Episode Eleven « The Caliente Affairs

Act 4: Lie To Me

Mary-Sue stuttered and nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other, as she neared the end of her phone call. “Thank you. I’ll be seeing you soon again then?” She asked the person on the other end. As she did, Daniel had finished his shower, and silently walked into the dining room to listen in on the last bit of the conversation. “Very well. Until then.” Mary-Sue said coldly, as she hung-up the receiver.

She just stared at the wall for a few seconds before turning her teary-eyed gaze over to Daniel. “Mary?” He asked, as Mary-Sue’s bottom lip trembled.

Mary-Sue and Daniel had been arguing for a while now, and ever since she accused him of having an affair, their relationship had suffered a hard knock. As if erasing everything they had gone though over the past year, Mary-Sue broke down and fell into her husbands arms. She told Daniel that she had just received a call from her doctor. Following her sickness, Daniel had persuaded Mary-Sue to get a check-up. The results of her blood test had come back and she explained to Daniel that the doctor had told her her haemoglobin was low. She had demanded to be diagnosed over the phone, despite the requests from her doctor to make a repeat appointment for further tests. He explained to Mary-Sue that it’s likely she just had Anaemia, but wanted to take more tests to be certain nothing else was wrong with Mary-Sue.

Feeling as though she had brought unwelcome news into the house, Mary-Sue tried to play her diagnosis down, but was struck down with a headache. Daniel quickly guided her to the bedroom and told her to undress. “I’m fine, honestly.”
“Mary-Sue, you just told me you have Anaemia. How do you define that as being fine?” Daniel asked.

“Well, I certainly don’t need you to dress me!” Mary-Sue laughed, as Daniel got his wife’s pyjamas out of the drawer.
“I just want to make you as comfortable as possible. You’re getting an early night so you can go to the doctor’s first thing in the morning.” Daniel told his wife.

“I can’t go tomorrow, I have to be at work. And besides, the doctor said I’d be sent an appointment in the mail.” Mary-Sue took her husband’s hands and held them tight. “I hate not knowing just as much you do, but there’s no need in causing anyone else to worry.”
“You’re asking me not to tell anyone?” Daniel assumed.
“I don’t want my parents finding out, and I especially don’t want to worry the girls. They have their end of year exams coming up, and then graduation.”
“So, what do you propose, we just sit on this until..?” Daniel trailed off, but Mary Sue pulled Daniel closer to reassure him everything was okay.

“We can’t be certain of anything. I propose we treat the holidays exactly as we always do – until I get my appointment to see the doctor again. It’ll probably be next year, now that Christmas is so near.” Mary-Sue remembered.

“Alright, but I don’t want you going overboard.” Daniel embraced Mary-Sue tightly.
“I have to act normal, otherwise people will sense something isn’t right. Especially my mother. Remember the time I cooked three kinds of meat for my father’s birthday party here, and she saw the table and congratulated me on my pregnancy?” Mary-Sue laughed, as she remembered her father’s face.
“Do I remember? You hadn’t even told me yet! That was the only time I ever missed the Superbowl, and it was because I had fainted.” Daniel joined in laughing.

“I remember that. You refused to even look at a newspaper until you saw the match for yourself!” Mary-Sue exclaimed. As she looked into her husbands eyes, Mary-Sue stopped smiling and sighed. “Tell me everything will be alright.” She asked Daniel. He looked into his wife’s ageing eyes, and a sombre look spread across his face.
“I can’t. You always taught me to be truthful.” Mary-Sue began to move closer to her husband. They hadn’t been this close for a long time, but Mary-Sue just wanted everything to go back to way it used to be.
“Then lie to me.” She requested.
“I could never…” Daniel started.
“Please.” Mary-Sue whispered, as her voice quivered and she shed a single tear.

“Everything is going to be alright.” Daniel said, and he passionately kissed Mary-Sue. Deep down, he worried that everything wouldn’t turn out alright. But how much could it hurt to lie to his wife? After all, he had done it before.