Episode Four « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’: Alexander Goth became a teenager and was overcome with new emotions. He confided in Don about his feelings towards the same sex. Don helped Alex to overcome his shyness and later he met his girl-friend Meadow and the two got close. Nina received a shock proposal from Don and she agreed to marry him. Dina felt disturbed by the two’s sudden union and ended up sleeping with Don’s work mate Ed Wilson.

Prologue: Without

Cassandra Goth now looked back on her childhood with a great sadness, for when she was eighteen, her mother disappeared without a trace.

Afterwards, her father began to mentally block out the disappearance, instead inventing fantastical stories in which Bella was abducted by aliens, or something even more farfetched. Either way, he never accepted that Bella just one day decided to leave her family.

Cassandra was left to raise her brother, Alexander, whilst also taking care of Mortimer when he retired due to ill-health. Despite her warnings of an early grave, he started seeing a younger woman who lived in Pleasentview with her sister. But she was too busy to stop her father’s heart, as she was also in a relationship with the man of her dreams… or so she thought. Alas, her union with Don Lothario was never meant to be.

Her father moved in with Dina after the two wed, and Cassandra was left alone in the Goth Mansion…

…Until, that is, the true man of her dreams finally told Cassandra how he felt. Now she was deeply in love with Darren Dreamer, hoping that soon she could put the past behind her and start a family of her own. But there was one slight problem. Darren’s son, Dirk, hated Cassandra for loving his father. His mother had recently died, and now at a delicate time between his teenage and young-adult years, Dirk did not want to accept that his father was ready to move on.