Episode Six « The Caliente Affairs

Act 3: Double Trouble, Cauldron Bubble

Mary-Sue looked at her Halloween setting. It was very elaborate, certainly not what she had imagined from the last time she saw the bare hall. The mayor, who Mary-Sue had spoken to at work, explained that he found community gatherings to be something of a rarity amongst towns these days. It was a key factor in making Pleasantview so pleasant to live in!

Darren, Cassandra, and Dirk thought they were the first family to arrive. However, someone else had slipped into the hall already. And Dirk knew exactly who that someone was…

“Do you know who that is?” Cassandra asked Darren whilst they danced.
“I assume it’s Strawberry.” Cassandra looked puzzled, as Darren laughed. “Dirk’s flavour of the week!” Darren explained.
“Does he really think it’s wise to meet up with his flavour of the week at the party hosted by the mother of his girlfriend?”
“I’m sure whatever Dirk does, he can handle it.” Darren reassured Cassandra, as the two continued dancing. Across the hall, Dina, and Nina arrived. They had opted for formal wear rather than costume. Upon seeing her estranged new family, Cassandra felt foolish for showing up in a Rocky Horror-esque costume. But her thoughts were pushed aside when she saw Alex entering with his date, Meadow.
“Do you want me to go get you a drink?” Cassandra casually asked.
“Only if you promise to leave Alex and his date alone.”
“I wasn’t even going to go anywhere near them.”
“You liar!” Darren laughed.
“It’s just, I can’t keep my eyes off of them, they’re so cute together. I’m glad Alex has found a girl he likes.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I mean, I’m just glad he’s not like some of the other young boys in this town!” Cassandra added, leaving Darren knowing exactly who she meant.

Cassandra couldn’t help staring at her brother on his first date. She smiled from ear to ear, as she went to get Darren and herself a drink. Alexander saw her looking and grimaced – he hated being studied like one of his dad’s old lab rats. He panicked, and wondered if Don had told her what he’d confided in him about… Don’t be silly, even if those two were on speaking terms, it wouldn’t be about you, Alex reassured himself, brushing off his worries and trying to enjoy his date with Meadow.

“People are gonna be so jealous of me! You look even more amazing than before.” Meadow said whilst she and Alex danced.
“I could say the same about you!” Alex smiled and took Meadow by the hand. With Meadow’s plan, Alex had now found himself becoming more suited to Meadow than before. He wanted to get confident enough around her that he never had to worry about things like what other people thought of him.

“Oh, Alex!” Meadow laughed out loud, “You’re such a joker. So, who else have you been feeding those phoney lines to?” Alex looked confused, as Meadow explained. “The plan! Has it worked, has anyone shown any interest, or asked you out?” Alex thought about Meadow’s question, but he hadn’t received any signs of interest from the opposite sex. His former goth-styled friends had certainly been interested about his new look, but for very different reasons! Alex searched the depths of his mind and began to panic. Could the reason he hadn’t noticed any girls paying attention to him be because he hadn’t been paying attention to girls? Feeling the silence going on too long, Alex needed an escape plan… and it was staring him right in the face.
“Well, this one girl asked me out straight away.” Alex made up his plan on the fly, but the basis of it was that if he dated Meadow for real, as well as nobody questioning his sexuality, he might start to genuinely fall for her!
“Really! Who, was it Laurie? Aimee?” Meadow asked.
“Well, I can’t remember her name, but I’m sure I’ll find out when I take her out next week.” Meadow stopped smiling and looked at Alex.
“You agreed to go out with her?”
“Yeah, wasn’t that the plan?”
“No! The plan was for me to decide whose good enough for you. I don’t want you winding up with some bimbo whose name you can’t even remember.”

“Oh, I remember now.” Alex said, pausing on purpose.
“…Well?!” Meadow waited.
“Well what?”
“What’s her name, Goddamn it!” Meadow demanded.
“Oh! Come here.” Alex gestured for Meadow to come closer.
“What?” Meadow asked, leaning forwards.
“Well, this girl, I really like her! But I don’t know if she feels the same way about me.”
“She asked you out, didn’t she?”
“She asked me out, but I’m not sure she meant it.”
“Wait, who is she?” Alex signed for Meadow to come even closer.
“It’s… you.”

