Episode Eleven « The Caliente Affairs

Act 2: Strange Kind Of Friendship

Her good deed for the day now out of the way, Lilith was ready for some serious chilling. She was going to head down to the Swimming Pool and just hang out on her own. But on her way out, she bumped into a familiar face. “Oh! What are you doing here?” She asked.

Alexander Goth stood awkwardly, as he greeted Lilith. “I’m sorry about turning up like this but I didn’t have your number, so I couldn’t call.” Lilith had known Alex for a while. He had started hanging out with her, Dirk, and some of her goth-friends – back when he had tried to dress more like them. She always wondered why Alex suddenly appeared to want to be a part of her crowd, but before she ever got to have a proper conversation with him, he stopped hanging out with her and started following Meadow around. Since then, she had to admit her opinion of Alex had significantly dropped. But then, she broke up with Dirk, and it seemed as if her own friends no longer wanted to know Lilith.
“It’s alright, was there something you wanted to ask me?”
“I was wondering if we could talk privately. I’ve got some stuff to tell you that… I think you should find out from me, before anyone else beats me to it.” Alex sighed. Lilith looked at his young face and worried about what was troubling him.

Alex was a younger teenager than Lilith, but he was a genius and had skipped grades in school at the age of eleven. Now, she and Alex shared a few classes together.
“I like your room, and your hair.” Alex complimented Lilith.
“Thanks. I dyed it for Halloween, but decided to keep it like this – the red bit is just make-up.”
“They do make-up for hair?!” Said Alex, surprised at this new information.
“They do make-up for just about everything now.”
“Wow, I have so much to learn.” Alex trailed off.
“Nothing! I won’t put it off any longer, I came over here to tell you something about Dirk.” Alex told Lilith.

“More specifically, something about me and Dirk. And it effects me and you – that is, if there even is still a me and you. I really hope there can be, I liked hanging out with you, and that’s why I didn’t want anyone else to tell you about this thing between me and Dirk because they don’t know what really happened and even I really can’t remember it all too well but..” Lilith put up a hand to stop Alex.

“Okay, you’re going to need to slow down a bit. You’ve been hanging out with Meadow too long.” Lilith joked, but Alex’s face drooped.
“Not anymore, we broke up.” He revealed.
“What! But she was crazy about you – at least, that’s the impression I got.”
“She did like me, but I went and broke her heart.” Alex explained.

“Oh, don’t tell me you cheated on her.” Lilith asked Alex, but he just looked away in response. “God, you men are all the same. Why can’t you keep your lips to yourselves?”
“I didn’t kiss anyone… well, I tried to.”
“Why would you do that, isn’t one girl enough?” Lilith asked, annoyed at Alex for doing what Dirk had done to her.
“She was, but I thought… I thought I wanted a boy.” Alex finally told the truth, as Lilith’s eyes widened.
“A boy… You mean, you’re…” Lilith trailed off, as she dealt with Alex’s news.

“It gets worse. They guy I tried to kiss… it was Dirk.” Lilith’s face remained in a look of shock, as she contemplated what this meant. “I didn’t mean to, but I thought he felt the same and I just ruined everything and I didn’t even think that I could be hurting you by kissing your ex-boyfriend but then Meadow found out and she made me come to terms with my sexuality but then she broke up with me and I was left feeling empty and then it hit me that if Meadow knew she might tell you and you might do to me what you did to that one girl who you found out was kissing Dirk and…” Alex stopped for some desperately needed oxygen. Lilith was right; hanging around Meadow too long had caused her personality to rub off on him, and he realised he’d just been rambling again.
“That’s a lot of information to deal with.” Lilith simply said.
“I just… wanted to apologise, and tell you that Dirk didn’t kiss me, and I didn’t kiss him. Whatever I felt, it’s gone now, so you don’t have to worry about… just, you don’t have to worry.” Alex cut his sentence short this time.

“Okay. Let me try to think about this.” Lilith started. “You’re gay. That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that, it’s none of my business. But I guess, when you tried to kiss Dirk, it became my business. But, whatever you heard about that incident involving me and Dirk’s other grilfriend – forget it. It’s just a load of bull created by the gossips at school. I’ve never hit anyone in my life, and even if I did, the only person I’d be hitting would be Dirk!” Lilith smiled. “I’m glad you came to me and told me. It shows you’re a good friend… one I didn’t know I had.” Alex breathed a sigh of relief.
“So, you don’t want to hit me?” Alex asked.
“Well… seeing as you didn’t actually go through with kissing Dirk, I’ll let it slide – this time.” Lilith joked.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Alex couldn’t stop himself from asking. After what had happened with Meadow, he had just come to expect rejection was standard from now on.
“I know I give off this tough-chick exterior, but deep down – and don’t let anyone find out I told you this. But, I know what it’s like to feel like an outcast. Growing up as part of a set wasn’t easy, and I acted out – a lot. I never felt like I had my own identity. I have to admit, I admire you. You’re younger than me, and yet seem to have everything figured out.” Lilith opened up, hoping to show Alex she was honoured he had shared something personal with her. “You just need someone by your side to remind you that you don’t give yourself enough credit. Just be you!”
For once, Alex was speechless. “You don’t know how much this means to me. I mean, I just had this picture of coming into school next year and everyone would be talking about me behind my back. Meadow kind of has a big mouth, and an even bigger influence… not to sound shallow, but it’s basically the reason I started hanging out with her.”
“Yeah well, if I hear she has even so much as suggested to someone that you’re gay, then she’ll have me to deal with.” Lilith offered.
“But… I am gay.” Alex corrected.
“Oh, right. So, you’re okay with people knowing?” Lilith asked.
“No! God, please don’t tell anyone. I’m just not ready to deal with it out in the open yet – I’m still trying to get my own head around it. I couldn’t bare having to deal with everybody else asking me questions.”
“Your secret’s safe with me.” Lilith promised.

Lilith was interupted by her mother calling her downstairs for dinner. Not wanting to cut off their conversation so early, Lilith persuaded Alex to stay. “I’ll be right back, you can amuse yourself with the TV or whatever.” Lilith started to leave but stopped, as a look of pleasure crept across her face.
“What’s wrong?” Alex asked.
“Oh nothing, I’m just trying to picture Dirk’s face when you went to kiss him. I bet he was mortified!” Lilith smiled.
“Hey!” Alex cried.
“Oh, not because it was you – he was an idiot to turn you down! But, boy, would I have paid good money to see him be on the receiving end of the guy’s advances, for once.” Lilith slyly smiled, but Alex sighed.
“I think the only person mortified was me.” Lilith put a hand on Alex’s shoulder.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, what you did takes a lot of guts. In my eyes, you’re twice the man Dirk is.” Alex smiled at his new friend. It was a strange kind of friendship, but Alex felt it was one that would last.