Episode Four « The Caliente Affairs

Act 1: The Game of Love

“Well, that wasn’t too bad, was it?” Cassandra asked, as she and Darren approached the Goth Mansion. The two had just been to Alexander’s birthday party.
“You know, you’re right! I kind of really enjoyed myself.” Darren said, adding emphasis on the ‘kind of‘.
“Well, my dad loved you! Isn’t that something to be thankful for?” Cassandra hoped.
“Oh, yeah! I mean, I was definitely surprised at how little people noticed us… together. They all seemed okay with it. Well, except Don. Why can’t he just get over himself?” Darren queried. Cassandra had decided it would be better if Darren didn’t know the trouble caused between him and Dirk had been because of Don. After all, she hardly wanted to be responsible for letting her brother witness his first live punch-up, even if Don deserved it.
“You know, Darren, can we just get one thing straight. That man’s name is never to be mentioned inside my house ever again.” Cassandra said, loving the way ‘my house‘ sounded out loud.

“Well, technically we aren’t in your house yet.” Darren said raising his eyebrows.
“And why is that?” Cassandra said, as she pulled Darren close for a passionate kiss…

…Which didn’t stop until the two were inside. “You know, Dirk’s expecting me home at midnight.” Darren said, knowing full well there was no guarantee Dirk even knew what time it was wherever he was.
“Well, he’s going to be disappointed since it just past…” Cassandra looked over to the clock, expecting the time to be near one AM, but she was shocked to see it was only ten-thirty. “Oh! I thought it was later than that.” Darren sighed.
“Huh, me too. I guess we’ll have to find something to pass the time with.”
“But nothing too distracting, otherwise you could end up staying the whole night.”
“And we wouldn’t want that now, would we!” Darren said, winking at his lover. He got up and headed for the stairs until he realised Cassandra wasn’t joining him. He looked over at her, puzzled.
“Where are you going?” Cassandra asked. Darren looked at the stairs and then towards Cassandra.
“I thought we, you know… Squeaky, squeaky!” Darren laughed.

“Darren Dreamer! I’m shocked you’d even think of proposing that to me without so much as a ‘please‘.” Cassandra said with her arms folded.
“Well it’s just… I thought you said we needed something to pass the time. What exactly did you have in mind?” Darren asked.
“How about a game of chess?”
“Chess?!” Darren said, as he grew more and more confused. “Well okay, but I have to warn you I’m pretty good. I can take your queen in under 5 moves.” Cassandra and Darren sat down and Cassandra playful caressed the chess pieces.
“Well tonight you’re not going to be taking my queen,” she said, as she made her first move. “You’re going to be taking my clothes.” Darren almost choked and knocked over his king straight away. So this was her plan, he thought.

Several minutes in and Cassandra was already losing. “You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were losing on purpose.” Darren said, knowing full well Cassandra had just left her king unprotected.
“I don’t know what you’re implying, Darren. I guess you’re just better then me.” Cassandra said, as she prepared to take off another item of clothing.

“I believe, that’s check.” Darren said, moving his queen across to the other side of the board.
“Don’t you mean checkmate?” Cassandra asked.
“That depends on what happens after checkmate?” Darren asked, his heart racing, knowing full well he definitely wasn’t going anywhere tonight.
“This…” Cassandra got up and stripped down to her underwear.
“Then, I believe you’re correct.” Darren said, as he pushed over Cassandra’s king. “Checkmate!”

Upstairs, the two didn’t spend much time on top of the covers. “I may be bad at chess, but there’s one game where I always come out on top of my opponent.” Cassandra said, as she climbed onto Darren

“Let me guess what it is…” Darren joked. “Scrabble?!”

Cassandra slammed her face into Darren’s and only stopped kissing him to undress. “So tell me,” Darren said, slipping out of his shirt. “How many points do you score for the word ‘woohoo‘?”
Cassandra slid her hands inside Darren’s trousers, pulling them down “Twelve!” She replied. Darren giggled, as he proceeded to strip off the last of his clothes.

“And what about if it’s a triple word score?!” Darren proposed, as the two started enjoying their time together.

Much later, Cassandra and Darren emerged from under the quilt with grins on their faces. Cassandra breathed heavily, as she began to talk. “You know, there’s a word I like playing more than ‘woohoo‘, even if it’s not worth as many points.” Cassandra said, as she sleepily looked into Darren’s eyes.
“What’s that?” Darren asked, as he held Cassandra’s hand.

Back at Darren’s house, Dirk was waking up knowing in the back of his mind that he was doing so alone. Despite staying up until two AM his father had not returned from the Goth’s birthday party. As Dirk sighed, he could only face getting up knowing that eventually one day his dad would see Cassandra Goth for who she truly was… all he needed was a little help getting there.