Episode Six « The Caliente Affairs

Epilogue: Time for Love

Home for the night, Nina had changed and was looking forward to seeing Don.
“How was the party?” Don asked.
“It was… eventful! Alex got his first kiss.” And I found out Dina cheated on Mortimer, she continued in her head.
“Oh great! I’m really glad he got over all his worries.”
“Ah, is this to do with that secret you’re keeping from me?” Nina asked.
“Oh! Yeah, I suppose it doesn’t matter now. All it was, was that Alex was wondering if having feeling’s for the same sex was.. you know, normal.” Nina raised her eyebrows in shock. “I told him, of course if you even think about another man you’re instantly gay!” Don joked.
“Well, it’s tough. I remember what it was like growing up…” Nina said, causing Don to grin.
“Is this story about to get hot?” Nina laughed, as she pushed Don and cuddled into his body.
“No! What I was going to say was that when you’re growing up, there’s a lot of pressure surrounding sex and gender preference. And… yes, even I went through it.” Nina smiled slyly, knowing how much Don would get off on hearing that.

As the two got cosy, she was about to put her baby-making plans back into action… but, as she went to kiss Don, Nina suddenly felt very sick. Pushing him away, she stood up and clutched her mouth. “Are you okay?” Don asked. Nina slowly breathed in and out as the feeling subsided.
“I… I think so.” Don looked at Nina and asked honestly.
“You don’t think..?” Don asked. He didn’t need to finish, Nina knew exactly what he was thinking, because she was thinking it too.

Was she already pregnant?