Episode Seven « The Caliente Affairs

Act 2: Far From Over

Dina impatiently waited for her sister, hoping to leave as soon as possible. One side of her brain was trying to force herself to deal with what she had just heard, but the other more dominant side was making her ignore the news of her baby altogether. Nina sat back down next to her sister, looking whiter than usual. “Are you still waiting?” She asked.
“Oh no, I’m done. We can go now.” Dina stood up, but Nina pulled her back down.
“Whoa, wait a second. You’ve got the results? Do you know if you’re pregnant?”
“Yeah, I know.” Dina tried to leave again.
“Dina?!” Nina asked, wanting an answer. Dina sighed.
“Yes. I’m pregnant.” Nina began to smile, and went to hug her sister, but Dina rolled her eyes and pushed her giggly sister away. “Can you please calm down?”

“What? Aren’t you happy?” Nina was confused.
“Sure, I’m doing star-jumps of joy. I can’t wait to blow-up like a balloon and watch… correction, feel my ankles get fat. And I’m sure gonna be praising the Lord during the sixteen hours-a-day I’ll spend on the toilet!” Nina rolled her eyes this time.
“Are you done feeling sorry for yourself? It’s always about you isn’t it. What about that other thing you were worried about? Did the doctor tell you when you got pregnant?”
“I didn’t stick around to find out, he was asking too many questions.” Dina squinted suspiciously.
“Well… let’s think logically. You have to be at most eight weeks along, and you only slept with Ed once, right?” Nina asked. Dina stayed silent and avoided eye contact, causing Nina to whisper loudly. “How long have you been keeping this up?! Was it ever since the night of your engagement party?” Nina asked, knowing that was when she herself had first met Ed.
“No… it was the night of yours, actually.” Dina admitted, as Nina’s expression changed to that of a sad one.

“Oh, Dina. How could you?”
“It was just those two times. I swear. Then I ended it, because I could tell he was falling for me – and that’s all I needed. I just wanted a little light relief!” Dina remarked.
“And look where you are now.” Nina said, with a harsh judgement in her voice that caused Dina to swiftly change the focus of topic onto her sister.
“Anyway, what’s up with you? You spent the whole duration of my appointment in the bathroom. What were you doing?” Dina sensed that Nina was the one keeping secrets this time.
“You know, the normal stuff.” Nina lied.
“Don’t insult me, Nina. Even if I weren’t your twin, you’re a terrible liar.”
“Well… I didn’t feel well. Must have been something I ate last night at the party.” Dina shook her head.
“You ate nothing but that hotdog we shared. Come on, I was honest, now it’s your turn.” Nina looked away from her twin sister.
“Well… if it wasn’t something I ate, then that can only mean one thing…”

“You’re not pregnant, are you?” Dina asked.
“I don’t really know for sure! I didn’t want to tell you because you had your own issues to deal with. But… I guess, now you’ve got them sorted…”
“They’re far from sorted, Nina. In fact, you were right – I did have enough to deal with, so now I’m going into worry overload.” Dina put her head between her knees.
“Stop! It’s okay. Today is a day for answers, no more uncertainties. I will go and take a test and, unlike you, I’ll know for sure.”
“How?” Dina asked.
“Because, it sounds stupid – but I feel pregnant.” Nina smiled, rubbing her stomach.
“It’s not stupid. I felt the exact same thing – I just didn’t want to believe it. How am I going to carry on knowing that Ed could be the father.” Dina asked out loud.
“I think what you were saying at the party made sense… about how Mortimer is your husband, so he should be the father.” Dina was shocked. Was her sister telling her to lie? Both girls looked at the floor, as they struggled to come up with an answer.

“Trust you to bring me down on what should be the happiest day of my life!” Nina joked.
“I’m sorry! You’re right, he is the father. I mean, there’s not really any other option. Unless…” Dina paused.
“No ‘unless‘. Let’s keep up the happy thoughts! Won’t it be great being mothers at the same time!” Nina hugged her sister, as Dina couldn’t help but think in the back of her mind about the ‘unless‘. If she couldn’t raise a child with Mortimer, knowing the father could be Ed, what would the solution be to her problem..?