Episode Eight « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’:
Nina went with Dina to a private hospital and supported her sister when she found out she was pregnant. Dina was shocked and unsure who the father was. She was even more shocked when it turned out Nina was pregnant too! After some advice from Brandi, who was feeling the stress of motherhood, Nina felt better about becoming a parent… she just hoped Don felt the same.

The Dinner, Part One

“Oh no, we’re both just not going to be able to make it on Monday.” Nina told the woman on the other end of the phone. She was trying to cancel her and Dina’s yoga class. Being pregnant, Dina was researching online what exercises they should and shouldn’t do. “I understand we have to attend a minimum of three classes per month to keep our membership, but surely the rules can allow for… health related absences?” Nina rolled her eyes. She was under strict orders from Dina not to tell anyone about their pregnancies. Needless to say, Nina failed to tell her she’d already told Brandi Broke before Dina had imposed the ruling. With a sigh, Nina hung up the phone.
“No luck?”
“She says we have to make it up next month, although I doubt that’ll happen.”
“It’s okay, by that time we can tell her exactly why we can’t attend. Hey, do you think it’s too early to start lamaze classes?” Dina enquired with her sister.
“Are you kidding me?! There’s no way I’m going through labour without drugs, what if I have twins?” Nina laughed.
“It couldn’t hurt to try…”

In the study, Dina and her sister found the privacy to relax – and Dina was in desperate need of relaxation! It was only a few weeks ago when she found out she was pregnant by either her husband Mortimer Goth, or Ed Wilson – the man she’d had an affair with. Nina was also in two minds about whether her pregnancy was an accident or a blessing in disguise. Sometimes she felt like becoming a mother at such a young age meant she’d miss out on a lot of things, and other times she would scold herself for being so selfish. But it wasn’t just herself that she had to worry about, it was only three months ago that she found her boyfriend in bed with her sister… She knew things had blown over, but sometimes she couldn’t help but worry that raising a baby with Don might turn out to be a huge mistake.

A knock on the door awoke Dina and Nina from their meditation, “Can I come in?” Mortimer asked.
“Hold on!” Nina exhaled, and stood up to let Mortimer in. “Do you need help getting up?” She asked Dina.
“Oh no,” Dina said, “my dear step-daughter is coming over. I need as much inner peace as I can possibly get!” Nina let Mortimer in and decided she’d had enough meditation for one day.
“You will be ready for this evening, won’t you?” Mortimer asked.
“Stop worrying, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack. It’s not too late to call and cancel if you don’t feel up to it.” The phone rang, and Mortimer went to answer it. Dina’s peaceful composure was disturbed once again when she heard who Mortimer was talking to,
“I don’t know any ‘Clarence Wing Private Hospital‘.” Mortimer told the person on the other end of the phone. It was, in fact, where Dina found out she was pregnant. In one swift move, she yanked the phone cord out of the socket on the wall. A confused Mortimer looked down, as Dina smiled innocently.
“Oops!” She exclaimed, trying to appear as if she’d done it by accident!

But Mortimer couldn’t help let his thoughts linger on Dina’s accidental removal of the phone cord, as he prepared the turkey for this evening’s dinner. In fact, Dina seemed to be doing a lot of strange things lately. Her constant trips to the top floor bathroom, where she would spend what seemed like hours. Sometimes, it felt as though Dina wanted to get away from him. Not only that, she was distant in bed too. And their relationship was not at all like it used to be. Although Mortimer secretly admitted he didn’t mind (not being as virile as he used to be), he still missed the closeness and love they once shared. Could it be that Dina was falling out of love with him? She had begun to get awfully moody when he asked her the most innocent of questions, sometimes making him feel more like a father than a husband.

As if reading his mind, the object of Mortimer’s affections made her presence known, as she groaned and walked towards the patio. “Is something the matter, my dear?” Mortimer asked.
“No!” Dina huffed, as she reluctantly answered, “I just ache from all those stupid yoga positions and I want to go and relax in the hot-tub before she gets here, if that’s okay with you?” She added on the end, with a tone that let Mortimer know it was a question she did not want answering.
“It’s fine! You take care.” Mortimer said, puckering out his lips for a kiss. But Dina simply walked right by and out of the door. Sighing, Mortimer placed the turkey in the oven and began to find some onions to chop so no-one would suspect his eyes were welling up with tears.

Some time later, Don found himself absolutely starving. But before he made it to the table to wait for the food Mortimer was about to serve up, the phone grabbed his attention. He picked it up and talked to a formal sounding woman on the other end. “Private what?” Don asked, confused about who was calling. Looking over at Mortimer, who seemed to be having some trouble bending down to take the heavy turkey out of the oven, Don lowered his voice. “Maternity Clinic? But Dina’s not…” Don began, until he was reminded about Nina’s random attacks of sickness these past few days. In his mind, Don began to concoct a theory in which Nina would go to a private hospital to find out if she was pregnant, but lie and call herself Dina. Feeling somewhat annoyed at Nina, he claimed to the woman on the phone that she had the wrong number and slammed down the phone before she could argue. Before he sat down, Don removed the phone cord from the wall, just in case the hospital receptionist decided to call back.

“Was that Cassandra?” Mortimer asked, as he began to carve some of the turkey for himself.
“No, it was a wrong number.” Don lied. Watching Mortimer, he suddenly realised why the old man had stopped making the table. “Where do you suppose everyone should sit?” He asked, knowing that the next few hours were going to be very awkward for everyone. Placing the plates back in a stack on the side, Mortimer sat down and began to eat.
“To be completely honest, I couldn’t give a damn.” He replied, making Don feel awkward already. Mortimer had apparently begun the dinner before anyone else had even arrived. What on earth is going on with everybody in this house, Don thought.