Episode Two « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’: After Don, Dina, and Nina moved into a new house together, Dina announced her engagement to Mortimer Goth, which didn’t go down too well with his daughter Cassandra. Don Lothario found out that Mortimer and Alexander were also moving into the new house. Nina revealed to Don that Cassandra had hinted she wasn’t going to be completely alone now that her father had moved out of their house. Don wondered if it was possible Cassandra had moved on from their relationship already.

Prologue: Perfection

Darren Dreamer thought that his life was perfect. He loved art, but not as much as he loved his girlfriend Darleen. When she announced she was pregnant on that wonderful day out, Darren was remembered of his father’s words about life resembling art. How art was never perfect in the eyes of the artist but to everyone else it was perfect. Darren craved perfection, so proposed to Darleen on the spot. The moment she accepted, Darren thought he’d finally found something that he could appreciate as much as everyone else would.

And when his son Dirk came along, Darren was ready to live happily ever after. Knowing that out of everything he’d produced in life, his family was his greatest achievement.

But Darren eventually learned that in reality, life doesn’t stay perfect. And, as it turned out, that storybook ending he was ready for was far from it. In fact, it was just the beginning.