Episode Four « The Caliente Affairs

Act 2: Sleepless Nights

“I really need to get back to Dirk.” Darren said, as Cassandra sighed. Darren didn’t even notice the extra cereal she had poured for him. “Thank you for a truly memorable night.” He said, before kissing Cassandra and leaving.

She couldn’t blame him. He was a father after all, and she didn’t want to come between a father and his son.

But as she polished off both cereal bowls herself, she admitted that she would come between them if Dirk continued to try and drive the two apart. Because she was prepared to fight to be with Darren, even if it meant she’d be fighting Dirk.

A little after eight, Darren was shocked to see Dirk still in his bedroom. He had just nearly chased the bus all the way to the school trying to wave goodbye to his son. “Oh! Aren’t you going to be late for school?” Darren said.
“Not going! You know how it is when you can’t be bothered to be at the place where you should be; school, work, at home with your son…” Dirk said, standing up to walk to the bathroom – the only room in the house with a lock.

“Hold on, Dirk.” Darren said, as he stopped his son from storming off. “I probably, totally deserve that after last night. But I don’t see why your grades have to slip because of where I do or don’t sleep on a night.” Dirk rolled his eyes at his father’s excuse. “So why don’t you go get showered and dressed, and I’ll take you to school in my car.” Darren offered.
“You want me to go to school just so you can call up Cassandra and spend the day screwing again!” Darren went to scold his son for being so crude but he wasn’t given a chance. “Well it isn’t going to happen. I don’t see why you have let her rule your life and decide where you ‘do-or-don’t‘ sleep on a night.” Dirk said, mimicking his dad’s previous comment.

“Haven’t you noticed the mail box is almost full, and there are dirty dishes in your studio from last week – not to mention, a tonne of unfinished canvases? You’re losing yourself in this relationship and I’m just afraid that one day you’re gonna lose…” But Dirk stopped himself, as tears began to form in his eyes. Darren embraced his son, as Dirk held back his emotions.
“I’m sorry, Dirk. I was being selfish last night. But I promise that from now on I’m going to be spending every night here with you.” Dirk looked at his dad.
“I’d like to believe you. But is it you who’s telling me this, or her?” Dirk sighed and continued to hug his dad.
“Look, why don’t we spend the day together, just you and me? And then tonight I’ll let you go out with Orlando, or any of your other friends.” Dirk smiled at his dad and agreed.

“This is my fault.” Cassandra said, as she once again found out she’d been the cause of another argument. Secretly, she couldn’t understand why Dirk wouldn’t just grow up and accept that his dad was moving on.
“No, it’s all my fault! I should have played the adult last night, instead of playing chess!” Darren said, as he talked on the phone with Cassandra at work. Darren had offered to let Dirk skip school and spend the day with him. And despite their money trouble’s he was also lending Dirk the cash for a night out. “Listen, Dirk’s going out tonight so I want you to come over, I think we need to have a sensible discussion on how exactly we should be behaving in our relationship regarding Dirk, because if I’m staying at yours or you’re staying with me every night it’s going to drive Dirk crazy.” Cassandra held back the shock in her voice.
“What is it exactly we need to talk about?”
“I think it’s about time we talked about where this is all going… See you.” Cassandra couldn’t stop shaking, as Darren hung up on the other end. Was Darren really going to end it all because of Dirk? Dirk, Cassandra thought, as she clenched her fists in anger.