Episode Five « The Caliente Affairs

Act 3: Sharing Secrets

Don and Nina were interrupted some time later by the phone ringing. They were both tired from woohoo, but Don tried to get up.

“It’s probably the stork asking when you want the baby delivered!” Don joked.

“Then maybe I should talk to it, you can rest here. Don’t think we’re finished yet!” Nina winked, slipping her nightgown on and heading downstairs to answer the phone.

There was a pause before a man with a British accent asked, “Dina?”
“Hey, Ed! It’s Nina, do you want to talk to Don?” Nina said, instantly recognising Don’s friend.
“No! I was,” There was another pause. Ed thought of what to say.

“I wanted to ask Don something, but it doesn’t matter.”
“I can go get him if you…”
“No, don’t tell him I’ve phoned. I’ll see him at work tomorrow, bye.” Nina was confused, but hung up the receiver. Dina had just walked in, and avoided talking to her sister by bolting up the stairs.

“Dina, wait!” Nina cried, as she went to ask her sister something.
“Sorry! What is it?”
“Where did you go this morning?”
“I went shopping.” Dina said, sticking to her story. But Nina looked around and realised she had no bags.
“You’re not very good at it!”
“Well, I intended to shop, but I…”
“You’re clean!” Nina said.
“What?” Dina replied, confused.
“This morning, Don told me how you walked in on him in the shower, and then left the house.”

Dina paused, as she tried to think of an excuse. “I went swimming! And I used the showers there.” As she was about to go to her room, Nina stopped her sister once again.
“Is there something you want to tell me, Dina? You know you can trust me, I’d never betray you.” Nina said, as Dina was reminded all too well how she had betrayed Nina once.
“There’s nothing to tell.”
“Dina… If you were swimming you couldn’t have had your pager on you.” Dina paused, as she looked at her sister.
“Alright, I used a shower somewhere else.”
“At a friend’s house.”
“Which friend?”
“God, don’t you trust me?” Dina yelled.
“No, as a matter of fact, I have a big problem trusting you. That’s why I want you to tell me the truth.”
“Why do you think that I haven’t already?”
“Because, I can tell when you’re lying… And, there’s something else about you that I know.” Dina tried to decipher whether or not her sister was bluffing.

“Are you gonna confess, or do you want me to do it for you? Don’s right on the other side of that door, and I can’t be held responsible for the volume of my voice.” Dina kept trying to tell if Nina was bluffing. After a few seconds, Dina still stood strong. “Alright, I’ll say it. Even if Don does hear, I’m sure it won’t affect him… will it?”
Dina opened her mouth wide with shock. “You know!”
“I told you I did.”
“He just phoned up asking for you. At first, I thought he’d mistaken me for you. But when he left without leaving a message, I knew something was up.”
“And… that’s it?”
“That’s all I know, unless you feel like telling me the whole story – so I don’t get the wrong idea or anything.” Dina breathed a sign of relief, as she prepared to tell Nina her version of events.
“I used the shower at Ed’s. It wasn’t intentional, but his house was the first one I came to… And whilst I was there, I got your page and used his phone.”
“And then?” Nina paused, as she waited for a reply.

“I had to talk to him. Something happened the night of Alex’s birthday when I took him home. He got the wrong idea and kissed me. I needed to set the record straight.” Nina looked at her sister.
“He kissed you?” Dina sighed.
“Yeah! Do you believe me?”
“I believe you, but only cause I’ve seen Ed and I know you would never willingly kiss him!” Nina laughed, as Dina playfully hit her sister on the shoulder.
“Don’t make fun! He’s really sweet and it was hard letting him down.” Dina relaxed, knowing she was safe. Her affair was still a secret.
“Okay, well I’m glad you told me. I hate it when people keep stuff from me – Don’s doing it too, but I don’t know what he’s hiding.” Nina admitted.
“Oh! Don’t worry, it’s nothing.” Dina said, as she wondered whether she should have even mentioned anything about Alex.
You know?!”
“I kind of… guessed. He’s been sworn to secrecy by someone.”
“Who!?” Nina asked, excited.
“I can’t tell you! But you know Don, he’ll slip up eventually…” As Nina walked into her bedroom, Dina finished, “…he always does.”

Later that night, with her affair over, she finally felt comfortable cuddling with Mortimer. Of course, she had to punish herself first. So, after her workout, she and Mortimer sat on the couch together and watched TV.
“You sure are feeling fit this week.”
“Well, you know me, I always want to look my best.”
“And you always do.” Mortimer said, making Dina smile.

Dina pulled her husband in for a hug, “You know, I’ve been thinking about Nina and Don, and I’m sorry.”
“Why are you sorry?” Mortimer asked.
“Because, I can’t help but wonder when we’re gonna start thinking about children.” Dina confessed.
“You know it’ll be tricky, I’m not as… young as I once was.”
“I know, but it’s not impossible. I just want to make sure that you’ll have someone who’ll keep the Goth name alive.”
“But I do, Dina. Alexander!” Dina thought about what Don had said earlier. She wasn’t going to tell Mortimer, but she had to make him realise that maybe his son wasn’t ever going to have children.
“Well, I just get the vibe that he’s really into dating. By the looks of things, I don’t think he’s ever going to settle down.”
“I’m sure once he falls in love, he’ll realise there’s nothing better on this Earth than staying faithful…”

“Like us! Together forever.”

Dina held her husband tight so he couldn’t see the sadness in her face. Would they be together forever?