Episode Eight « The Caliente Affairs

The Dinner, Part Three

Nina was surprised when Brandi Broke showed up later that night. Brandi explained that she hadn’t heard from Nina, and couldn’t wait any longer – having Dustin and Beau keep an eye on Calvin just whilst she popped over. Nina showed Brandi down into the den, hoping the two could be alone. “I don’t know what to tell you.”
“What did the test say, don’t you know?” Nina avoided looking at Brandi, but she could already tell. “You do know! Ooh, what is it? Is it a girl? Please! I won’t tell anybody else, I swear.” Brandi giggled.
“Ugh! You better not!” Nina coyly smiled.
“Does that mean..?” Brandi looked on the verge of exploding if Nina didn’t tell her.
“Yes, I’m pregnant!”
“Ah!” Brandi squeaked, as she threw her arms around her best friend.

“You’re gonna have a family of your very own!” Don overheard Brandi say, finally confirming what he had already suspected.

Knowing that Alex was okay, Nina felt no hesitation in firing up the hot-tub (Brandi suggested they should celebrate). She bravely took her sister to one side and told her that Brandi knew – only about her pregnancy. Even though she was sure it was too soon to start enjoying herself, Dina joined in their secret celebration. But their happy faces were soon wiped clean, when Don wouldn’t take no for an answer and plunged himself into the hot-tub too.

With talks of colour schemes and baby names still on her mind, Brandi foolishly blurted out with glee, “I got it – Gina!” She realised how strange that would sound to Don… had he not already known about the baby.

“Sorry!” Brandi whispered. Nina hesitated to explain Brandi’s outburst, which would have been a whole lot better if she hadn’t followed it with ‘Sorry‘, Nina thought. But Don had finally had enough and admitted that he knew what they were all so happy about.

“I know, okay! I know you’re pregnant, Nina. Or, should I say Dina?” He shouted. Dina suddenly turned white, as she and her sister looked at each other. “Did you know that’s what she called herself when she went to the private hospital? Of course, what am I saying? It was probably your idea to switch identities so I wouldn’t find out.” Dina now understood he must have answered another call from the hospital, but assumed that Nina had used Dina’s name in order to keep her pregnancy private. Like her sister, Nina knew why Don would assume it was Nina who had lied. Ever since Halloween, Nina had been the one struck down with morning sickness that she couldn’t hide from a suspicious Don. Nina suddenly realised she had no reason to feel guilty.
“Why are you mad? Just last month you said you wanted a family.” Nina enquired, disappointed by her fiancé’s anger at what she thought was going to be a much happier subject of discussion.

“I said I wanted one, I didn’t mean as soon as we were engaged. For god’s sake, Nina, we’re not even married! We don’t even own our own house. I mean, I’m living with the father of my ex-fiancée! Did you really expect me to raise a baby in these conditions? And what about my job? I was doing great, and now I’ll have to cut down on my hours to help you out.” Don shouted. He hadn’t meant for it all to come out at once, but now it had, all Don was left with was emptiness. He thought when Nina told him she was pregnant (a very, very long time away from now), he’d be overcome with joy. But he wasn’t. Void of any words, he stood up and left the hot-tub before Nina could talk to him.

Brandi felt like an idiot, “I am so sorry, Nina.”
“No, it’s okay. It’s better I find out now what a selfish and arrogant jerk Don is before I begun to get excited about this… thing.” Nina said coldly, as she and Brandi got out of the hot-tub. Now Dina was alone and confused. She was sure out of the two of them, it was Nina who would have had her pregnancy revelation greeted with happiness. After all, she couldn’t even tell Mortimer he was fathering a child without feeling dishonest.

Later, she felt that same dishonesty nagging away inside. Feeling the need to numb her senses, and with the option of turning to alcohol out of the question, she leaned over to seduce Mortimer.

“No.” Mortimer said, as he stopped his wife from kissing his lips. Dina looked shocked. “I just… need you to tell me you love me.” Dina was confused but proceeded to grant his request,
“I love you, with all my heart and soul! I want us to be together forever and live without a care in the world. You make me feel safe – you make me feel!” Dina said, and she kissed her husband.

Mortimer smiled and thought long about her words. He had been feeling disconnected with Dina for a while now, and although what he had been planning to do was dishonest, he knew it would give him the sense of security that he was lacking. “I make you feel safe?” He asked himself. Dina nodded and he replied, “I’m sure you do feel that, with me you are safe forever.”

Mortimer got under the covers and rested his head down on the pillow. Dina felt disturbed by Mortimer’s words. What did he know that he wasn’t telling her? Maybe, Dina thought, she was just worried that Mortimer would find out about her affair with Ed. And she knew that worry would only cause more trouble. So, as if a great weight had been lifted from her conscience, Dina placed her head down too, and fell gently to sleep. Knowing that she could not risk Mortimer finding out about her affair and possible illegitimate child, Dina came to the only solution that was left… she would not give birth to this baby.