Episode Eleven « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’:
Mary-Sue Pleasant hosted the town’s annual community gathering on Halloween. Lilith broke up with Dirk Dreamer after finding out he was cheating on her, and she also bonded with her twin sister Angela. Daniel Pleasant was unhappy with his relationship with Mary-Sue because she was devoting too much of her free time to working. Meanwhile, Brandi Broke asked her fiancé Shaun Wilson to move in on the day of her son Calvin’s Birthday. Meanwhile, Meadow confronted Alex Goth about his attempt to kiss Dirk. He admitted he was gay, and Meadow left – signalling the end of their relationship.

Act 1: Returning The Favour

Angela Pleasant slowly blinked her eyes and yawned, surveying the room around her. She remembered what had happened the night before: Dustin Broke, her boyfriend, came over to complete an assignment from school they’d been given. She half-heartedly laughed and realised there was no way she would finish it for when the new term started, especially after she and Dustin had spent most of the night talking about why Swiss-cheese had holes in it! Some time around eleven, her father had come upstairs to tell Dustin it was time to go. Dustin mentioned to Angela that he was dreading returning home, as the place resembled a building site. He was having to share a bedroom with both of his siblings whilst major work went on to extend the house. After a few minutes, Angela checked to see if her parents were asleep, and invited Dustin to stay over.

As Dustin blinked his eyes, Angela smiled and greeted him with a good morning.
“Huh? What time is it?” He asked.
“It’s seven-fifty AM.”
“What? Oh man, I gotta be at work for nine.” Dustin panicked, before stopping to calmly take in where it was he had woken up.

“Did I stay the night?”
“Yep, all night long.” Angela said, cautiously smiling.
“But we didn’t… did we?” Dustin asked, events of the proceeding night unclear in his head.
“No.” Angela said, as her smile was replaced by a look of worry.

“I mean, I asked if you wanted to, and you said we should wait.”
“That’s good right, isn’t that what you want?” Dustin asked.
“I want what you want, I don’t want to be the ringleader in this relationship. Decisions like that should be made by the both of us.”
“I don’t understand what the problem is?” Dustin said, confused at why Angela had become defensive.
“Did I do something wrong? Are things… I mean, I thought you would have wanted to sleep with me.”

“I do, of course I do. I want it the most, but I don’t want it to be done on some whim of a moment. I mean, I only stayed over so I could finally get a peacefully nights sleep without hearing Beau snore and Calvin talk in his sleep.” Dustin said, referring to his brothers.
“That’s the only reason?” Angela asked.
“Of course it’s not the only reason, but maybe we could talk some more about those reasons when I’m not having to go to work in an hour.” Dustin got up and went to leave.
“Wait! I have to check to see if no-one…”

“…is up!” Angela said, as Dustin walked out into the hallway of the Pleasant’s house – and right in front of Lilith’s path.
“Hey, Dustin! You’re here pretty early, don’t you have to be at work in like an hour?” Lilith asked, unaware her sister’s boyfriend had stayed the night.

“Dustin, do you want to just wait in here whilst I talk to my sister.” Angela said, ordering Dustin back into her room.
“Hey, why aren’t you dressed?” Lilith asked.
“Because I just woke up.”
“Didn’t you know Dustin was coming over?” She asked.
“I knew… At least, I knew last night.” Angela confessed, as Lilith’s mouth began to form a wide ‘O’ shape.

“You mean he stayed the night? With you? In there? Omigod! Do Mum and Dad know?” Lilith asked.
“Oh sure! I said Dustin could sleep on the couch, but Daddy suggested he should stay with me.” Angela sarcastically replied.

Lilith looked at her twin with a smile, but she was not amused. As the full scale of what she saw finally became clear in her head, she hesitated before asking her sister another question. “Wait. You and he didn’t…”

“No, of course not! But there’s no way they’re going to believe me, and even if they do, they’re still going to be fuming with anger.” Angela removed her annoyed look, as she prepared to ask her sister to do something nice for her. “That’s why I need you to distract them both whilst I sneak Dustin out.”
“You want to sneak a boy outta the house? There are so many things wrong with this picture!” Lilith joked.
“It’s not funny! I offered Dustin a place to stay because he was sick of sharing a room.” Angela said.
“Oh sure, that’s the only reason!” Lilith smiled and rolled her eyes.
“Nothing happened!”

“Then answer me this, sweet sis; if he was sick of sharing a room, then why did he sleep with you?” Lilith pondered.
“We just fell to sleep!” Angela said, becoming more annoyed now than before.
“Okay! I know you wouldn’t do anything anyway.”
“Yes I would!” Angela defended herself.
“Wait, do you want me to think you two didn’t have woohoo or what?” Lilith asked, becoming confused.

“We didn’t, I just meant that, I could do it. And who’s to say that we haven’t already?” Angela suggested.
“Have you?” Lilith asked. Angela turned around to see if Dustin had closed her bedroom door.
“I asked him, but he said we should wait.” Angela was still unsure about this, but Lilith was suddenly overcome with a look of admiration.

“He is such a gentleman. Everything you could want in a boyfriend.”
“I know. It’s annoying.” Angela remarked.
“What?!” Lilith asked, as she looked at her sister in a whole new light.
“I mean, if he wasn’t so nice, then I wouldn’t feel so bad about…” Angela trailed off, but Lilith knew what she meant.
“He still doesn’t know, does he? And that’s why you wanted to… ah yes, it’s all becoming clear now. You’re really screwed up!” Lilith joked.

“Yes! So will you help me?” Angela pleaded. Lilith rolled her eyes and succumbed to her sister’s request.
“Alright! I’ll take off my clothes and run naked around the backyard, that ought to distract them, don’t you think!” Lilith joked.
“Yeah! So where are they?” Angela asked.

“Mum’s right at the bottom of the stairs. You, go get Dustin and wait here until I get her to leave.” Lilith said, as the twins began to formulate a plan.
“I’ll just tell her that dad forgot to move the trash can from in front of the house, you know how much she hates that and won’t do another thing until it’s hidden in the backyard.”
“But what about Dad?”
“Alright, well he’s probably in the living room, so I need to distract him from the front door.”
“Is this the part where you get naked?” Dustin asked, who had joined in on the plan.
“Hey! You can count this as that favour I owe you.” Lilith winked at Dustin, as Angela looked on confused.
“What favour?”
“Wait, she’s on the move. Now’s your chance, Lilith.” Lilith made her way downstairs.
“Why does she owe you a favour?” Angela asked, before Dustin shushed his girlfriend.

“Good morning, Lilith. How are you today?” Daniel asked.
“Not so good, I think I’m getting a pimple. Can you see it?” Lilith said, as she pushed her face directly in front of her father’s.
“No! I can’t see anything, move back a little.” He asked.
“Back where?” Lilith said, further distracting her dad.
“Just, step back.”
“Oh okay, I’ll step back.” Lilith continued to block her father’s view of the front door so Angela could sneak Dustin out.
“I meant now, Lilith.” Daniel said, as he forcibly moved his daughter.

“Oh sorry, dad.” Angela softly kissed her boyfriend goodbye and sneaked back upstairs. She had been feeling guilty about lying to Dustin, but now it seemed he was keeping secrets from her too. Why did he owe her sister a favour? Have the two been meeting each other privately, she asked herself. They already worked together, and now they were meeting outside of work too. Angela had already voiced her worries to Dustin about her sister becoming attracted to him, she just hoped she wasn’t right.