Episode Seven « The Caliente Affairs

Act 3: Nina Seeks Advice

“One step…”
“Calvin! One, two step…”
“No!” Calvin dropped to the floor and crawled over to his toy. Brandi had never had so much trouble teaching her children to walk. In fact, it was something Dustin and Beau grasped straight away. Just then the doorbell rang.
“We don’t have a doorbell?” Brandi said to herself, as she opened the door. Being greeted by no-one, she realised it was just Calvin on his xylophone. As she was closing the door, saw saw her best friend Nina Caliente across the street.
“Hey, how’ve you been! Were you gonna come in?” Brandi shouted, with a smile on her face.
“Well…” Nina hesitated, thinking about the impending test waiting to be taken. “I guess. Sure!”

“How are you?” Brandi asked hugging her friend.
“You know… I honestly don’t know!” Nina said, walking inside.

“Red Dina!” Calvin cried.
“No, Calvin,” Brandi said, picking up her son. “This is Nina.”
“Aw, hello. Gosh, he’s gotten so grown up since I last saw him. When the boys go off to college you two should really come and stay for a few nights.” Nina offered.
“Are you sure, you don’t you think he’ll get a bit bored by himself?”
“Well, who says he won’t have any other kids to play with?” Nina asked cryptically.
“What do you mean?” Brandi asked. Nina couldn’t help but grin. “Wait. Are you saying you’re…”
“I’m not saying anything!” Nina laughed.
“You are! Are you?” Brandi asked.

“Oh! Nina!” Brandi said, hugging her friend in happiness.
“I just was off out to buy the test now.” Nina admitted.
“Go! Go get it. Come back here and do it!” Nina laughed and shook her head. “Okay. You have to phone me as soon as you find out if you are.”
“You’re the first person outside my house who knows anyway.”
“Do you need to fast? Can you eat? I’m serving up some spaghetti, it’s healthy for you and the baby.” Brandi said, rushing over to the stove.

Nina sat down, “I don’t even think it’s the size of a peanut yet and you’re already looking out for it. You’re such a good mother.”

“You will be too! You and Don will make fantastic parents.” Brandi said, bringing over a plate of spaghetti for Nina to eat.
“You really think so?” Nina asked.
“I know it! And if not, I’ll be on hand to give you any advice you two want.” Nina took her friends generosity.
“Alright then. Be honest – how fat am I gonna stay after I have it?” Nina asked laughing.
“Oh, after your first kid you’ll lose the wait in days, mostly because of all the running around you’ll be doing!” Brandi laughed.
“You’re just making me feel better. I’m gonna look like an elephant aren’t I?” Nina asked, laughing at herself.

After she had finished her meal Nina could put her test off no longer. “Are you sure you don’t want me to watch him whilst you take a bath or something?” Nina asked.
“No! Go home and take that test.” Brandi said, showing her friend out of the house.
“Okay, I’m going!”
“Don’t forget to phone me later.” Brandi told Nina.
“I won’t.” Nina said, as she walked away from the Broke’s house thinking even more about the baby she was sure was growing inside of her. Feeling satisfied she already knew, Nina decided to put off the test for a while.