dina said, as Don and Nina left the bedroom and joined Dina downstairs. Mortimer had already left, but it was obvious to Don that news of earlier events hadn’t reached Cassandra’s father yet. “I know now what you meant when you said you were going back to beginning. God, I thought you we’re going to kill yourself at first or something.”
“Dina!” Nina giggled, sitting down in the living room with her sister. “I just think we all became too involved in each others business and we’d started on a collision course and all it needed was for me to put us back on the right path!”
“Wow… did you just read that from your horoscope? You fibber!” Dina laughed along with Nina but Don just stood there, pretending to watch TV.

Was this really the best move? After all, he was planning to break-up with Nina just five minutes ago. After all his mistakes he thought it was the honest thing to do. Maybe we are breaking up, he thought, just a little. They were leaving behind the old, flawed relationship they once had and moving forward. But now that Nina finally had him all to herself, Don wondered if she might leave behind the love that had blossomed when they first met.