Episode Seven « The Caliente Affairs

Act 5: Baby Maybe

Nina Caliente was hoping that this wouldn’t have to happen.
“Have you done it yet?” Dina asked.
“No, I’m going to.”
“Soon?” Dina asked. She had been at her sister all night and morning, telling her to take the pregnancy test.
“I can’t.” Nina hesitated.
“Come on, Mortimer’s asleep, and Don’s just got off to work. Now’s the perfect time – come on!” Dina said, as she guided her sister to the bathroom.

“Wait, what was that noise.” Nina tried to stall.
“That’s the maid. Come on, before he cleans the toilet.”
“No. I should wait until after he cleans the toilet, just so no-one else’s pee gets on my test.”
“Nina, NOW!” Dina demanded.

Nina slowly went to open the bathroom door, holding the test in her shaking hands. But… she couldn’t do it, she just couldn’t go through with it. She was afraid of the future; so many things were still up in the air – not to mention what she knew about her sister now. She diverted herself towards the stairs.

“No, you’re not going anywhere. I promise you, whatever the results are, it’ll be fine.”
“Can’t I eat something first? I don’t think I need to pee. Oh… I think I’m gonna throw up.” Nina said, trying to buy herself some time.
“Stop it! Why are you so nervous, I thought you wanted a baby?” Dina asked.
“I do. But what if I’m not pregnant.”
“What if you are!” Dina suggested. Nina sighed, and knew her sister was right. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Dina waited outside. Nina talked through the other side of the door.
“Can you leave? I can’t pee knowing you’re waiting for me!” Dina rolled her eyes and walked off.

A few minutes later, Nina emerged from the bathroom. Dina rushed over from the other end of the hallway and saw Nina looking down at the floor. Dina was about to comfort her sister, until she looked up and grinned. “I’m pregnant!” Nina quietly said.

Dina was the one who was overcome with the giggles this time, as she hugged her sister. “Can you believe it, we’re both pregnant?!”
“I know! This is going to be fantastic. I can’t wait.” Nina heard herself saying; not knowing where the enthusiasm was coming from.

She was still worried about the future – maybe even more so, now that she knew she was responsible for bringing life into this world. So many lies were at the origin of her and Don’s relationship, and she could see what lying was doing to Dina. It was just going to get worse. Nina wanted to be free of all the lies… but Dina knew that once her sister started telling the truth, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself.

You’re terrible at keeping secrets, and you’re even worse at lying, Dina had told her sister. We have to announce our pregnancies at the same time. I’ll do all the talking, you just nod and smile. And, god forbid, if Don ever gets you alone and asks you why you look like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you just tell him that keeping my secret was a burden on you.

Being burdened by her sister was right! But it wasn’t the fact she was pregnant that was such a burden, it was the fact she didn’t know who the father was. All Nina could think about was… what if her sister’s child wasn’t Mortimer’s?