Dirk and his date were trying their best to keep cool. But, as Dirk moved his hand further down Holly’s body, he felt a pair of piercing eyes drill into the back of his head.
“Don’t look, but that girl behind you is totally checking you out.” Dirk froze his hand, just as it was about to reach its intended destination.
“She doesn’t have red hair does she?”
“Yeah she does!”
“And a spiky collar around her neck?”
“Not that I can see!” Dirk risked a glance, pretending to tie his shoe lace. He saw Angela, Lilith’s twin sister, staring at him and Holly suspiciously.

Standing back up, Dirk formulated a plan to make sure he could spend all the time he wanted with Holly without being seen. “Do me a favour?”
“When I go and talk to her over there, you make a dash to the room next-door and go up the stairs. It leads up to the roof, I’ll meet you there in ten minutes.”
“Okay, but I can’t be held responsible for what I do to you after making me wait a whole ten minutes.” As Dirk passed Holly, he innocently brushed her cheek and whispered,
“I can’t wait!”

Dirk walked towards Angela, as she folded her arms in front of her and squinted at him. “Hello, Dirk.” She said, still squinting.
“What’s wrong, you need glasses or something?” Dirk asked, trying to get Angela to face away from the door so she wouldn’t see Holly run up to the roof.
“I might do, because I just had trouble believing my eyes. You weren’t flirting with that girl over there, were you?” Dirk acted as if he was walking off, but his plan worked, and Angela turned away from Holly to face him. “I asked you a question.” Dirk tried not to look in her direction, as Holly ran off.

“I can honestly say that I will not be flirting with anyone in this room.” Dirk replied, grinning at his deviousness.

“Me?!” Meadow replied in a state of shock. Alex looked into her eyes, as she stepped back. “But, you said you really liked…”
“I do! I’ve been feeling this way for a while now. I kind of hoped we could just drop the plan and go together for real.” Alex replied.
“You want to date me?” Meadow smiled.
“If you’d let me.” Alex answered. He stepped forward and gently placed his hand on Meadow’s shoulder…

…Then, without pausing. He kissed her.

He felt an extreme sensation of pleasure surge throughout his body, as he and Meadow kept on kissing. He felt as if he were floating on air. He didn’t care he was having his first kiss in front of everyone he knew, in fact, it added to the excitement. No longer did he feel like the shy and out of place Alexander Goth he once knew. Today, he felt like a man.

“Aww, look at that, look at that!” Cassandra couldn’t contain her excitement, pointing at her brother kissing his girlfriend.
“Hey, now that doesn’t look like such a bad thing!” Darren joked.
“It doesn’t, huh?” Darren smiled and looked at Cassandra.
“Not at all.”
“Well, do you want to try it?” Cassandra asked, smiling back.
“Sure, why not!”

Containing themselves no longer, the two love-birds smooched on the sofa. “I love you, Cassandra!” Darren said, as he gazed lovingly into his fiancée’s eyes.
“I love you too!” Cassandra replied.

“Eurgh, grab me a bucket!” Dirk said from across the room.
“What’s wrong? I thought you loved kissing!” Angela joked.
“It’s different when you’re watching it… Kinda makes me queasy.”
“So, I guess you won’t be greeting Lilith with a big smooch when she comes later on.” Dirk’s mouth fell open.
“Lilith’s coming?! She told me…”
“Mother made her come after work, which means you’ve got around half-an-hour to wrap up whatever it is you were doing with… Hey, where’d she go.” Dirk smiled, as he prepared to weave his little white lie.

Mary-Sue peered outside, looking out for her husband to arrive. His lateness was not unusual, but it was no less unwelcome. Turning away, she spotted Angela’s confused look from afar and watched her argue with her sister’s boyfriend. “My friend had to leave, which is a shame because I know she would have just loved to meet you. Oh, and by the way, whatever you think you saw, it was just two friends saying goodbye, is that okay?”
“Hey! It’s no bother to me, you can do whatever you want.” Angela sneered.
“Well, I think I’ll just go outside and wait for Lilith.” Dirk passed a despondent looking Mary-Sue, as he headed up towards the roof, ready to break the bad news to Holly.

“Looks like I’ll have to greet them myself.” Mary-Sue said to herself, as she watched her husband’s sister and her family get out of a taxi. “Where has Daniel gotten to?” She asked herself out loud.