Episode Three « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’: Cassandra Goth and Darren Dreamer fell in love, deciding to tell Darren’s son before anyone else. But Cassandra’s ex-fiancé, Don Lothario, got there first and told Dirk Dreamer before his dad got the chance to. Dirk wasn’t happy with his dad’s new girlfriend, especially since it was one of the Goths. He silently vowed to do all he could to get Cassandra out of his father’s life for good.

Act 1: Time to Grow

With Dina and Mortimer off enjoying their honeymoon, Don and Nina soaked up every moment alone in their new house. After all, it was the first time the couple had been alone there, and boy were they making the most of it! Right up until Don had to go to work, the two would spend all of their time together. But with the house empty, they were free to have woohoo wherever…

…And whenever they wanted too!

“What are you thinking about?” Nina asked, feeling the intense breath of her boyfriend from behind her. It was the morning of Mortimer and Dina’s return, and also Alexander’s birthday.
“I’m thinking that… soon as I step out of this bed, we’re never going to have another second alone ever again!” Don sighed and turned over on his back.

“Oh don’t be like that, I think it’s wonderful that Dina’s married.”
“But why do they have to live here?” Don moaned.
“Dina said something about it having to do with money…”
“Ah-ha! I knew she only wanted him for his cash.” Don said with glee.
“Not Mortimer’s money! Dina’s money, the money the two have together as man and wife. Apparently it’s more economical for them to live here.”
“It may be economical but it sure will be a pain in the…”
“Ask Dina about it when she gets home if it bothers you so much.” Nina interrupted.
“Maybe I will. Send Mortimer packing back to his precious daughter!” Don laughed.
“I really wish you’d drop this whole grudge you’ve suddenly got against Cassandra and Darren. I thought, if anything, you’d be happy she’s moved on so soon after you hurt her.”
“That’s just the problem, it is so soon. It’s like what we had meant nothing.”
“I thought it did mean nothing.” Nina enquired, with frustration.
“Well, you know what I mean. Ugh, I can’t take anymore of these relationship conversations. If you need me I’ll be in the shower.”

As Don cleaned himself, he thought about the time he and Nina had spent together. And whether or not it was enough to rid his heart of Dina. Dina, he thought to himself, I’ll tell you why she’s moved her husband in; so she can torment me everyday until I crack and go running back to her. Well that’s not going to happen anytime soon, he promised himself, even though his thoughts continued to stay on Dina and his persistent attraction to her, as he began to relax under the sensual warmth of the water. He was so relaxed he didn’t hear the maid enter the bathroom. It wasn’t until he stepped out that he came face to face with the man.

“Argh!” Don yelped and hopped around on the floor, losing his footing around the man’s mop.
“Arrrrgh! Don’t fire, don’t fire!” The man yelped back in a foreign accent.
“Who the hell are you?” Don demanded, modestly trying to hide his naked body with only his hands.
“I clean house!” The man smiled in reply, continuing to mop around Don’s naked body. “Would sir like cleaning too? I shine pole!” He winked, towel at the ready.
“No! There will be no shining of poles, give me that!” Don yelled, snatching the towel off the maid. “We don’t have a maid! You’re cleaning the wrong house!”
“¿Que?” The maid replied in his native tongue.
“‘Kay, so you get it! You go before I sue your company.”
“Sue? No, Dina! She hire me!” The maid continued to clean.
“Dina? Dina’s not even…”
“Well hello, Don?” Dina calmly announced, standing at the bathroom door, grinning at a half-naked but fully embarrassed Don. “I can tell you’re happy to see me back again.” Dina retorted, leading Don to follow her gaze and readjust the small towel he’d grabbed from the maid in a hurry.