Episode Six « The Caliente Affairs

Act 2: Party Planning

It was the day of the Halloween Ball, and Dirk had especially been looking forward to it. With Lilith not going, he got the chance to take his other good friend, Holly. As a costume, he put on an eye-mask to conceal his identity from the other guests!

“So, babe, how will I know it’s you at the ball?” Dirk said, charming Holly.
“I’ll be the most beautiful girl there, of course – in a silky red dress.” Holly purred.
“Nice, is that the same dress you wore on our first date?”
“Well, I remember you said how much you liked it on me.”
“I bet it looks good off you too.” Dirk said, getting excited about seeing Holly once again.
“Oh, Dirk!” Holly giggled. Someone else was shouting Dirk too, it was his dad.
“Can you please get off the phone, I need to use it.” Darren yelled from upstairs.
“Okay, Holly, I gotta go. But I’ll see you later.” Dirk hung up the phone, not bothering to hear what else Holly might have had to say. He liked her, but she wasn’t much for having conversations with. But he knew a great way of keeping her lips busy!

Darren came downstairs and rushed to the free phone. He dialled his fiancée’s house and waited for her to answer.

“Hello!” Cassandra said, just getting ready to shower and change into her Halloween costume.

“Hey! You nearly ready?”
“No. Swing by to pick me up in about an hour or so, I’ve got to phone my dad first.”
“Is he going too?”
“He didn’t sound the healthiest when he stopped by the other day, so I was gonna see if he wanted me to drop off Alex so he doesn’t have to stay.”
“Okay then, I’ll see you around five!”
“Perfect! Love you!” Cassandra said.
“Love you too!” Darren replied.

Cassandra waited for someone at the Caliente house to answer, hoping it wouldn’t be Dina.
“Hello?” Mortimer asked.
“Dad, it’s me!” Cassandra said.

“Oh Hello! To what do I owe the honour of this call?” Mortimer joked.
“Dad! I just saw you the other day, if you’re missing me, you know I’m always happy to have you and Alex over.” Cassandra said, purposefully leaving out the names of any other people involved in Mortimer’s life.
“I’m fine, just always happy to hear your voice. How are thing with you and Darren?”
“Wonderful! We’re going to the ball tonight – all three of us!” Cassandra added. She had informed her father of the initial icy reception she got from Dirk at the beginning of her relationship with Darren. “That’s why I’m phoning, actually. Are you going?”
“No, I’m just driving the girls and Alex because Don’s working.”
“I can’t believe you live with my ex-fiancé! It’s so weird, isn’t it weird?” Cassandra asked.
“Not really, I just try and forget the past.”
“That sounds like you!” Cassandra said, subtly referring to the disappearance of her mother.
“So, why were you calling?” Mortimer asked.

“Well, if you wanted an early night, we don’t mind dropping Alex off when the party’s over.”
“That’d be nice of you. And the girls, too?” Cassandra bit her tongue, as she begrudgingly agreed.
“Sure, dad! As long as it means you don’t have to be driving around all night.” Mortimer thanked his daughter and they both said goodbye.

“That was Cassandra, she says she and Darren will bring you, Nina, and Alex back here after the party’s over.” Mortimer told Dina.
“That was uncharacteristically nice of her!” Dina said, sitting down with her sister.
“Maybe she wants a clean slate for the New Year?” Nina suggested.
“Sure! She’s going to forgive the woman young enough to be her sister for marrying her dad and moving him out of their house. Oh, and also call it even with the girl who stole her teenage sweetheart away from her… If she wants a clean slate by January, she’s going to have scrub pretty hard!” Dina remarked.
“Well, I’ve never been mean to her.” Nina added.
“Oh, of course not!” Dina remarked sarcastically.
“She broke it off with Don, remember.”
“Yeah, because of his affair with you!”
“Look, I don’t want to get into this conversation again. I’ve got to go get ready – especially if you plan on hogging the bathroom as long as you did this morning! What were you doing in there, anyway?” Nina asked.

Dina hesitated before answering, “Just what I do everyday. Being this beautiful isn’t easy work!”
“You spent almost two hours just getting ready? You don’t look much different than usual.”
“I… it was a long bath, I needed a nice clean slate to work on.” Dina joked, as Nina walked off to get ready for the Halloween Party.