Episode Five « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’: Dirk found out that his dad was seeing Cassandra Goth. After Darren spends another night at Cassandra’s house, he reaches breaking point and Darren ends up letting Dirk skip school so the two can spend the day together. Whilst Dirk is out with Orlando, Darren invites Cassandra over and proposes they get engaged to show Dirk they are in a serious and loving relationship. Dirk takes the news fine, maybe too fine, Cassandra worries. Could he have something planned to break-up the relationship? Meanwhile at the Caliente Mansion, Dina felt disgusted with herself for sleeping with Ed. But, after hearing Nina mention she’s going to be trying for a baby with Don, she starts to think about arranging another liaison to help get her mind off of Don…

Act 1: Calls of the Heart

As Dina waited for Ed to answer, she thought about hanging up. She hated the fact she kept thinking about what they had done, even though it wasn’t that memorable. He wasn’t the type of man Dina would normally go for, so she couldn’t understand why she was still attracted to him.
“Hello!” A voice on the other end spoke.
“Is that Ed?” Dina asked, as she felt her heart jump inside!

“Sorry, Ed’s working at the moment. I can take a message if you’d like.” Shaun answered, not recognising Dina’s voice.

“No!” Dina said with force. She was mad she had phoned Ed and now she was mad that Shaun had answered.

“Alright, calm down, mate! He’ll be back around four if you want to phone again later.” Shaun said, wondering why the woman had practically shouted down the phone.

Before he could get suspicious, Dina tried to end the call. “I just wanted to talk to Ed. That’s all, nothing wrong with that. I’m gonna go now.” Dina hung up, breathing a sigh of relief. She was going to go back to her exercising, but she heard a noise coming from the attic above her. As she went upstairs, she was surprised to see Don there. He was painting Alex’s new bedroom… without a shirt on.

“So far so good!” Dina joked, causing Don to turn around. “I could help if you want.”

“It’s alright, I just wanted to get this bit done so Alex can sleep here tonight.” As a birthday present for Alex, Don had offered to paint the attic and move Alex’s bedroom in there.
“This room’s so big! I would have loved having this as a teenager.” Dina smiled, remembering her time in the house as a child.

“I bet you would have! All alone up here, no-one to disturb you from whoever – I mean, whatever you’re doing!” Don joked.

“Shut up! I wasn’t like that as a teenager.” Dina laughed.
“Come on! I bet somewhere you had a waiting-list of boyfriends!” Dina playfully hit Don. As she touched his chest, her eyes locked onto his for a moment and she pulled back quickly.
“Anyway, do you think Alex will appreciate the privacy?” Dina said, changing the subject.
“I doubt he’ll be getting up to the kinds of things you would have done if you were given this space!” Don laughed, but Dina just smiled, trying to get away from their previous conversation.
“I doubt he will! I’m sure when Alex invites girl’s over he’ll be the perfect gentleman.”
“If he invites them over.” Don tensed up, realising he might’ve just let slip about Alex’s confession

“What do you mean?” Dina looked puzzled.
“I just meant that… You know, he’s a teenager and he’s got that confidence problem what with his looks.” Don was tired and it had just slipped out, he was sure if he just changed the subject Dina wouldn’t keep on bothering him.
“I think Alex is handsome!”
“And that’s what I told him.”
“You two talked?” Don tried to say as little as possible.
“We may have exchanged a few words.”
“About girls?”
“Then what was it about?”
“Feelings and stuff.”
“So you were talking about girls.” Don had been backed into a corner, he could sense at any moment Dina was going to realise Alex’s secret.
“We were just talking about a wide variety of things.” Don replied, but Dina could tell he wasn’t being truthful.
“You know, Don, he’s my stepson. I think I have a right to know.”
“Man stuff! We had a talk, and it involved men.. and growing-up… and that is the truth.” Don felt he’d told Dina the truth without betraying Alex.

“You talked to Alex about guy-stuff but you didn’t mention girls?” Dina was confused.
“Yeah, and that’s the truth.”
“But you said you talked about feelings.” Don panicked, as Dina started to put two and two together.
“No I said… felines! We were talking about cats.” Don tried to get Dina off topic, but he could tell she had already figured it out.
“Don… is Alex gay?”

“No! Alex is not gay.”
“Well you just said…”
“All he said to me was that he was shy around girls and he didn’t like the way he looked and he was starting to think that he might… you know…” Don sighed, as he realised he’d let Alex down.
“Turn gay? Don, you don’t turn gay just because you can’t talk to girls.”
“Well I told him that! We had a really good conversation and he’s out right now working on his confidence.”
“Do you think Alex is gay?” Dina asked him, but Don paused before he answered. He wouldn’t automatically assume Alex was gay, but at the same time, he confidently assumed Alex wouldn’t be the type of boy who goes out with a different girl every night either.
“I think that, whatever Alex decides we should just support him. And act surprised.” Dina folded her arms.
“You’re asking me not to talk to him?”
“He trusted me Dina, you don’t know how much that means to me.” Dina smiled, as she nodded.

“You enjoyed talking to him?”
“I did, I enjoyed handing down my years of advice.”
“About being gay?!”
“About life! It made me realise that eventually I’d like to do the same with my own son.” Dina was reminded about him and Nina. She looked at the ring on his finger and felt a stabbing sensation in her heart. Knowing the only way to get rid of her hurting was to satisfy her hearts desire, she suddenly leaned in towards Don.

“You’ve got paint on your chest.” Dina said, as she wiped it off. She trailed her finger down Don’s chest and circled his navel a few times as she looked into his eyes, hoping to spark some buried attraction. Don looked at Dina confused and felt a little awkward. Wanting to get away as quickly as possible, he changed the subject.

“You met Ed last night, didn’t you.” Dina’s composure suddenly changed and she looked at Don like a deer in headlights.
“Ed..? The British guy?”
“Yeah, my friend from work. Did you two talk much?”
“We passed each other on the stairs, I don’t remember saying much.” Dina avoided eye contact.
“Huh. Just that, he was asking a lot of questions about you today at work.” Getting ready to leave, Dina tried not to make Don suspicious.
“Well, like what?”
“Mostly about you and Mortimer. He asked if you were happy and why you’d married an older man. I didn’t really have an answer for the last part, as I’m trying to work that one out myself too.”
Dina scowled, as she turned around to leave.

“I married Mortimer because we’re in love. And we’ll stay in love forever, unlike other couples I know.” Don couldn’t tell, but he was sure she meant him and Nina.