Episode Seven « The Caliente Affairs

Act 1: Mother Bother

It was eight AM, and Brandi was surprised that her youngest son was still sleeping. Usually, he was an early riser, but Brandi knew this was a rare moment and quietly crept away to have some breakfast.

As she poured some cereal, her eldest son Dustin came out of his bedroom. “You’re up a bit early aren’t you?” She asked. Last night, Dustin had gone to the Halloween Party with his girlfriend. He came home after midnight, much to Brandi’s disappointment.
“Gordon’s put me on an early shift today, but the cheap-skate is only paying me for the usual three hours.” Dustin replied, as he crashed down onto the sofa and switched on the TV.
“Shush, not too loud or else you’ll wake…” But it was too late, Brandi heard her youngest son crying for attention.

“Thank you very much!” Brandi sarcastically said, dropping the cereal box and rushing upstairs to see if she could get Calvin to fall back to sleep.
“Sorry, I didn’t know it would be so loud.” Dustin apologised. Brandi rolled her eyes, thinking to herself that loud is the only way today’s music comes. Dustin turned down the volume, and began to reminisce about last night’s party. He was glad he went instead of getting some rest for his early shift. Even though he was tired, he didn’t care. Last night was one of the best nights out with Angela Pleasant he’d had in a long while. For a while, he wasn’t sure whether or not their relationship was as strong as it once was. He found himself spending less time with her, and even less time thinking about her. Angela was his childhood sweetheart, the girl of his dreams…

A loud cry distracted Dustin from his thoughts, so he went to eat breakfast with his other brother, Beau, before he had to leave.

“Hey, little bro’!” Dustin said.
“Excuse me!” Beau said in shock.
“Whoa, sorry! Big bro’!” Dustin corrected himself. It was Beau’s first birthday as a teenager on Saturday.
“Thank you, Bigger bro’! How was the party?” Beau asked. He was a little bit jealous that he wasn’t allowed to go by himself, even though he was on the verge of becoming a teenager.
“Nah, you didn’t miss much. You’d have just wanted to hang with me and all I was doing was making out with Angela all night!” Beau pulled a disgusted face, and Dustin laughed.
“So, I suppose in your eyes it was the greatest party of your life?” Beau asked.
“No way! I’ve yet to dance at that party… but I’m counting down the days!” Dustin joked, just as the phone rang. Neither of the boys answered it until Brandi screamed for one of them to move off their butt’s and do so!

Party, Dustin thought to himself and laughed. He loved confusing Beau with his grown-up yet immature sense of humour.

“Hello!” Dustin answered the phone. It was Lilith, Angela’s twin sister. “You’re sick? Or are you just hung-over?” Dustin asked. Lilith was trying to get Dustin to back-up her story so their boss wouldn’t fire her for not showing up this afternoon. “You know, as soon as I bring it up, he’ll make me work your shift. I’m just gonna let you deal with this on your own.” Dustin replied, but Lilith pleaded until he cracked. “Fine! But you owe me big time for this, Lilith.” Dustin laughed. Lilith promised him something extra-special would come his way, as soon as she felt better. As he hung up the phone, he felt as if Lilith’s last comment was a bit too flirtatious. It was true the two had become close friends since working together, but he hoped Lilith knew that that’s all they were ever going to be.

Brandi had managed to persuade Calvin to sit tight until she changed into her clothes. He rubbed the tears from his eyes when she finally came back to let him out of his crib. “Mummy!” Calvin cried, as Brandi swooped him up into her arms. She loved the sound of his voice, she was so happy when he finally started talking; she would just sit with him for hours as he repeated the same words over and over again. Brandi would pick up objects, like a bottle or a book, and Calvin would tell her what they were. As she brought him into the kitchen for his breakfast, Calvin pointed at the front door and cried out, Postman. She laughed and kissed him on the forehead, wondering if all mother’s felt as happy as she did…

It had been a miracle that Nina had managed to schedule an appointment with a private doctor so fast, but Dina later found out the miracle would be how they were going to pay for it without anyone getting suspicious. Nina had found that going to a private doctor meant Dina could remain anonymous. As she entered the doctor’s office once again, she suddenly felt that familiar sickness wash over her. She was about to find out if she was pregnant. She swallowed the lump in her throat before sitting down on the couch, suddenly feeling like she was in a psychiatrist’s office. She reminded herself to be as vague as possible in what she told the doctor.

“Okay, Dina, we’ve got the results of your test back and everything went fine. How have you been feeling in yourself? Any coughs or colds lately?” Dina rolled her eyes.
“Just skip the formalities, I’ve already told you that everything’s fine.”
“Very well then.” The doctor opened up a folder and glanced at the test results, but Dina knew he already knew what they said, he was just trying to make her worry so she’d come back for a follow-up appointment.
“Some time today would be nice!” Dina demanded.
“Ah yes, well…”

“You are indeed pregnant.”

Hearing it out loud for the first time, Dina realised she had secretly known that she was pregnant all along, she just didn’t want to believe it.

“And there’s no chance it could be a mistake?” Dina asked, knowing it was unlikely.
“Mistakes are rare but not impossible. I could schedule a follow-up appointment. Maybe if I had a bit more information about your family history, any previous cases of Hysterical Pregnancies…”
“No, no backstory. I knew it.” Dina said under her breath with a tone of resentment that the doctor picked up on. He looked at Dina, as she realised what she had said. “Oh! I mean, thank you. I’m so thrilled!” Dina laughed and stood up. “Well, thanks for the appointment, I hope you have a nice day and I’ll see you… well, never again!” Dina tried to leave.
“Would you like us to forward your results to your local doctor?” He asked.
“No! Just keep ’em! Do whatever you want with them, make a paper-plane for all I care, just don’t let anyone who knows me see them.” As Dina left the doctor’s office, she wondered if all mothers felt as sad as she did.