Episode Four « The Caliente Affairs

Act 3: A Locked Heart

Dirk had enjoyed spending the day with his dad. The two had only stayed in Pleasentview’s Town Centre, but to Dirk, it felt like old times – when it was just the two of them. As he had been getting ready to go out with his best friend, Orlando, Dirk had noticed his dad acting very jumpy. He suspected that Cassandra was coming over, which he was okay with. He just hoped Darren knew that she had better be gone when he got back.

“Whoa dude, what’s wrong with you? You look like you just got dumped… by all three of your girlfriends!” Orlando joked.
“No, like that’s ever gonna happen! But it is girlfriend trouble.”
“For real? I didn’t think you had girlfriend trouble!”
“Yeah! It’s my dad’s girlfriend that’s the trouble.” Dirk said, as he admired Orlando’s car. His lucky friend got to borrow it from his dad. Dirk wished he could have a dad that loved cars instead of women.
“Isn’t your dad dating the Goth chick, Alex’s sister? Man she is fine!” Orlando said, sticking around the Dreamer’s house to see if he could catch a glimpse of Cassandra.
“No she is not ‘fine‘! She’s anything but ‘fine‘… she’s evil.”
“Ooh, kinky! Just the way I like them.” Orlando said, laughing at his own joke.

“Well, you wouldn’t like her, trust me.” Dirk said, as he relaxed in the back of the car.
“Dirk, I like anything with a pulse!” Orlando joked once again.
“Well I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure she’s lacking a heart inside of that body of hers.”
“I wouldn’t mind checking!” Dirk rolled his eyes and kicked the back of seat where Orlando was sitting.
“Can we just go?! My plan was to go out tonight to forget about her.”
“Chill dude, we’re going. You just let old ‘Lando take all those thoughts of Cassandra out of your head. I think I can find a place to keep them!” Orlando said, as he kept on laughing. But Dirk wasn’t laughing, he was thinking more then ever about Cassandra and his dad, who were once again spending the night alone together.

Cassandra had been so nervous about coming over to see Darren. She was sure that he was going to end it all. But she had a little plan to make Darren forget about breaking up. “You know this bedroom looks different from this angle. I’m used to seeing it from the bed!” Cassandra said, putting her plan into action.
“Well, I hope you’ve got a good memory…” Darren started, as Cassandra joined him on the bed. This is it, she thought, he’s going to tell me he never wants to see me again.

Jumping ahead a few stages, Cassandra leapt onto Darren and began kissing him. Darren jumped and dropped something he was holding. He tried to push Cassandra off so they could talk but Cassandra had already begun trying to undress him.

“Oh! Cassandra, I wanted to talk.”
“And I wanted to screw! Are you objecting?” Cassandra said, as she pulled Darren on top of her. Darren sighed and gave into his girlfriend. As they kept on kissing Darren kept one eye open, trying to see if he could spot what he’d dropped. But he didn’t stay on top of the bed for very long; Cassandra dragged him under the blanket and began to show Darren just what he’d be missing when they broke up.

“Cassandra! I’ve never seen you like this.” Darren said, as he giggled.
“Well you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this Cassandra from now on. A more passionate, a more sexy, a more giving Cassandra!” Cassandra was about to finish off her plan when all of a sudden something poked her in the back! “Ouch! Darren, what was that?”
“What was what?”
“That thing you just poked me with?”
“Cassandra, I’m over here!” Darren said, as sure enough Cassandra realised it wasn’t Darren. She felt around under the covers and grabbed what had hurt her. It was just bright enough to make out what it was.
“Oh, my God! Argh!” Cassandra screamed.
“What! What is it?” Darren asked, as he pulled back the covers to look at his girlfriend.

“Is this what I think it is?” Cassandra shoved the ring in Darren’s face. She had found it under the covers.
“Well… what does it look like?” Darren said, trying not to smile.
“It looks like an engagement ring!” Cassandra said.
“That’s because it is an engagement ring.” Darren pulled his girlfriend out of the bed and took the ring from her hands.

“I wanted this to be slightly more romantic. I at least pictured us both being dressed!” Darren said, as he got down on one knee.
“Wait! So you called me over to talk about our relationship because you wanted to further it?” Cassandra said, scolding herself for ever thinking that Darren was going to break up with her.
“Of course! I was out today with Dirk but spent all that time thinking about you and me. I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell you. But I just wanted to show you that I love you, and I don’t ever want to stop loving you.”

“Will you marry me?” Darren said, as he showed Cassandra the ring, now in its box.
“You want to marry me!” Cassandra stated, as she began to cry a little with joy.
“Well, not this instant. But I just want our relationship to be official. And to prove to everyone that our love is real, not just some fling. But you have to agree first.” Darren said, as he kept the ring held out.
“Agree..? Of course I agree! Yes, Darren Dreamer, I will marry you!” Cassandra said, snatching the ring from her fiancé and placing it on her finger.

As the two kissed, Darren tried once again to tell Cassandra how important it was to treat the engagement as a union rather then just a step before marriage. “Why? Don’t you want to marry me?”
“Of course I want to! But just, not yet.”
Cassandra sighed, “Because of Dirk.”
“Yeah! He’s taking this really hard. But I think that’s because he doesn’t want to let you in his heart in case you leave.”
“Like Darleen.” Cassandra said, as she thought about how Dirk must be feeling.
“Exactly. I think if we show him our commitment, he’ll understand that you’re not going anywhere. And that we’re going to be a family forever.” Darren smiled, as he said the word ‘family‘.
“We are going to be together forever. And I can’t wait to tell him!” Cassandra said.