Episode Nine « The Caliente Affairs

Act 2: Gym Therapy

After tossing around the football after school, Dirk and Orlando decided to visit the gym – with Dirk hoping that hard exercise would put him back in touch with his inner-man. Dirk still could not shake the feeling that Alex had stirred up something inside of him; feelings he did not want to be faced with at his age. As he stressed even more getting changed into his gym clothes, Dirk corrected his thoughts. He never wanted those feelings to be stirred up ever again.

Finding some apparatus, Dirk grunted in disgust when he saw Angela Pleasant enter the gym. He tried to hide behind the weights, but Angela saw him and began to gloat.
“Hey, Dirk! How’s your girlfriend? Oh that’s right, you don’t have a girlfriend.” She said in a mocking tone. Dirk grinded his teeth together. If he had been stronger, Dirk swore he would have thrown some weights at her big head.

Dirk began to pump some iron. “Just ignore her.” He told his friend.
“But I thought you had a girlfriend.” Orlando began, but Angela interrupted.

“He did, but that stupid girl somehow got it into her empty little head that a certain ex-girlfriend of Dirk’s was gonna hunt her down and beat her up. And I suppose when your life is put in danger, a little piece of Dirk Dreamer just doesn’t seem worth it.” Dirk shot Angela a filthy look of hatred. “And let’s be honest Dirk, a little piece is all any girl’s ever gonna get from you!”

Dirk lost all concentration, dropping the weights with a loud crash. He felt his face turn an even brighter shade of red than this morning. Today just wasn’t turning out to be his day.

Angela slipped on her MP3 Player and began expertly lifting weights, as Orlando looked on in confusion. “Wait, you didn’t cheat on her, did you?” Orlando said, admiring Angela’s physique.
“No, it was her twin. I’d never touch that.” Dirk said in a disgusted tone.
“Twins! So are they both single now?” Orlando kept his eyes on Angela.
“Ugh!” Dirk said giving up and retreating to the lounge area. Orlando quickly joined him.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s just… a bad day.” Dirk said.
“Care to tell me about it?” He said, sitting down next to Dirk. Orlando wanted to study psychology when he started University, and jumped at the opportunity to diagnose anyone in need of advice. But Dirk couldn’t tell Orlando about his problems… could he? “Look, your body is still developing and there’s no need to feel embarrassed about the size of your…” Dirk cut Orlando off before he could finish.
“DUDE!” Dirk cried out in disbelief. “It’s not that. Everything’s fine in that area.” Dirk said, flinching at the topic of their discussion.
“So, what’s the problem?”

“She’s the problem.” Dirk pointed at Angela, who was humming away to the music playing on her MP3 Player. “I’m just gonna take a shower and go home, coming here was a mistake.”
“Alright, I’ll get my things and come along.” Orlando said.
“No! You are not coming.” Dirk said, wanting to take a shower alone.

“What? Come on Dirk, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” Orlando began to analyse his friend again.
“Would you just shut up?” Dirk yelled and turned to leave.

Orlando knew something else was bothering Dirk. Despite what he said, his anger was not because of Angela, something else was on his mind. And Orlando thought he just might have the perfect plan to find out what it was.

Strolling into the bathroom a few minutes later, Orlando put his plan into action.
“Can you turn on the shower next you?” He asked.
“No! I thought I already told you I wanted to shower alone.” Dirk said, annoyed his friend had disobeyed him.
“Well, that’s what you said, but it’s not what you meant.” Orlando said, stripping off his gym clothes behind Dirk. “I want the truth about what’s bothering you.”
“I already told you it was Grungela Pleasant and her stupid big mouth.”
“That’s only the half of it. I can tell something’s on your mind, and the best way to share these problems is by not having any barriers to protect yourself with.” Orlando stepped under the shower-head next to his friend and turned on the tap.

“Being naked helps break down these barriers and let your true feelings… shine through, or something like that.” Orlando said, obviously reciting something he’d read out of a book. Dirk found himself grinding his teeth again in frustration.

“You’re right it does help. Wanna know my true feelings? I feel like you’re talking a load of crap.” Dirk said, shutting off the shower and leaving his friend in silence. He really did want to tell someone, but he could hardly talk about what had happened with Alex Goth whilst he and Orlando were both stark naked! After getting dressed, Dirk walked out of the gym complex and decided to sit on a nearby bench, hoping to try and talk again with Orlando.