Episode Seven « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’: At the Halloween Party, Angela told her sister that she’d seen Dirk with another girl. Lilith confronted him about it, then publicly dumped him. Afterwards, the two sisters grew a little bit closer, but Angela was beginning to worry about the amount of time her boyfriend, Dustin Broke, was spending with Lilith. Meanwhile, Dina told her sister the full truth about her affair with Ed, and the two tried to come to terms with the fact that Dina might be pregnant with Ed’s child.

Prologue: Broke-n Dreams

Brandi Newbie was one of the few residents whose whole family originated from Pleasantview. But, unlike the Goths or the Pleasants, her family had not been treated kindly by the financial changes that had come about when the town elected its new mayor. Instead, her mother and father were forced to bring her up without the benefits that all the other children had.

It was tough, even more so during her teenage years. But finally her luck changed for the better when she met the boy of her dreams – Skip Broke. Together, they found themselves in a very passionate relationship…

So it was no surprise when Brandi ended up pregnant. She was thrilled, but Skip was more concerned about how the three of them were going to live in the growing community of Pleasantview. Using what they had, Brandi’s mum and dad moved out of their house and gave it to their daughter. Which couldn’t have come sooner, since she found herself bearing yet another of Skip’s children, Beau. With a husband, a house, and two children, Brandi thought things were finally looking up…

Instead, the Broke family were left devastated over the sudden death of Skip. Left without her parents or husband, Brandi was struggling to justify living in the highly sought after village of Pleasantview, especially when she gave birth to Calvin, the last of her children with Skip.

Not ready to admit defeat just yet, she begrudgingly agreed to join Mary-Sue Pleasant on one of her routine visits to the new neighbours. After all, money was money, and it just so happened there was another benefit of this trip.

That night, she met the proprietor of the new house, Shaun Wilson. He was an up-and-coming architect from Britain who’d taken a job in Pleasantview to start work on the town’s new housing estate. They fell head over heels in love with each other, but Brandi was afraid that it was too soon to start dating again. However, she needn’t have worried herself about dating…

Because she found herself accepting his proposal of engagement not long after their whirlwind romance began! Shaun was an admirable man, who was already well respected within the town’s upper class. And financially, he was a blessing, helping raise Calvin and Beau like they were his own – even Dustin took a liking to him. But deep down, Brandi knew emotionally that she wasn’t ready to get married. And sometimes, she couldn’t help but think neither was he.