Episode Nine « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’: Mortimer Goth invited Cassandra and Darren over for a sit-down meal with him, Dina, Nina, and Nina’s fiancé Don. Don found out about Nina’s pregnancy. Seeing Don’s negative reaction, Dina backed out of telling Mortimer about her own pregnancy, and instead contemplated a termination. Alex was left to entertain Dirk, but took things too far when he leaned in for a kiss, expecting to receive one. Instead, Dirk was homophobic towards Alex for trying to kiss him, and left the Caliente house feeling confused about how he could have let Alex think he was interested in him romantically.

Act 1: Dreams

It had been many days ago, but Dirk still could not forget how close his lips came to touching those of Alex Goth. Once again Dirk was thinking about it and he felt dirty doing so.

As he went into the bathroom to take a shower, he was surprised to find someone already inside.
“Hey, who’s in there?” Dirk asked.
“It’s Alex! Care to join me?” Alex suggestively giggled.

“Just try and stop me!” Dirk replied, stripping off and pulling back the shower curtain.

“Argh!” Dirk screamed and woke up to the sound of his alarm. Thankfully, the events that Dirk had just witnessed were only in a dream. But still, the fact that they came from his own mind sent a chill throughout his body. Could he really be lusting after Alex? Another chill surged through him, as Dirk heard the shower turn off in the bathroom. He hadn’t even realised it was on! Unable to fight his curiosity, he opened the bathroom door to see who it was.

“Dirk?” Darren asked. Dirk sighed upon hearing his dad’s voice.
“Sorry, just checking if the bathroom was free.”
“It’s okay, I actually need you.” Dirk began to grow confused.
“What on earth do you need me for?” He asked, worried he had not woken up from his dream yet and something even more chilling was about to take place.
“There’s no dry towels. Can you go get one from my bedroom?” Darren asked. Dirk sighed and went up the stairs to get a towel for his dad.

Feeling less paranoid, but still hormonal, Dirk was unsettled to see Cassandra when he opened his Dad’s bedroom door. “Sorry!” He apologised upon seeing Cassandra in only her underwear.
“It’s okay, Dirk. What did you want?”
“My dad wanted a towel.” Dirk waited at the door.
“It’s okay, come in. The towels are in the bottom drawer.”
“I know!” Dirk shot back at his dad’s fiancée. He scowled at the fact she could think that he had forgotten where his dad kept the towels – it was his house, not hers. Collecting what he needed, he began to leave but stopped at the door and turned back to look at Cassandra.
“Was there something else?” She asked.
“I just,” Dirk started, thinking about her brother, “I’m sorry I snapped at you. I guess it was because of my bad dream.” He confessed.
“Thank you, I’m sorry to hear about your nightmare.” Cassandra said, making Dirk feel better before he left.

Things between the Dreamer’s and Goth’s had been better than ever. Dirk just wished he could forget about Alex and not hold a grudge against Cassandra. Even though it was probably her fault he had ended up that way. With Alex being left motherless towards the end of his childhood, Dirk assumed it was something Cassandra must have done during his upbringing that had made him gay. And now here she was, hoping to raise yet another child. Well she can think again, Dirk thought. He had been on the phone and searching the net a lot lately, looking for some scholarships that would allow him an early start to the term. The quicker I get out of this house now she’s here, the better, he thought to himself. Cassandra hadn’t moved in but she might as well have, judging by how comfortable she had made herself. Dirk turned to see Cassandra join him and his dad at the breakfast table, still only dressed in her underwear. Dirk rolled his eyes and began to think.

How can she walk around my house looking like that? Dressed in her black underwear with her smooth, tanned skin glistening in the morning light. No wonder my dad’s fallen for her, she might as well have a halo floating above her head. God, she’s beautiful. Dirk didn’t realise that he was staring right at Cassandra’s half-naked body, but Darren had.
“Dirk, chew with your mouth closed!” Darren said.
“Huh, What?” Dirk snapped out of his thoughts and caught his dad’s disapproving glance. Cassandra simply muffled a laugh and ate her breakfast. Dirk began to turn a bright shade of red and didn’t look up from his bowl for the rest of the meal. Feeling like a fool, he quickly got off to school and avoided coming home that evening by making plans with Orlando.